The Bell Tolls – Leonard Nimoy Previews Fringe Finale Part 2

FOX has released a short preview video for the second part of the Fringe season finale “Over There”, which takes a look at the upcoming William Bell arc.

Head past the jump for the embedded video but bear in mind spoilers lurk there.


“The Bell Tolls” – Could they have picked a more subtle title going into the finale?

Thanks to rest for the heads-up.

The 2nd Part of the Fringe Finale airs Thursday May 20th, 9/8c on FOX


  1. Elaine says

    Judging by the look on Walter’s face when Bell is claiming the only reason he went back to the other side is because of what happened when Walter stole Peter, Walter isn’t buying it. Not that it would be as simple as that either way, but ‘Peter’ gave us every indication (imo) that Bell always pushed Walter to take that chance, or he had been experimenting with crossing over himself.

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    • mlj102 says

      However, “Peter” is definitely an episode that comes from Walter’s perspective, so I think we have to be careful with the information we get from there. There are any number of reasons for why Walter would claim that Bell was pushing him to go over there… his memory isn’t accurate, he was bitter with Bell and they weren’t getting along at the time, so in his mind he has blamed Bell for things that weren’t necessarily true, he misunderstood Bell, he was still grieving for his son, so he said things that he didn’t really mean and things that weren’t completely true… I’m not saying Bell is a “great man” by any means, however, I think he genuinely believes that he was forced to go to the other side and stay there in an attempt to fix the problems Walter caused.

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      • kian says

        i disagree to the contrary, the 80’s intro as insignificant as it might seem, indicates that even though the narrative is coming from walter, the events were unfolded just as shown, it wasnt just a brown betty,

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  2. Pwnsauce says

    do you think that Bell figured out a way to cross over much more safely than opening a door straight into the other side? we’re definitely led to believe in ‘Peter’ that Bell was already ‘over there’ by that time. Then again, maybe he was crossing back and forth a lot, because in ‘Grey Matters’ at the end, when Bell is operating on Walter, that occurs after Walter took Peter, and Bell must have known the consequences of that knowledge. I think ultimately Bell will be good and redeem himself, and I’m really interested in what he has to say, since he has so much knowledge. It is sad they can’t develop him anymore since Nimoy retired.

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  3. Laura says

    There are still a lot of questions about the “weapon” though……and also on the ZFT book/manuscript. Who really wrote it?

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