We’re Here Now: FRINGE Hopes For Season 4

In the immortal words of Olivia Dunham: “we’re here now..”

She’s absolutely right, we are here now. And we were all in that BBM – every last one of us, as the cancelation-filled future was derailed; the cycle of sci-fi show’s drowned in River Friday, finally broken.

And with a new future comes fresh hope for the fourth chapter.

While there’s still plenty to pick through from Season 3, I thought it would be a good idea to contextualize the third chapter by thinking about what we would like to see from Season 4.

Here are just a few of my Season 4 hopes:

  • Less melodrama. At times it was difficult watching the show morph into something almost unrecognizable. Romance can be done without it being overly dramatic or sensationalized to the point where it swamps the plot and established character motivations. With the baby out of the picture (not that I blame Henry, he’s a baybee!) for now, hopefully the emotional drama wont be over-played. I don’t think we need to retread that ground to be fair.
  • Continuation of serialized storytelling and mythology. With such a rich, vibrant world, how could I not want to explore further?
  • More meaningful mini arcs and mythalones. While the “Bellivia” arc had some good moments and gave us the intriguing Man X, that aside it is almost meaningless in the grand scheme of things, and made the sequence of events leading up to the finale feel awkward and disjointed. The mythalones, meanwhile, have been useful for many reasons, but I’d love for them to run more in the vein of “The Plateau” and “Bloodline” (and obviously “White Tulip”, although that’s kind of a one off).
  • Greater continuity. At times, Season 3 still contained a certain disconnect between the characters and their situation. One episode they’re killing shapeshiters and finding out seemingly important information about their discs, the next.. it’s forgotten. Really?
  • Brave leaps. That’s not to say we need another ‘LSD’ or (heaven forbid) “Brown Betty”. But in general, Fringe should continue putting the high into high concept. Evolution should always be for the benefit of the story and not just because something sounds cool, but if Fringe can keep delivering those imagination-stretching ideas in-line with the needs of the story/characters, then more often than not it will hit the mark.
  • Tighter reign on major spoilers. Not much more needs to be said really. I’d just like to see a tighter collective grip on major plot reveals, keeping the mystery alive so as not to take the wind out of the actual episodes.

Those are just a few of my hopes for next season. I’ve held back on the more plot/character orientated aspects because I’ll talk about those elsewhere. But feel free to share any of your hopes for Season 4, whatever they may be.


  1. vlada_vvv says

    As to general “hopes” for the 4th season:

    The development of Nina. Needless to say more.

    They showed us enough Astrid and Broyles this season. And IMO they did that unsuccessfully in most cases.

    As to more specific “hopes”:

    I really hope that they’ll finally start to reveal Walter’s and William’s past. Saying “past” I mean the years of their joint work AND the year of the mysterious fire in Walter’s lab and everything connected to it (St. Claire’s imprisonment and so on). There were too many ambiguous moments.

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    • vlada_vvv says


      More Fringe Science – Less religion and Destiny stuff.

      Walter’s remorse is an integral part of the story, though let’s not overdo with it. Walter and God are equals in Walter’s system of judging. I just don’t see Walter becoming a true believer. In fact, because he already is. His belief is science. We could see how awkward Walter was while talking to God. It’s just not for him. He knows that and he tells that to Him. He just doesn’t know what to do with all of this at the moment.

      That’s another reason why I LOVED the finale so much. Finally all that “destiny-polivia are meant to be together” thing was explained in a truly scientific way (in a Fringe scientific way, of course).
      It wasn’t destiny, it wasn’t any higher power, it weren’t aliens (as far as we know). It was Walter and it was perfect.

      Let’s keep it on that level, please.

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      • says

        I agree, I’d like to see more Nina and her succession at Massive Dynamic. How did Nina feel about Walter in the 80’s? Did she admire him as much as she admired William Bell? Was she more involved in the removing of parts of Walter’s brain, and that is why she doesn’t want him digging around Massive Dynamic trying to put the pieces back together?

        “It wasn’t destiny, it wasn’t any higher power, it weren’t aliens (as far as we know). It was Walter and it was perfect.”

        It’s a shame we had to endure 23 Episodes (including season 2 finale) of mind numbing love triangle nonsense to get to that. It would have been so much better of a reveal had the Peter-Altlivia-Olivia story arc could have just been eliminated. Olivia could have ended season 2 by just saying “Peter. Come back for me. ” We already knew Peter had a thing for Olivia and that she knew it. We didn’t need to go the “captain obvious” route. Then there still could have been a switch and Altlivia and Peter could have carried on the whole “Ooo we’re partners with an unrequited love” shtick. Then instead of Altlivia and Peter having a contrived relationship, they could have just been 2 consenting adults that decided they wanted to release some stress in the form of sex one night. I personally just dreaded any reference to “the relationship”.

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  2. suwayyah says

    I really would like to see a female antagonist. Some mysterious, strong woman (like Nina was in season one) with evil plans.

    Probably I would like to see somebody very much like David Robert Jones. Those conversations were pretty deep. Riddles and questions. Without any family stuff of course. :)

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    • KyleK says

      I totally agree, so far men have ruled the land of evil in fringe. I was really hoping Nina was going to be evil. Maybe AlterLiz (Peter’s real mother) will find out about walternate’s mistress and go after walternate and possibly our world.

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  3. Annette says

    Good post. I agree with your thoughts. It will be interesting to see where we land at the beginning of Season 4.

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  4. todd sharp says

    Hey Roco: Any thoughts on the possibility that we may see something related to ‘soul magnets’ used to re-introduce Peter into the mix? I’m not sure I’d like that – but it could explain the Bellivia arc. If not Peter then I really expect to see the soul magnets pop up again at some point. I definitely think they “planted a seed” with that device that will sprout up in the future.

    Also – I hadn’t seen you touch on it before but do you make anything of significance out of the silver dollar that Peter bought from the pawn shop? I know if was Peter’s token when he was sick, but why was Walter so shocked when he saw it? I almost wondered if it might be Peter’s soul magnet ‘trigger’ (like the bell was to Bell). That doesn’t make a ton of sense – but I feel it there was something to it.

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    • TenisonJr says

      Wow, this theory is interesting. But how would they use the coin to bring Peter’s soul back? Fliping it? Or doing the thing with the coin that Peter and Walter do?

      Anyway, it would be interesting 😀

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      • todd sharp says

        That’s what I was thinking – if he were to flip it thru his fingers it somehow triggers the magnets…

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        • Fringeee says

          I’m not sure I like to see something similar to Bellivia arc all over again, but good theory, though I don’t think Peter’s dead, ‘he ceased to exist’ this must have another explanation.

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    • says

      “Any thoughts on the possibility that we may see something related to ‘soul magnets’ used to re-introduce Peter into the mix?”

      Yeah, I think we could see something like it. As you say, it would allow them to mine more juice from the Bellivia arc.

      “I hadn’t seen you touch on it before but do you make anything of significance out of the silver dollar that Peter bought from the pawn shop? I know if was Peter’s token when he was sick, but why was Walter so shocked when he saw it? I almost wondered if it might be Peter’s soul magnet ‘trigger’ (like the bell was to Bell). That doesn’t make a ton of sense – but I feel it there was something to it.”

      That’s an interesting idea. To be honest, I thought Walter’s reaction was about right – although it did play a bit weird because everyone’s attention turned to the BBM.

      I think the silver dollar was more to illustrate Peter’s confusion (similar to “Northwest Passage” in some respect), adding a bit of ‘mystery’ before Peter went BBM. But you could be onto something there – perhaps a timey-wimey subconscious connection went off in Walter’s mind. Wouldn’t rule it out completely, though they’d have to go some.

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      • todd sharp says

        If nothing else it was certainly a callback to the past. Peter’s behavior after the hospitalization was certainly odd and I also liked the other callback with the “I’M GOING HOME” note. That and the gigantic flashing obnoxious yellow lights behind Peter right before he got back into the machine just screamed of “something” to me.

        I definitely agree with your previous observations that Walter and Peter had to anticipate Peter’s “ceasing to exist” and devised some kind of plan. I just refuse to believe that the producers are naive enough to think the audience would accept Peter in a permanent new role on the show where they’d basically be starting over from scratch creating/developing relationships all over again. The Peter/Walter/Olivia dynamic is what makes the show.

        Also…. a demon’s twist rusts. He’ll be back…

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  5. KyleK says

    One thing I love the most is the flashbacks. I love orla brady and want to see more of her. I also like the actors that played young olive and peter. In my opinion, they should do a film to cover the past. I hope they do another flashback episode I absolutely love them. I also hope they go back to solving cases alittle more. People complain about stand alones but I like it when they are doing their job not running around trying to save the universe. By making the stand-alones myth-alones then we have the perfect blend in my opinion. I really miss season’s 1 and 2 of fringe when we learned a lot about the characters by seeing how the reacted during the different cases. I would like to see more of “Nina Sharp” as well. I love blair brown and i think she is far under used. I would also like to see an observer centric episode which looks likely. I hope for less romance because lets face it.. I can’t see Olive and Peter married. They seem to brother sister for me not romantic partners. At least out liv seems that way. I hope we get to see more science, mythology and less drama.

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  6. says

    Great point Roco, well underbuild.
    For myself, i would like to see some of the next things incorporated into S4:

    1. Dark Peter. I would love to see a darker version of Peter, now that he’s out of the picture. A Peter who needs to survive at all cost, now he knows that even the Observer(s) can hurt him.

    2. Observers HQ exploration. Where do Observers come from? Is there such a thing as HQ for them? Exploring their turf would be very interesting.

    3. Mr. X. Turn the X 45 degrees and you see religious mythology (a cross). If he can/will kill Olivia, he’s a very, very , VERY powerfull adversary.

    4. The return of… . Well, you can fill in the blanks:
    August (since his death is not lineair) or the girl he saved and made important.
    Alistair Peck, i don’t think his time travelling days are over.
    Agent Jessup, which side is she on? And how did she get an important role in that episode S2E01, when Olivia came back through the window?
    William Bell, in some form or other? Maybe mr. Nimoy can lend his voice to Bell’s awareness inside a computer (ghost in the shell)?

    5. Yellowverse. If only to prove my observations in ‘Subject 13’. There’s more than meets the eye.

    6. More Fringe, less romance. We need to see more of the mysteries, more of the SFX, the weird stuff. Please, no more lovebabies; the only baby i liked was molebaby.

    7. Another ‘high’ episode. After ‘Brown Betty’ and ‘LSD’ we need to push the envelope and do some more experiments, for Walters sake!

    That, and some other things that came to mind, will be great.

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    • Dac says

      How crazy would it be if they introduce a yellowverse but the versions of the characters there are really the bad guys this time?

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    • says

      “5. Yellowverse. If only to prove my observations in ‘Subject 13′. There’s more than meets the eye.”

      I fealt that introducing the new timeline and having the exposition about potentially being in a time loop was a way of explaining “Subject 13”. I commented here onthat episode that we may not have seen a yellow universe but we certainly saw “something”, and I think it was a time loop. A different timeline that involved slight differences. I don’t think that is too much of a leap considering the introduction ofthe wormhole and the potential of that causing a paradox.

      “Subject 13” blew my mind because I saw that episode as an extreme clue from the writers about the nature of Olivia, Walter, and Peter’s connection through time. That even in different timelines Olivia was still a subject in the cortexiphan trials. Also, and this is just theory, if Walter could shift Peter’s future conscience (2026) back to 2011 Peter, who’s to say that Walter and/or William weren’t responsible for altering Olivia and Peter’s memories of their childhood. If Walter and William can conspire to remove parts of Walters Brain and place them in other people’s brains then erasing a couple memories is small potatoes.

      Of course, one of my season 4 wishes is that we revisit the events of “Subject 13” in the present day. Ooooo I just had another wild theory pop into my head, but this is not the post to delve into that. 😛

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  7. Dac says

    I agree with a lot of what everyone is contributing! Love the idea of a darker Peter – more Nina for sure – less romance – more mythalone eps – more fringe science – but still keep the overall mystery and mythology – more background on Observers and a kick ass evil female would rock.

    Season 4 is looking bright. Too bad it’s 4 months away.

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  8. Pierce says

    I believe it’s long overdue in giving the audience more insight into Nina. How she came to work for Bell? Make Nina and MD the threatening presence again like it was in S1. More background on Broyles, his previous Fringe team, and why he was chosen to head up that particular department. More insight into Astrid, why she was chosen to be a part of the Fringe team, and exactly what she thinks about all she’s seen and done in connect to the Bishops and Olivia.

    Like you, I felt they squandered the Bellivia storyline, and played it more for laughs and a mini-arc for Walter. Heading into the finale, the team should have been obtaining more information from Bell on exactly what the machine is, why Peter was designated to operate it, and exactly what he was doing on the other side all those years.

    If we’re stuck with Altlivia and the other Lincoln, then construct an interesting storyline around them outside of Lincoln’s unrequited feelings towards Altlivia, and her questionable feelings towards Peter. That shouldn’t be that difficult given Peter’s non-existing state will require explaination all on its’ own.

    I’d really like to feel like there is another threat out there besides Walternate. Presumedly, there was an army of people along with Jones who were misusing science for nefarious purposes in preparation for this impending war. Are those people no longer a threat? Something tells me that if history holds, Bell didn’t create a company like MD without making a good number of enemies.

    I’d also like to see a more consistent storyline for the Cortexiphan children and their purpose in this war.

    That’s it for now.

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    • Cherioki says

      Yes I would love to see the return of ZFT, didn’t Leob say that Jones was just one man in the army? So something tells me it aint over for ZFT.

      I would love to see more cortexiphan children too and to know what their whole purpose in the war is, we haven’t even met any of them from the Wooster Ohio Trials.

      I also want to know who Mr X is, and also that guy with the glasses who received the box from the typewriter store owner (although I now believe he’s just an insignificant agent from Over There who worked for Walternate – initially thought he was one of the first people).

      I would love too see overall a very strong season of Fringe. I thought the first half of season 3 was amongst the best, but the second half was amongst the worst. I thought after “The Firefly”, the only really good and significant episodes were “Subject 13” and the three part series finale. I felt the second half of the third season lacked any real urgency or purpose in regards to the fringe team and main plot, they just seemed happy to live their lives and wait for things to happen, instead of being more proactive and seeking out more knowledge. I felt the writers could of thrown more myth and mythalones in there, instead of giving us “Stowaway” or “Concentrate and ask Again” and even “6B”. Those episodes sort of just killed the momentum that fringe had from the 1st half of the season, it felt like they were stalling us and basically seemed like filler. So I’m hoping for a strong 22 episodes next season… that just goes BANG BANG BANG from start to finish.

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    • says

      ” More insight into Astrid, why she was chosen to be a part of the Fringe team, and exactly what she thinks about all she’s seen and done in connect to the Bishops and Olivia.”

      Yeah, we know that Astrid studied linguistics, is adept at cyphers, and has infinite patience. If nothing is a coincidence and there was a reason Olivia was chosen (according to John Scott), than surely there is a reason Astrid was snapped up and placed in purgatory… Eh, ummm Walter’s Lab.

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      • TenisonJr says

        Agree. But well, if all the orchestrator of this part of the timeline is Walter (or William) maybe she’s there just because she’s the only one who can take care of Walter and guide him, not to say that she’s the heart of the team.

        Or… given that we haven’t seen anyone from the other Cortexitrials and we don’t know where Astrid came from (I mean, in what city she was born), maybe she’s a cortexichild 😀 (No, probably I’m just super-over-looking).

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  9. Real1 says

    Actually so many hopes !

    – William Bell and MD .. ZFT and the book of ZFT , William was afraid if the doorway was ever opened one universe will survive and now the doorway is opened by the bridge .

    -Nina sharp , wasn’t at the final/present , not sure if she has any role in deleting memories or what’s her plan or what William had told her to do in the case of the bridge . more Nina please .

    -If Olivia can control her abilities I think she can defend herself even more and no one can kill her , what if that Olivia has more than 4 abilities ? more to see what’s Olivia can do and who’s her real father and who’s her uncle ?

    -Red Peter … is alive at the red side , suffering from his illness .

    -Walter vs Walternat .

    -Red Lee is married to AltOlivia and raising bomby baby , Frank left her because she did cheat on him with a x-man she saw it in the bar but doesn’t remember who !

    -First meeting between Olivia and red Peter … red Peter is saying : you are so beautiful sweetheart !

    -Walter will work to find a cure for red Peter , Olivia will have something to do with that .

    -Astrid is field agent .

    -Broyles : Nina sharp has something with Broyles , he is not that simple man as how he is seem , he knows more .

    -SAM Weiss .. he is there .. maybe the only one which he didn’t lose the memory and will search on Olivia again .. helping her to remember .

    -The Observers are following an agenda … will be at the end of s4 .. preparing to S5


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      • Real1 says

        Actually after reading some posts .. i hope that the writers will not reading any of any posts !!
        Enough and enough red Peter’s story ! no more , let’s focus on something else .

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  10. William Bishop says

    I have my own list of hopes for season 4 (most of it is not different from other people’s hopes)

    1-Get to know a lot more about Nina; her secrets, which she must have due to her behavior during the first season; her relationship with Bell, how did they get to know each other, the creation of MD and the secrets he shared with her; her relationship with Broyles, the kiss what was their connection before the creation of the Fringe Division, and if anybody remembers, what happened the “last time the Observer showed up with that kind of frequence”; not to mention Alt-Nina.

    2- Get to know more about Broyles’ and A(l)strid’s past.

    3-Get to know more about William “Never Dead” Bell and his TRUE intentions, the reason he wrote ZFT, the reason he created MD, well, the reason for every single of his actions (Bellivia arc was an wasted opportunity).

    4- Find about who’s Mr. X, why, how and when will he kill Olivia and why did she know he will be the one to do it.

    5-If possible get to know more about The End of Dayers and why did-are-will try to destroy the world

    6- Get to know more about The Observers, who/what are they, what’s that writing, who is the “Child”, what’s the Beacon, why do they observe important moments of history…

    7-I also hope that this season we’ll have at least 2 Observer-centric episodes (maybe a two parter) and episodes that give at least some information about them.

    Well, I guess that I’ll be putting new hopes later.

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  11. Red licorice says

    Great ideas, Roco!! …and so many hopes…!! Just the first ones that pop into my head:

    1) I would like to know more about Nina’s past. I’m so curious about the nature of the relationship between her and Broyles…!! Also, I have read the comic “Tales from the Fringe”, and I think Nina’s past story was the most compelling! They should definitely bring something like that into the show!

    2) I would also like the show to investigate more Astrid’s private life…

    3) …and Peter’s past. We know he was a con man, but nothing more than that…

    4) I also like Observer1’s suggestion: it would be great to see a darker side of Peter! Just like when he went rogue and killed the shapeshifters. Speaking of which…

    5) …I totally agree with you Roco: GREATER CONTINUITY, PLEASE!!! What happened to the shapeshifters’s discs? Bell had a decode key in his office…why didn’t they use it?! Why didn’t they retrieve the information from the discs?! I don’t think we’ll ever have an answer!!

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  12. says

    “Less melodrama. ”
    – oh Rocco I could not agree more! The is a reason that daytime soap operas in America are being canceled left and right (some of which have been on for more than 40 years). Too much of a good thing is bad. Sure I can handle a little sexual tension, but there is something to be said for having subtle subtext.

    “Continuation of serialized storytelling and mythology. With such a rich, vibrant world, how could I not want to explore further?”
    – ‘nough said. Such care was taken to create the other side. I’d love to explore it’s complexities further and see if there is an equivalent to David Robert Jones Over there trying to stir the pot.

    “More meaningful mini arcs and mythalones. The mythalones, meanwhile, have been useful for many reasons, but I’d love for them to run more in the vein of “The Plateau” and “Bloodline” (and obviously “White Tulip”, although that’s kind of a one off).”
    – More like “The Plateau”: YES!!
    – More like “Bloodline”: Meh. I think I’d prefer more episodes like “Olivia” or “Entrada”
    – More like “White Tulip”: it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway “Abso-f#%$ing-lutely”!!!!

    “Greater continuity. One episode they’re killing shapeshiters and finding out seemingly important information about their discs, the next.. it’s forgotten. Really?”
    – This could be said about seasons 1&2 as well. I get they have a lot of story to tell and there are multiple writers, but it should feel or flow as if their is 1 person writing the whole season. Corporate buzz word “Synergy”. I don’t know how Fringe’s writers operate, maybe someone should be given the title of “Continuity Editor” or something. This person would be the voice in the writer’s room that says, ” Umm, guys? If we are going to bring back Bell should we not at least have a passing reference to a debriefing? Interrogation? ” or ” Hey! Peter just killed a bunch of Shapeshifters. I think at the very least we need to have a scene showing Broyles giving him an ass-chewing about how he compromised the investigation, broke the LAW, embarrassed the department, and that if it weren’t for the recent arrival of Bell and the need to help Olivia that He’d have to suffer the consequences of his actions? I’m just saying guys. Somethingyou might wanna think about before moving on…”. Yes, I think Fringe should add a person like that to their staff. Rocco would make a great “Continuity Editor” :-)

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  13. TenisonJr says

    Wow, there’s a lot of people here with good ideas 😀

    Well, things I would like to see in 4th season:

    Less romance – this is a dramatic show! There will be drama, but I understand that everybody just want a more scientific show then the first part of this season. Me included.
    More focus on the Observers – we just need to know why they observe everything, and their role in all of the history, cause we already know that they don’t keep just watching.
    More answers, less questions – and added to this, returning to mysteries from the first season, as more explanation about the ZFT, what were they doing while the universes were colliding in the end of the 3rd season, reappearing of the cillinder – i don’t remember how is it called in english – the mystery about the Observer child, the clones in “Of Human Action”…
    More information sharing through agencies – We’ve already seen that the CIA hides its secrets, I think that some of them may be important to our understanding of the story
    Stop with the under-use of some characthers – as everybody, I wanted to see more about Nina and Astrid. About Broyles I don’t think we need to know more than we know, I think it’s important to know just what he knows
    The third universe – the producers said we won’t have a third universe so soon, but it doesn’t mean we won’t have it in the second part of the upcoming season ;D
    Continuation of the God references and exploration about it – people think that talking about God is talking about religions. I disagree. Everybody must think and debate about God, His (or It o.o) existence or not, His role in our lives. And the way they’re doing this in Fringe is great. IMO, some Lost fans who watched the series finale are now afraid of every reference to God and religion or faith in syfy series, ’cause they can lead to a finale like Lost – where almost nothing is answered and everything is explained just as a spiritual journey.
    Bishop family history – Some of you have noticed in previous replies of mine, that I am veeery curious about (Ex-Great) Grandpa Bishop’s life. I have this sensation that his life has more to do with Fringe history then we all think. I may be wrong, but anyway it would be interesting.
    A female villain – I read this idea and it would be very interesting. ‘Till now we just had that red-haired from “The Equation” and Bolivia – although the last one wasn’t exactly a villain, just a “beach”. Nina was a wanna-be but since Subject 13 and since the worlds start colliding, she was just a friendly powerfull woman.
    More focus in the real job!! – Now that we have two Fringe Divisions working together, our guys can – and must! – focus in saving the world and forget about little things as a woman who cannot die, a bones-destroyer gas and etc.

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  14. Schwakamole says

    – More information about the machine and the first people story. Peter said he “thinks” he and the others are the first people. Still doesn’t explain the foreign writing, how this machine was built, who built it, etc. Even if it was Peter and Walter and all the others, how did they get to that point?

    – I’d like to see more about Sam and his ancestors. Just wasn’t satisfied with his explanations of everything.

    – More crazy experiments and fringe science by Walter/Walternate/Massive Dynamic.

    – Just because they are in the same room together and Olivia says they should work together, doesn’t mean Walternate isn’t going to hang on to every grudge he’s ever held. I want to see him pretend to cooperate but have Walter be the one that figures out that he’s still plotting revenge.

    – There’s gotta be more shapeshifters floating around in our world. What’s going on with them, what’s going to happen to them?

    – Stepdad’s b-day cards.

    – More cortexiphan children and Olivia coming into her abilities. Since we’re in a different timeloop now, did she ever really use her abilities to do anything to the machine? Or does she still think she can’t.

    – Man X story and what’s with the toast.

    – A girlfriend-type relationship between the two olivias with them possibly fighting side by side.

    – Olivia finding the ability to see into other timelines (and thus finding Peter).

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  15. Geoff says

    How about we get Peter back without the past three seasons having not happened. And yes that means Henry exists.

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  16. JS says

    Yes, awesome ideas, Roco!

    “Romance can be done without it being overly dramatic or sensationalized to the point where it swamps the plot and established character motivations.”

    Agreed. And I don’t want the romance to necessarily go away, I just don’t want the ‘let’s talk about our feelings in the middle of a Fringe investigation’ again.

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  17. freakadeek says

    I want to see the writers stop making Olivia into this all perfect human being who never makes a mistake while making peter boring and full of flaws that certain people have to bash him for.

    Also, make josh play somebody else for once cause it is not fair to see josh’s talent wasted and ignored.

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    • Fall says

      here we go again!
      BTW, Peter’s character is not boring, One Boring thing: Obssessive fans > as in Massive boredom

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      • says

        Touchy, i don’t think anyone was being “obsessive”. It’s just an opinion and a fan’s Season 4 wish. Maybe “boring” isn’t the right word. However, ‘Peter’ is a familiar archetype for Joshua Jackson to play. We’ve seen “pensive Peter” and we even seen “playful Peter”, since we’ve seen other actors on the show getting some meaty material in their doubles, i wouldn’t mind seeing more from Josh.

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    • says

      “Also, make josh play somebody else for once cause it is not fair to see josh’s talent wasted and ignored.”

      Where to start? I completely agree with you. Since Fringe began, I’ve secretly believed that we were just watching watching an “alternate universe” version of ” This is what happened to Pacey at the end of Dawson’s Creek (Joshua Jackson’s previous long running television series) after he and Joey broke up years later…”. That character was tortured and long suffering, and there was unrequited love coming out the wazoo.

      I would also liked to see him stretched a bit in the character department. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  18. kidentropia says

    They should divide the season in 3-4 miniarcs; the final arc should involve the observers in a very prominent way, explaining their motivations, their origin, etc. i believe that´s the last great fringe mystery remaining. and, definitely, i´d love to see episodes with a dynamic similar to “the plateau”. that was possibly the best episode of this season.

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  19. Cherioki says

    I just saw Kirk Acevedo on a trailer for NBC’s new show Prime Suspect. Does that mean no more Charlies?

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    • says

      Sad but true. Kirk will indeed be on NBC’s ‘Prime Suspect’. Can I level with you Warner Bros./FOX/Fringe Producers/ all the rest of you imaginary head honchos that I’ve convinced myself to believe frequent this site: YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE GOTTEN RID OF CHARLIE TO BEGIN WITH! (sorry for caps). Even though in a recent interview Kirk stated that “contractually he is only able to do 3 or 4” episodes of Fringe because of his new shooting schedule.

      Yeah, they needed to make budget cuts, but look where they (the aforementioned imaginary head honchos) are now: the fans want more Charlie and Kirk has moved on to greener pastures.

      My season 4 wish: that NBC continues their run of dud programming and that ‘Prime Suspects’ is canceled, therefore opening the door for the writers to bring back Charlie. I mean, if they can bring Leonard Nemoy back via “Soul Magnets” and have him in cartoon form, I’m sure the writers can just plot Charlie back into the story as if he never left. Peter has changed the timeline…

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  20. kira says

    Once again Roco pinpoints the things that need a Great Tweak. :)

    Definitely Greater continuity.
    Those dead ends will affecte the ratings in a bad way~

    Of course Less melodrama.
    There’s nothing wrong with being subtle. We already know that P/O are star crossed lovers and all that, so they can leave it aside and look for a better way of storytelling.
    There are so many characters that can contribute to the development of the mythology in other meaningful ways.

    Last but LESS drugs; the constant mention or use of is becoming a cheap resource. (Funny No More).

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  21. g33k says

    – If there is character development to be shown in Walter and Olivia, please make it through interesting arguments between them and their doubles rather than sniffing monkey DNA or *still* wallowing in insecurity. We just got dragged through all that stuff with Olivia’s feelings once and it was horrible, I don’t think I could be dragged through it again just because Peter didn’t exist. Especially if its done though exposition rather than action.

    – DO show a conflict with the Observers.

    – DO bring Peter back so he can kick down some more doors, shoot things and actually conflict with the ‘lets hang back and be REactive not PROactive’ team, rather then simply follow Olivia’s lead all the time because he’s now 2026 Peter who has a fire lit under his a$$ to fix things.

    – I want to see Elizanate and Henry the taxi driver back. I would like to see future Ella too. Of course Lincoln (but hey we know that already). All the best to Acevedo, :-( hope he’ll still be able to guest star, but I can understand if a full time gig came up for him!

    – If we get a flashback episode I want to see it happen around the time that Walter gets the pieces of his brain cut out OR if not, I want to see what Walter said to Newton from that mysterious videotape he took of Walter while he had his brain parts plugged back in. I bet Walter took his brain out to avoid a paradox or something because he got a visit from future Peter. (’cause my theory is future Peter’s been around since reciprocity, or perhaps before that.)

    – I actually don’t think a flashforward episode is necessary now. Not unless it would be to show a different future based on current changes.

    – Hopefully the B&P tank will make an appearance. They could make it an Olivia competition by dipping them both to see which one the machine responds to!

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  22. Megan says

    I agree with most of what you said Roco.
    I would also love to see more Alternate Elizabeth! Orla Brady needs to be in the show more.

    Two weeks later I’m still not liking the finale. To me it just seems that what’s happened in S3, is now point less. Olivia being on the other side. Atlivia sleeping with Peter and having his child. It all seems less meaning/important. I will be tuning into S4 of course, I just hope they have it all make sense lol

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    • Megan says

      Also wanted to add, if there is some way the writers can bring back the mysteriousness of Sam Weiss back, please do so!

      That was kinda lost in episode 3.21

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  23. Zhaan says

    These are my hopes for season 4:

    1- I want to learn more about the Green-Red Mithology: it was the first piece of FringeMithology ever created and, until today, almost nothing was said about it.

    2- Rogue Observers: who are they and why they are trying to interfere in the Oservers agenda? And why they use the green-red symbols in their caps?

    3- The Cylinder: why is that so important? Is there a connection between this artefact and the BBM?

    4- Who was that child in «Inner Child»? Was he a observer? How much C.I.A. knows about these children?

    5- More Alternate Astrid: I just love her! I would like to hear her colleages saying «thank you» once in a while. They never thanks!

    6- Please, no more melodrama! I want good well-structured stories, with fringe science and «whow factor». Everyone likes to be surprised.

    7- And I wish Peter would be back!! Without him Fringe will never be the same.

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  24. Flip says

    One thing that really demand a proper answer after this weird series finale is Why September deviate Walternate’s attention from the cure that could save Peter ? Remember was the observer’s fault Walter didn’t see the cure ? Making Walter cross over and everything we know until now, so, since observers see future (s) this intervention was on purpose, forcing all the story line of saving Peter by Walter.

    This is interesting and conflict to a lot of good theories … I WANT an answer !

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  25. agifra05 says

    First of all I love the show and the characters – and Fringe would not be Fringe without Peter, Olivia and Walter – these 3 are simply brilliant! The characters were building and working on their connections to eachother for 3 seasons now and I liked the father-son dynamic and how Peter and Olivia gradualy opend up to each other and showed their feelings – this process was brilliant and at the and of season 3 we had these 2 bounded and truly in love with eachother!
    Now, if all these things never happend and we have new/old main characters it seems so meaningless and makes me feel sad! I hope the writers don´t want us to simply forget about this because I don´t thik it is now possible after having the whole year in which P/O were trying so hard to get to eachother!

    I hope that all that what happend in season 3 was to show us that Peter Olivia and Walter are truly connected with eachother I would like to see how they find their ways to eachother again despite the timeline
    I hope that season 3 was meant to establish P/O relationsship, to establish the fact that Peter truly belongs with Olivia and I hope I could see in season 4 how they are falling in love with eachother again because of this bound established in season 3 – I don´t want romance to be central storytelling but I want to know that Polivia story is still important part of the storytelling in season 4 and that that is also important part of the main storytelling

    I don´t want to see our Olivia /Lincoln pairing as long as it is Altlivia I´m ok with it!
    I hope to see more about The first People, The Observers, Nina Sharp, Walter /Bell work . timetravel, Olivias abilities etc. I´m so excited about that!

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  26. 2 Bunny says

    Did anyone else notice that in the thumbnail photo for this blog post, Peter’s hair creates the letter “F” for FRINGE?

    – 2 Bunny

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