The Fringemunks – Episode 1.03 – ‘Ghost Network’

David Wu is back again with episode 3 of his infectious “Fringemunks”. This latest installment is a parody of “Ballard of John and Yoko” (Beetles) with a ‘Ghost Network’ twist! Listen below:


If you missed David’s parodies for the ‘Pilot’ and ‘Same Old Story’ episodes, you can listen to them here, or at


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    Just to clarify to potential listeners: the URL is actually … (As supposed to which probably is the website of some rich dude, haha!) Enjoy!

    Also, the parody of episode 1.04 “The Arrival” is in work at this time! Stay tuned…it’ll be a departure for feebo, notchy and pie, especially for feebo!

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    Hello all listeners! Just a quick note – the URL above should be !

    Thanks everyone for listening, and for your feedback! The parody song for Episode 1.04 “The Arrival” is coming soon!

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