VIDEO: Fringe Executive Producers Talk Aftermath 3.16

Fringe exec producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman talk about recent storyline developments in this Aftermath 3.16 video from Fox.

UPDATE: here’s the hi-res, universally viewable video



  1. says

    They’re on the right track. S4 will be impossible to imagine right now, but the first items are laid out. Exciting! This is why i love Fringe.

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  2. says

    If William Bell’s soul is taking up residence in Olivia, then where is Olivia’s soul ? William Bell has become the ultimate universal squatter, don’t you think.

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  3. Dylan says

    There is no such thing as a soul, though. There are only memories, and memories are destroyed as you die.

    The idea in soul magnets is a little ridiculous for Fringe. I’ll go with it though, but I can’t see them explaining how exactly Bell created a device to do so lol

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    • says

      Dylan, the soul is the disembodied spirit of a dead human, which in this case fits the bill. The spiritual, rational and immortal part of William Bell is residing in Olivia, hopefully as a temporary lodging.

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    • Darth Kate says

      Did you seriously just make a definitive statement about whether or not there is a soul? Last time i checked, that question has nagged at mankind forever and has yet to come to any clear resolution.

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    • William Bishop says

      Well, in my opinion they shouldn’t have done that, saying that William’s “soul” survived, this isn’t science, it’s religion and supposition, it would be better if they said something like that:

      Bell’s memories were transfered to the bell seconds before he die, the bell is a super HD, capable of keeping that amount of information and this information was transfered to Nina’s bell, that when rung passed the same information to the soul magnets in Olivia making Bell’s “soul” come back.

      That would be a reasonable explanation and based in scientific concepts.

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      • Darth Kate says

        The topic of faith has been a recurring theme of the show, though. Remember “White Tulip?” It’s not like they’re just throwing God in randomly.

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  4. Outcome says

    I would enjoyit better dissmissing this soul thing cause I don’t like it , even bringing williamfrom the dead don’t go well with my hopes about the show’s storyline
    I will watch it assuming that william didn’t die and that somehow his body was dammaged and now he needs a new host , but still he didn’t die ,that’s how I like to see it 😀

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  5. FlashWriter says

    What’s going to be interesting to me is how they dramatically handle this. X-Files simply took a stand: yes, there is a soul, and yes there is reincarnation, and yes the same “spirits” continually interact over the ages (“The Field Where I Died”). Not earth shattering ideas, but at the end of that ep I was in tears. It was fantastic drama, fantastic storytelling, and fantastic execution all the way down the line with a script that was simply poetic. OK. There have been comments that “Fringe” is some kind of an analog to “X-Files”. This is really the first time they’ve really covered somewhat the same philosophic ground. Show to show…head to head. Who really has the storytelling chops? It’s Friday, folks. Let’s tune in and decide…

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  6. says

    I’m just hoping the soul/Bell plotline is resolved quick, I’m not feeling anything for it or having to hear Anna with that crackly voice, and see her face with that scrunched forhead. Its too much of a supernatural plot twist for the series.

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  7. Bischof says

    Of course that this is not science. Neither is science traveling between universes, or giving mind-reading or pyrokinetic abilities to children. This is science-FICTION, which often includes supernatural elements (or things that look like supernatural). Examples include the Jedi Force, the “Angels” in Battlestar Galactica, reincarnation in X Files, and many more. Asking to any show to remain within the boundaries of actual science (or plausible science) is a restriction that isn’t really grounded. Since Arthur C Clarke said that all advanced science looks exactly like magic.

    Oh, and science neither confirms nor denies the existence of the soul. It’s still a belief some people have and some people don’t. There will never be an article in Science magazine demonstrating the non-existence of the soul.

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