What Happens Off-Screen, Stay’s Off-Screen?

The episodic format of Fringe is rather frustrating as it means that we can’t always expect to have events from the previous episodes referenced in the current episode. In recent episodes we’ve witnessed potentially important events, which have so far failed to be acknowledged or referenced in the episodes that follow.

Like, what happened to John Mosley’s (Rouge) pulse gun that was last seen leaving the foot of Olivia as she kicked it away from his smiling corpse? This is potentially useful information – where and what ‘time’ did the gun come from and was it made by Massive Dynamic, are just a few of the questions that spring to mind.

Another plot-line which has so far failed to be acknowledged satisfactorily, concerns Walter attacking and injecting Astrid with God knows what, the young rookie was rightfully pissed with him, in fact she could barely look at him when he went to apologise to her. By the time that we see them in the next episode, they’ve apparently kissed and made-up again, the only sign of resentment from Astrid was her “rats with wings” retort. So what happened off-screen, did Walter serenade her into forgiving him, or is Astrid just as forgetful as Walter? I would have liked to have seen how they resolved their broken relationship. Even more than that I would have liked to have seen Astrid make Walter suffer a bit longer before forgiving him – she needs some lines right? Drawing out her resentment for a few episodes would have given her more involvement.

The one that really bothers me though is Clause Penrose. I’m fine with him escaping into the night, I’m even fine with him escaping into the night, leaving a trail of blood from the bullet wound and still leaving the FBI clueless. But I want some carry-over. He’s still out there at large, possibly cultivating more creepy Christopher’s as we speak, the very least I expect is for someone to mention him. Perhaps Peter can give us a snarky throw-away line, or Broyles can gravely express his concern that too many of their targets are escaping, getting killed or exploding back through the earth.

I guess we have to accept that a lot of these ‘discussions’ will happen off-screen, which to be fair, happens a lot in “Lost”. I’m fine with that, the writers can’t bog the story down with every detail. But in “Lost” you get the sense that these fairly important things will eventually be referred to again – yes, even the black and white stones that are probably still in Jack’s sweaty pocket!

I love Fringe, the creators are doing a very good job, but for the show to remain credible and trust-worthy in the long-run, we need important elements to have more continuity in the subsequent episodes. Like Peter’s battered and bruised face in “Power Hungry”. Now that was great continuity – more of THAT please!


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    Another little mystery is how John’s body ended up at Massive Dynamics without anyone noticing. The funeral was in e02, but in the end of that episode hey still have his body, so it wasn’t a case of simply borrowing his body for questioning and returning it. Or am I stupid? Is that somebody else’s body at the end of e02?

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    That’s a very good point. We also see them wheeling his body into the password proctected room at the end of the Pilot episode, so I’m assuming that they ‘somehow’ got hold of his dead body immediately after he was confirmed dead at the hospital? Perhaps his body didn’t even make it as far as the hospital, considering they still had an hour (or so) to “question him” before the window of opportunity closed. As you point out that doesn’t explain who was in the coffin in episode 1.02 – I’m guessing they either put a fake body in there (we know they can ‘grow’ people), or it was a closed casket funeral?

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    It was a closed casket funeral. Still you would think they’d check up more on the dead body of an agent. Again the department didn’t really know about MD’s technology.

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    I agree, you would think that someone would have said one last ‘visual’ goodbye to him (his body wasn’t in that bad a shape), or that there would be more thorough checks. This might relate to the idea that Massive Dynamic own just about everything – including the hospitals and funeral homes.

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