Maui, the second largest of the Hawaiian islands sees between 2.3 and 2.5 million visitors each year. It has remained popular with visitors that visit the ‘Big Island’ Oahu, where you can buy CBD tea bags. It also has a variety of accommodation options that cater to the diverse nature of those who flock to take in its natural beauty. There are budget options for accommodation as well as high-end resorts, as well as beach bungalows.

Although it is known as the playground of the rich Maui really has something for every type of tourist – including camping sites for those who want to experience the great natural beauty of the island with the pressures of family-style resorts or the structured nature of tours – where itineraries can sometimes not allow for a relaxed and appreciative Maui experience.

It is no great secret that for many people the attraction of Maui is its globally renowned beaches. The ‘Valley Isle’ has much more to offer than the powder white sands and sparkling water of its coastal region. there are the magnificent West Maui Mountains and the towns such as Hana – where the true spirit of Hawaiian hospitality can be experienced firsthand.

But for those who do want to get wet on those fantastic beaches, the reason why they are so famous soon becomes abundantly clear – especially if one travels to the West Coast of the island. The high peaks of the volcanoes of the island act as a barrier to rain and mist – meaning that any excursion to visit the beaches on this coast is almost always rewarded with sun, sea and sand in equal measure.

Traveling to the West coast of Maui reveals a tropical paradise where lush jungles and cascading waterfalls provide the backdrop to a once in a lifetime experience. It is filled with hidden freshwater pools and streams that simply beg for a cooling dip.

Then there is the culture and history of the island – not to mention the wonderful cuisine. Take in a wonderful luau experience as the night sky is lit with a galaxy’s worth of stars. Or spend the day deep sea fishing, returning to shore to enjoy a great gourmet meal and a night on the town. Of course, you absolutely need to make some of the freshest seafood on the planet part of your dining experience- but do not neglect traditional Hawaiian culinary offerings such as pork and beef. Hawaii boasts cuisine that includes offerings from diverse cultures including Korean, Japanese, French and Thai meals – and much, much more.

If you feel the sea calling there is no reason to ignore the summons – even it night has fallen. there are options of a night cruise around the island where a gourmet meal is part of the package – truly the best of both worlds.

A trip to Maui is an opportunity to explore one of the last island paradises remaining on the planet. It is also an opportunity to throw off the worries and stresses of modern life – make sure you book your next holiday on the ‘Valley Isle.’

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