THE GOOD WIFE Hires John Noble In Post-FRINGE Role


John Noble may or may not embark on a mythological quest in Star Wars Episode 7, but he will be seen on The Good Wife.

TV Guide Canada reports that Noble will appear in an upcoming episode of the CBS series. Series star Julianna Margulies describes Noble’s character as someone from her character Alicia’s past.

“He comes on as a man that I have flashbacks [about], because he’s a client that I used to take care of all the time,” she said. “He’s a very interesting character who is sort of a brilliant techie guy that constantly sues people. He just elevated the part to such a different level, it was remarkable to work with him and just a pleasure to have on set.

She continued:

“On the page, I thought, ‘Is this going to make sense?’ and he filled it with such incredible talent.I can’t even tell you. I looked at him and I went, ‘I didn’t even know that was the character. I’m so blown away.’”

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  1. ML says

    Aww good for John.

    Bittersweet hearing about our actors moving on. Part of me is selfish and just want to see them back with Fringe but other part excited to see him again.

    The Good wife is pretty good. This season hasn’t been their best season but excited to see John on something different than Fringe.

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  2. says

    It will be funny to see John on something other than Fringe, but I’m so glad more people will have an opportunity to see his brilliance as an actor. Hey, maybe he’ll get an Emmy nomination as a guest star. Wouldn’t that be funny and sad at the same time.

    I love my Fringe actors. Bravo for John!

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    • 134sc says

      Well the emmys love the Good Wife, so I could see that happening. Its a shame though, that this would be the only way for him to get some recognition.

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  3. Sandy says

    although it makes me sad that Fringe is over, but I’m glad we can see the actors in other projects and have them back on TV again soon.
    John is a great man and actor and deserves all the best!

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  4. says

    Congrats John I am so happy that the industry is appreciating you and casting you.

    I love The Good Wife so i can’t wait to see him in this!! It sure will be strange seeing him play some one other then lovable Walter but I am just glad we are going to see him at all.

    Come on Anna Torv I’m waiting for you next 😀

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    • ML says

      Waiting for Anna too. It’s going to be weird seeing her in anything other than playing Olivia.
      Not sure she’s going to come back as soon as JN though. She said a few months ago she wasn’t going to try out for this upcoming pilot season and instead would probably just take time off.

      We’ll see.

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      • says

        Anna also mentioned she loved the Game of Thrones, imagine she gets cast in that…. i would die of happiness but i am really gunning for her and John to be cast in the new Star Wars movie!!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed

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        • Page 48 says

          “imagine she gets cast in that (GOT)”

          Imagine she gets cast in that and then gets to neuter Joffrey…..twice!!

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  5. matt says

    He’ll always be Walter and Denethor to me, but I’m glad he’s getting work, just wish it wasnt sitcoms. I think him in Star Wars would be epic!

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    • Briar says

      I thought he was awful as Denethor (more the fault of the way the writers mangled the character than his, though) and wonderful as Walter. It sounds as if he has been typecast as megalomaniac bad guy or nutty techie guy now, which is a tragedy. Walter was a great showcase for his talents and he deserves much better – outside cult tv, fantasy and sci fi, as well.

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  6. SissySiri says

    I’m happy for John, he is a great actor. Can’t wait to see the others in different roles as well.

    I’m still thinking about what they thought of this man who arrived in 2169 in that coat, pork pie hat, plaid shirt and corduroy pants. I guess it would be sort of like if we saw someone right now pull up in a stagecoach. :-)

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  7. fedorafadares says

    Welcome, Julianna Margulies (and the watchers of mainstream dramas) to the incredible, incredible talent that is John Noble.

    “This is wonderful news!” [paraphrase Walter]

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  8. DadzBoyz says

    Watch for John on JJ and Wyman’s Future Cop/Robot show thing. Maybe as a Chief or Mayor. JJ keeps his family close, hence the Star Wars VII possibility.

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  9. SissySiri says

    I think this is great the John is getting all these acting jobs. More people who have no idea who he is are about to see what real acting is. Obviously in the entertainment field they are always giving themselves awards, and more and more awards as opposed to brain and heart surgeons and others of that ilk who get nothing. . . . . I digress, but it would be nice to see John get some recognition, at least it would be given to someone who deserves it!

    I am waiting to see Joshua Jackson in some other venue, soon I hope.

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