Watch 3 More Fringe Episode 3.08 Preview Clips Right Now

In preparation for tonight’s new Fringe episode, Fox has released 3 “Entrada” preview clips.

Those of you simply unable to wait any longer can find them all snugly tucked below the jump.

Fringe 3.08 “Entrada”

Preview #1

Preview #2

Preview #3



  1. Anjali says

    Omg.. I’m dying.
    1st clip – Glad Peter said that to her.. she’s too cocky for my liking. Also, love and miss snarky peter!
    2nd clip – Vagenda. Lol, Walter. Love the glare Peter gives him.
    3rd clip – AltBroyles, I LOVE YOU!!!!! Omg, they want to preserve her organs… I hate Walternate with a passion!!!!!!!

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    • bdp says

      Snarky Peter was my favorite part of all the clips. I loved when he gave her that “you draw the line at answers” line and I seeing the insult land so well when they showed Altlivia’s face when Peter said it. Good to see he’s super pissed.

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  2. AriC says

    Soooooooooo Walter, Sooooooooo funny…

    Ona serious note: Is there any chance tha Alt-livia is a shapeshifter that took over Alt-livia’s body??????

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  3. William Bishop says

    “Walter, didn’t she tell you, she always brought these back when she went to the federal building?”
    Oh Astrid! Only you can see these tiny details that saved us so many times! Is there ANYthing you can’t do? =)

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  4. runpaceyrun says

    Oh…i cant see these until i get home! Aaaarrrggghhh! I am at work (melbourne, australia) and whilst Fringebloggers is not restricted, the clips are!!!! The wait for Entrada is almost over….BUT the wait is killing me!!!!
    Happy Entrada Day Fringies. Its a great day!

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  5. Pestana says

    I was at the office drinking coffee and washing the clips. Now I have to clean my screen after the 2 one. Vagenda…. that’s a good one.

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  6. YourPique says

    “I have to give you adrenaline!”
    “Oh no, please don’t…AHHHHHH!”

    Apparently, Olivia remembers the events of “Momentum Deferred.” :-)

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    • real1 says

      I have to admit that I like Astrid ! she did notice something .

      Alt-Broyles I love you ! you are the man ,


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  7. Rogue151 says

    What is it with JJ shows and giving people adrenaline all the time? lol So had a flash back to Alias’ second season premiere.

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  8. Page 48 says

    Way more of the 1st and 3rd clips. Way less of the 2nd clip. That was already too much Walter nonsense for one episode.

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  9. Catherine says

    The best previews ever. Yep, Walter, Peter fell into Bolivia’s vagenda all right. LOL. A funny new word, but also pretty accurate. Bolivia’s agenda was manipulaing Peter by using her ……. Dear Walter. He is SO upset. He calls Peter “my son” again. After being manipulated by Walternate, I doubt Peter minds at all. Astrid makes the vital connection. You go, girl! Hurray also for Alternate Broyles coming to the rescue. I cannot believe Olivia was holding it together so well on that table with the saw buzzing behind her. I’d have been throwing up what I’d eaten since birth (jk) by then.

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  10. wongwizard101 says

    I didn’t want to watch these – I wanted to be strong and wait another hour until the episode aired… but I couldn’t

    This episode is going to be amazing!

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