The ‘Key’ to the Missing Clue from Pilot Episode 1.01?

Here we see a potentially hidden clue on the keys to Walter Bishop’s old institution, St. Claire’s. On the set of keys (inset, top) are markings, or writings, which appear to be similar in type to those that The Observer scribbled in 1.04 “The Arrival” (main picture). Also, the keys appear to have an “A” shaped Aleph (inset, bottom left), similar to the speculated Phoenician glyph seen on Olivia’s uncles Kayak (inset, bottom middle) and worn as a lapel on David Esterbrook’s jacket (inset, bottom right).

What does it all mean? Who the heck knows, but it could well allude to the idea that Walter has been closely Observed by Creepy Bald Guy (and pals) throughout his 18 years in St. Claire’s.

Observation courtesy of GaBa at Fringe-Forum


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