Why Wasn’t The Observer At Holly’s Joint?

A couple of days ago I received an email asking for my thoughts on why The Observer wasn’t at Holly’s diner in the last episode, when Emily Kramer and the patrons met their gruesome end. My initial thought was that maybe he doesn’t like the onion soup that they cook up, perhaps it’s not hot enough for him? But in all seriousness, how do we know he wasn’t at the diner? Because we didn’t see him? It’s perhaps worth considering whether or not we’re being allowed to see all of the important interactions that happen off-screen.

Even if we suppose that he wasn’t at the diner, this wouldn’t be the first time that he hasn’t been seen at a Pattern-related event. He wasn’t on-board Hamburg Flight 627 in the Pilot episode, nor was he on the bus in “Ghost Network”. At least not from the perspectives that we were allowed to see.

So perhaps it is all about Olivia (they are seemingly linked by the green/red dots), perhaps observing her interactions with the Pattern is just as important to him as the event itself? Walter said a few interesting things in “The Cure” – on several occasions he remarked on Olivia’s body language in the most accurate of ways. Which leads me to wonder, how much can The Observer tell about a person just by observing them? Does every person that he observes have an aura, some sort of residual energy that informs him of where they’ve been and where they’re going? To understand what happened at Holly’s diner, does the Observer only have to observe those who have investigated the event? After all, he read Peter’s thoughts simply by observing him.

Just how much a part of the Pattern is Olivia..


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