Watch Another Sneak Peek from Thursday’s ‘Haunting’ Fringe 3.09

Fox has released another sneak peek from this coming Thursday’s all-new episode of Fringe – 3.09 “Marionette”.

Head past the jump to watch early footage and behind the scenes commentary from the episode.

Fringe 3.09 “Marionette” Sneak Peek and Behind The Scenes


  • You can find the other sneak peek for this episode here.


  1. aci79 says

    Nice! I almost forgot that Olivia still have that tattoo. Seems to be a haunting episode as you said it Roco. The strings on that girl make her look like a puppet. Creepy. Olivia has that awkward smile when they got to the scene. I don’t know if that is before or after the talk. I’m assuming that it is before, since it is not a sad smile.. rather a shy smile. Poor Livvy. She’ll know soon.

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    • Karo says

      It’s probably before. I think Peter didn’t expected her to be back to work this soon, so when she shows up at the crime scene, he goes huh? and she smiles.

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      • LMH says

        Maybe it was the first time he saw her after she went back to her regular hair and he was taken aback for a moment in seeing Olivia as ‘his’ Olivia, as he knew her (or thought he did). Just a thought.

        I’ve decided that the difference in mannerisms and comportment between Altivia and Olivia is that the former is, as we know, very confident and has a bit of a strut, but Olivia has almost a kind of serene gracefulness about her. While she shows a lot in the subtleties of her facial expressions, Liv is very calm in how she expresses herself physically (everything is introverted). I think she looks very beautiful in these few scenes and Anna portrays Olivia’s self-collection or mastery over her emotions through that gracefulness.

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  2. real1 says

    Am with you , she didn’t seem know what did happen , she was back to work and from Peter reaction and her smile … it seems she didn’t know yet .

    I hope and wish that Peter can fix this .

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  3. LizW65 says

    In the last scene, it almost looks as though Olivia will be taking out her anger and frustration at the Fringe team by going all medieval on someone else’s ass.

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    • number six says

      I found her expression in that scene very uncharacteristic of Olivia. In fact, it was all Altlivia, except for the lack of bangs. I suppose it will take a while, till she can rid of Altlivia completely.

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  4. says

    I almost got the impression that when Peter saw Olivia he had that look like how could he not have known that Altlivia wasn’t the true Olivia. She steps out of the car and it’s so apparent that it’s really Olivia and not who he’s been hanging out with for the last few weeks. He’s got to be beating himself up a thousand times over. As he should.

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    • real1 says

      I wish I could believe that ! …. I think Peter will beat Olivia with another bumb !! that he is for now confused about his feeling and not sure which one he is loving !!!! ( I will hate Peter for that .. if it will happen ! )

      I lost my faith in Peter . need some fix .

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  5. runpaceyrun says

    Angst, pain, guilt, heartache, regret……what doesnt kill us makes us stronger! They will fix this. I know they will.
    I have, and never will lose, faith in Peter.
    I just wish that this wasnt the last episode before the very long break…..i wont get any sleep for over a month worrying about these two.
    Why is FOX tormenting me like this????
    God i love this show. Its awesome.

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  6. Cil - Brasil says

    I think Peter will stay away from Olivia, because of shame and guilt about AltOlvia.
    Maybe he wanted to take time, to try to recover. I think Olivia will forgive Peter , but he must expect to forgive himself.

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    • William Bishop says

      That’s interesthing, because right now Peter is in the same spot that Walter is, they both did a terrible thing, of course that sleeping with a double that couldn’t even impersonate Oliva right isn’t as bad as shatter tow universes (is close), but now both Walter and Peter have first to forgive themselves, so them can get redemption, I guess is like they say “Like father, like son”

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  7. number six says

    They won’t start the hiatus with the image of Olivia having a breakdown, will they? :-( Poor Olivia!

    I love Peter’s reaction, he’s like: “YAY, Olivia!” and “Oh no! So soon?”, because the sooner she recovers, the sooner he’ll have to tell her the truth.

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    • runthegamut says

      That’s what I’m thinking too, a semi-cliffhanger where we leave Olivia broken on the floor. I really hope not.

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      • real1 says

        I don’t think so , you can see that Olivia is changing her cloths , so after she will learn about Peter/altolivia thingi …. she will broke down alone and then tear up her apt and change her cloths and coming back to resolve the case with anger pain and questioning her self HOW NO ONE DID SEE WHO I AM !! 😉

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  8. Will Chin says

    Hello guys!

    Fringe is up for People’s Choice Awards this year! Not that I usually care for such things but, we may change Fox’s mind about Fringe if it does win in its category! Here’s the link:

    Go to Favorte Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show and vote as many times as you want/can, and tell your fellow Fringe fans to do just the same! Supernatural was the winner last year so, let’s not lose out to them!

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    • cortexifan says

      The Poll closes Dec 7th, so start today if you have not already. It’s a great way to support the show, because it’s the fans who vote.

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  9. LMH says

    Not intentional, but I find it humorous that in the quick snippet of Olivia and Peter walking into a hospital, directly above Peter is the “Admitting” sign and right above Olivia is the “Emergency” sign, both pointing in opposite directions. Seems fitting.

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  10. lizw65 says

    I just realized that the organ thief is doing something very similar to what Alt-Brandon was going to do to olivia in “Entrada”–removing organs while the person is still alive. Interesting!

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  11. cortexifan says

    I now just realizes why Olivia react that way when Broyles says the organs are from one person.
    That’s kind of what AltBrandon wanted to do with her. No wonder this case is getting to her.

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  12. Darth Kate says

    i wish they would show these sneak peaks on tv because if i wasnt a fan of the show and i happened to see this it would definitely make me interested

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