The Observer Spotted at Nascar Race

First the Observer appears at the Giants/Eagles NFL game back in January, now he’s taking an interest in Nascar. Where on ‘earth’ will he show up next?

Vid Cred: jlrnk51


  1. Alexis says

    Next stop, American Idol? Why not? I mean, because of AI, we had to wait 7 freaking weeks. Fox better use AI for the good of Fringe for the way they treated our fave new show. I mean, why not use their biggest reality show to reintroduce Baldy to the whole world. 😉

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  2. Rick says

    He was just on American Idol tonight, during the first few minutes of the show. The first singer sung and everyone stood up and cheered except him. He just sat and stared, kind of creepy, but neat.

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