Observer Files



Who are the Observers?

The Observers have been recorded at numerous events and locations throughout time and space. History is littered with their presence. Important moments observed:  wars, presidential inaugurations, inter-reality invasions, Peter kidnappings. Perhaps even this very site at this very moment…

The Observers are here, and whether we like it or not, they are influencing our past, present and future.

Fringe Observer Sightings – Complete Episode & Season Listing

Use the following links to view Observer appearances by season or continue reading for to see all Observer sightings throughout the entire series of Fringe:

Season 1

Observers Are Here

Fringe opening sequence: The very first Observer ‘sighting’, coupled with the infamous blue lights.

1.01 Pilot


The Observer was first spotted walking past Massive Dynamic headquarters, possibly tracking Olivia’s meeting with Nina Sharp.

1.02 The Same Old Story


The Observer was seen at the hospital where man-baby died. He watches our Fringe Team as they arrive at the scene.

1.03 The Ghost Network


The Observer is already on the train as Olivia breezes past him in pursuit of her target.

1.04 The Arrival


In his first centric episode, September has a bite to eat while waiting for the arrival of a mysterious cylinder that would recur throughout the series.

1.05 Power Hungry


The Observer leaves the elevator as Joseph Meegar enters and overrides the system, causing it to plummet

1.06 The Cure

The Observer Files

The Observer walks right past our intrepid agent as she plays mind games with Intrepus boss, David Esterbrook.

1.07 In Which We Meet Mr. Jones


The Observer departs the scene as Olivia arrives in Germany.

1.08 The Equation


The Observer stands in close proximity to Olivia as she realises where the kidnapped boy is being held – The Red Castle. (an important color in Olivia’s mythology).

1.09 The Dreamscape

109 The Dreamscape EE's & Clues

The Observer inside Massive Dynamic! He watches an MD employee as he rushes to his meeting. The employee is soon ‘attacked’ by imaginary butterflies, causing him to smash through a window and plummet to his death.

1.10 Safe


The Observer is caught on CCTV footage during Mitchell’s Loeb’s wall-phasing raid on a bank. Loeb managed to get into Walter’s safe, stealing a piece of the teleportation device he hid many years ago.

1.11 Bound


The team come within yards of the Observer as he walks past Harvard University. Olivia, Walter and Peter convene to understand the nature of ZFT’s ‘human cold’ virus that has just killed a professor.

1.12 The No Brainer


Olivia rushes home to prevent a computer programme from melting Ella’s brain. The Observer watches from the street corner.

1.13 The Transformation


The Observer stands on the football field as as the plane overhead plummets to its doom. Many of the passengers were already dead by the time the plane crashed – they were killed by a undercover government agent who had been dosed with a virus, transforming him into a rampaging Sonic The Hedgehog.

1.14 Ability


The Observer looks bleak as a poor newsstand clerk begins to suffer the effects of David Jones’ orifice-sealing virus.

1.15 Inner Child


The Observer eyes the mini Observer (AKA The Child) as he is driven to his new guardian. They seem to communicated in ways we can only speculate.

1.16 Unleashedunee_observer1

The fedora-less Observer is caught on camera as he walks past the WNKW news crew.

1.17 Bad Dreams


As the team rush to Nick Lane’s rooftop congregation, the Observer has already seen what he needs to see and strolls away purposefully.

1.18 Midnight


The prophetic Observer circles Valerie Boone’s target.

1.19 The Road Not Taken


The Observer visits Walter in his Lab and tells him that he must come with him. Walter grabs his coat and follows the Observer.

1.20 There’s More Than One of Everything


The Observer leads Walter to his old beach house so that he can find the plug to prevent David Jones from crossing over to the parallel reality. The Observer helps to jog Walt’s memory by giving him a coin resembling the one his original son used to collect – “there’s more than one of everything”, he says, before remembering that he shouldn’t “get involved”.

1.21 Unearthed

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