The Observer Theory: Dimensional (Pt. 2)

In part 1 of The Observer Theory, I offered my thoughts on why the Observer watches certain events (usually ‘pattern-events’ and Olivia’s reactions to those events). In a nutshell, I believe that the Observer is changing reality. I would advise reading the whole theory to fully grasp what I am trying to suggest.

In part 2 of The Observer Theory, sub-titled “Dimensional”, I aim to explain the phenomenon of the Blue Lights (which have appeared at various stages in the show), whilst continuing the overall ‘Observer Theory’.

The Observer Theory - Dimensional

In my opinion, the blue lights are the effects of observation from another dimension or Universe (possibly a parallel Universe). For arguments sake, I will use the word ‘dimension’, but in truth the you may decide that the word ‘Universe’ is a better fit.

So, we know that the Observer is watching pattern events, which are basically ‘experiments’. We also know that in Quantum Mechanics, the act of observing changes reality. But in the absence of foresight, what indicators are there to suggest that a reality has been observed..and therefore changed? In my opinion the blue lights are these ‘indicators’ – they are they like the indicators of the double slit experiment, or perhaps the outcome of the Uncertainty Principle, which could give us an indication of the size of these ‘dimensions’ relative to our perception:

So, I believe that the Observer is not necessarily from another time (although do believe that to be possible), but moreover, he is from another dimension..or universe. I am not talking about aliens here, I am talking about a world (possibly multiple) that exist within our own world. Invisible dimensions which are just out of our conscious perspective – dimensions which may be tiny (as the above video illustrates), but in actual fact are just as large as our own.

If the Observer is from one of these dimensions, then it would make him neither time-traveller or alien..but rather a human who is from a different ‘pocket’ of observed reality. A world that is linked to ours by the unconscious, a world that has taken different paths than ours due to subtle and large changes in their reality. Their technology is more advanced than ours because they have observed different realities which have influenced these changes – which brings us back to one of the underlying principles of this theory, “Observation Changes Reality”.

The Observer Theory - Dimensional

Olivia, for example, may very well exist in one of these other ‘dimensions’ might Broyles and Peter and Walter, Oh! Especially Walter! All possibilities are possible, until observed. Perhaps there are those with the ability to influence their perspective over entire worlds? Maybe this is what the Observer is doing when he watches these pattern-events – maybe he’s tweaking our reality? In this respect he could be viewed as a latter day Tron – a dimensional ‘programme-like’ traveller with changes to perpetuate.

The Observer Theory - Dimensional

Speaking of Tron-esque analogies, the blue lights were also very present during David Jones’ ‘teleportation from Germany to Little Hill, suggesting that he also underwent some form of inter-dimensional travel. Which serves to illustrate the idea that travel through space (even across the same dimension) in this way, is perhaps similar to inter-dimensional travel?

The Observer Theory - Dimensional

Speaking of Little Hill. Could it be that there are multiple Little Hill’s? One in each ‘dimension’? So when Jones’ gets the answer from Olivia and later teleports to ‘Little Hill’, perhaps that’s not the only Little Hill that he is teleporting to – especially if we consider that the blue lights (present during his teleportation) represent dimensional travel and observation? Perhaps the Little Hill in the Observer’s (speculated) dimension holds more clues and importance than the Little Hill that we were privy to?

My suggestion is that these different dimensions all started off the same – call it multiple “Big Bangs” or multiple possibilities crafted by God (whatever your preference). Which means that things, people, possibilities in our world, could also exist in these other dimensions, except they would be different. Some things would never have happened, somethings would have happened but undergone relative change. This notion could also explain the plural in the clue, “Observers Are Here”. If there are to be multiple Observers, perhaps they are each from different dimensions..different possibilities. Hell, it could even explain Walter’s alternate version of himself back in St. Claire’s!

So where are these dimensions? As I touched on above, I believe that these dimensions exist within our own – almost like tracing paper, they overlay our world so that they seem transparent. But in truth, it’s a matter of perspective – in our dimension we are unable to see everything. In fact we are unable to see ‘anything’ unless we observe it..or imagine it. This is where Olivia’s dream state journey’s come into play. In my opinion, represent the journey into some of these ‘other’ dimensions. To ‘prove’ it, we can see that the “indicator” that I talked about earlier, was very present in both of Olivia’s subconscious explorations:

The Observer Theory - Dimensional

The blue lights, present in both of Olivia’s subconscious explorations, indicate that these ‘worlds’ are also dimensions; realms which when observed, give life to a new reality, new information – changes. Which is precisely what Olivia has obtained from both of those explorations.

But what does this say about Olivia and her possible connection to these other dimensions, and to the Observer? More proposals in the next chapter.

To be continued..


  1. Steve says


    Speaking of Tron-esque analogies, the blue lights were also very present during David Jones’ ‘teleportation from Germany to Little Hill, suggesting that he also underwent some form of inter-dimensional travel. Which serves to illustrate the idea that travel through space (even across the same dimension) in this way, is perhaps similar to inter-dimensional travel?

    This reminds me of “Timeline” by Micheal Crichton (the great book not the naff film!). In it the time travellers discover that the ability for them to return to their own time has not actauly been invented yet, but basically the time machine sort of works trans-dimensionally too.

    When you step into the time machine to travel back to your own time, you were destroyed…but…in one of the many alternative dimensions somewhere the scientists HAVE prefected the ability to travel back to your own time in the future (which also moved you by dimension to) so a perfect copy of you with all your memories (and as far as you are concerned the same person) appears back in the future where you started…

    At least thats the way I remember it when I read the book years ago! I just found this site and love it, I can’t believe I missed so much in “Fringe” !!

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  2. hasan says

    The events of “Ability,” particularly the stuff in the ZFT manifesto lend credence to your theory. On a side note, i saw a charlie rose interview with Lisa Randall, a theoretical physicist who was talking about the possibility of other dimensions. I think she teaches at Harvard, ha, maybe Walter and her could chat. She’s kinda cute too.

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  3. Jason says

    When I first saw the Observer…I thought immediately of Uatu the Watcher from the Fantastic Four comics. He intervened when he wasn’t supposed to and stopped Galactus from consuming the Earth.

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  4. larry the astronaut says

    Observers remind me of a good book by Margaret Buffie. The story has nothing to do with it. There are these characters called watchers. The watchers protect important hidden things or people. for example: The main character is a watcher but is disguised as a human. Her ‘sister’ is an important person from another world, and is hidden in a human family. The main character has to protect her ‘sister’ and follow her around in case her ‘sister’ is assasinated or stolen. Like peter!
    The observers could be watching to make sure that nothing ‘wrong’ happens. Something wrong, like when walter stole peter from the other universe. I think observers are trying to prevent humans from destroying ourselves, by travelling between universes humans could destroy themselves like in over there part 2. In over there part 2 Bellie is weak and can no longer travel between universes because he is practically disintegrating. bringing many things back and forth will speed up the desintegration of our wolds, and increase the frequency of fringe events. Thus, destroyng all worlds, as with multiple big bangs: multiple destroyed universes. It could cause a chain reaction and destroy your theoretical other dimensions!

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