Daily Poll: Will Olivia Ever Be SUPER Again?

That image seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it? I think it was one of the first moments when the show broke free from the shackles and realised just how awesome it was. We hit a groove..I say “we” because we were all there with Dunham, sorry, “Super Dunham”, as she stared down those lights, took a huge gulp and dared to believe.

Whatever happened to Super Dunham? :(

Fast forward to season 2, and aside from a trip to the alterverse, a fleeting dose of super hearing, and a game of word puzzle with the mystical Sam Weiss, Olivia’s abilities have been put on the back burner. Madness, I know!

Before anyone says that Fringe doesn’t require any super heroes, hear me out. I think that we had a very intelligent portrayal of abilities last season – it was grounded through the central concept of perception and driven through characters who we had learned to care about. It was cool, credible, and added an extra layer of rich context to the world(s) constructed by the writers and producers.

Now I know they haven’t dropped the abilities storyline completely and I realise that they have to space things out a little bit so as not to become too dense, too soon, but I do wonder how conscious they are of being overly bold with regards to characters having powers? That said, Olivia’s ‘throw-away’ comment in Johari Window, about growing a “third-eye”, could suggest that things are about to pick up in that department. This fan certainly hopes so!

But what do you think, do you want more exploration into Olivia (and possibly Peter’s) ability, or are you happy with it being waaaay out in the background? Feel free to vote in our daily poll on something about Fringe that we can make into a poll.

Do you want more SUPER Olivia/Peter?

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  1. mlj102 says

    Have you read the press release for episode 14 yet? If not, then it’s quite a coincidence that you posted on this topic when you did, because they’re definitely related. I don’t know about you, but when I read that press release, it pretty much guaranteed that there will be a return to “Super Dunham,” as you call her.

    I couldn’t be more thrilled. I agree that they likely but it on the back burner for too long, but maybe there’s a purpose for that.

    And I agree with what you said about how they have portrayed the abilities in Fringe. It’s not blatant and completely fantasy like in Heroes. Fringe managed to make it seem credible and they did it in a way so that you related to the characters with those abilities. I can’t wait to see where they go with it all!

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  2. says

    mlj, thanks for the heads-up.

    Believe it or not this post was in the can (and was set to be our only post of the day) a few hours before I saw the 2.14 press release. I certainly wouldn’t write a post based on spoiler info – I’m about as spoiler-free as you can get whilst blogging about a show :) I almost held off posting this as a result, but I think the question still stands since we don’t really know which direction they will go with 2.14 (or beyond that).

    I agree..”Heroes” (whilst good in the beginning) is more based in fantasy (although I could roll with that if it were any good). ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • mlj102 says

      Oh, no worries — I wasn’t trying to accuse you of anything — certainly not of openly posting spoiler type information. It was more a case where I was so startled by the random timing, that you would just happen to post on this topic the very day a press release came out that touched on the same general theme. What are the odds, huh?

      Yeah, I don’t mind the whole concept of Heroes — I quite enjoyed it during the first season. But it’s sure gone downhill. Seriously, last night’s episode was hideously awful. I certainly hope that never happens to Fringe! But, from the looks of things, that’s nowhere close to happening. All of the upcoming episodes sound like they will be absolutely amazing!

      As for the abilities question; truthfully, I never really questioned that they would come back to it. It’s too crucial, too much an essential part of the story. I don’t know how they could continue on with the over-arcing story without going into more detail on the cortexiphan and the abilities. So I have just been patiently waiting for it to come back up again. I expect when they do revisit that story, the waiting will pay off!

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      • says

        Hey, no worries, I didn’t think you were. I just thought I should clarify as I agree – it’s quite the coincidence..or perhaps it’s the Cortexiphan, who knows? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I agree, the abilities storyline seems like a keeper. I wish they would focus on it more, or at least refer back to it more often in the standalones. Fingers crossed for the next few!

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  3. Altair says

    You really want Peter to have a super-power don’t you? What I want to know is – Why? Can’t you accept that maybe Peter is just … awesome – I mean, why does his ‘greatness’ have to be down to a super-power?
    Anywho, just wanted to get that off of my chest. Feel so much better ๐Ÿ˜€

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  4. merlin says

    Is the alter planet sending over soldiers or outcasts like criminals and their homeless and the desperate to attack my earth?

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  5. Helen says

    Hey your thoughts on Olivia and her super powers were reli interesting and the synopsis around the new “Jacksonville” episode looks amazing but i got even more excited when I found this article scan about the episode “many spoilers”
    but I realised you hadn’t posted it and though I would pass on the Fringe goodness as I enjoy reading the updates every week and the article was just too good !!!! HONESTLY !!

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  6. FishQueen says

    I don’t like the whole super power thing. I mean if the cortexiphan just happened to heighten their natural abilities i’m cool with that. But I don’t want it to be fantasy or like Heros (yuk!). I like the sci-fi-ness of it. No magic please!

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  7. Page 48 says

    While we’re at it, will Olivia ever meet up with Nina Sharp or William Bell or Captain Shapeshifter again?

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