THEORY: Olivia Is Changing “The Pattern”

When Olivia took down INtREPUS and it’s bigwig David Esterbrook, she not only changed the fortunes of Massive Dynamic who profited financially from their demise, but she also changed “The Pattern” itself. In fact, it could be argued that Olivia and her task-force (Walter, Peter, Astrid etc) have been changing the Pattern since they arrested Richard Steig way back in the pilot episode.

Without Olivia putting people like Steig, Jacob Fischer and David Esterbrook behind bars, the series of events that these people had been unleashing would have continued in a very different direction. For instance, Richard Steig would probably have gotten away and sold the jaw-melting viral toxin to whoever he was dealing with, Jacob Fischer would certainly have delivered “electroman” to his associates, and David Esterbrook would have sold his first ‘human bomb’ to his client.

The question is, has Team Olivia, slowed The Pattern down..or have they propelled future events into a far more terrifying direction?


  1. Tranton Jobus says

    I think this is more than a theory. I believe this is Newton’s Third Law “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

    As long as they are out stopping bad guys it changes the pattern for good or bad.

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