The Baby Name Game!

A child is born! Here at FB Towers we’re calling him Baby PBie. Though “Baby Wonder” and “Turnip Head” will be appropriate nicknames for various in-house pop cultural reasons.

But what will Altlivia name her lil’ baby wonder? Below the jump we’ve put some of our favorite guesses into a poll. Feel free to vote up your choice, or select “other” and share your guesses in the comments.

What Will Altlivia call the baybee?

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Those who guess correctly will receive 8 virtual hiccups.


  1. _Nevidimka_ says

    I would really like it if she calls him Henry (at it was the variant I voted for), but I think it would be some name that was never mentioned on the show before.

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  2. Mireya says

    My sister thinks she will name him Peter. I disagree with her. πŸ˜‰ For some reason the name Joseph came to mind. πŸ˜‰

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  3. lizw65 says

    I voted “Other” and think “Bono” would be great, or perhaps “Paul David”, Bono’s real name. However, I doubt the writers will go in that direction. :(

    I’m gonna discount “Peter”, since Alt-Liv’s mission is still classified and people would be sure to put two and two together if she named him after his father (or grandfather, for that matter, so I’m voting against “Walter” as well.) “Robert”, however, is sufficiently unknown to be a real possibility.

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  4. FinChase says

    My preference would be Molebaby, but I voted for Robert. If it turns out to be Peter I won’t be surprised.

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  5. lizw65 says

    Another possiblitiy is “Ellis”, a masculine form of Ella. Dunno if there’s a masculine version of Rachel–Roger, maybe? Randall?

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  6. Peanut says

    I need help in the memory department, not having Olivia’s photographic recall. In the Fringe comics, I thought that either Walter’s father was not really Robert BISHOP (or BISCHOFF) or that Robert’s real name was something else entirely? In other words, naming the baby Robert wouldn’t be that meaningful?

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  7. Peter Bishop Must Die says

    I’m assuming she’ll name him after her father (not her stepfather, her real father). Not sure what his name is, though.

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  8. Anita says

    But he should be named after whoever is responsible for the fourth season pickup. I mean, seriously, that’s the LEAST we can do is give whoever that person is a name on the show, lol. I AM SO GRATEFUL!!!!

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  9. Dessy says

    there is no way she’ll name that baby Peter
    no way
    She’ll name it……………….umm i don’t know, but I’m pretty sure she’s not naming it after anyone (not anyone we know, at least)

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    • Morgan Bell says

      I liek that, but i figured Olivia form our side would name him that, bc of the connection form the cortex kids, but i liek this idea

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    • fringeobsessed says

      I think you’re right.
      First off, I really don’t think FauxLiv is as smart as our Liv, and I can’t
      picture her coming up with any name that’s deep in meaning.

      Secondly, she got a taste of the sensual side of Peter Bishop, unfortunately, and I think she’s smitten.

      I also think she’s too stupid to recognize how great a guy her world’s Lincoln Lee is. He’ll probably end up giving his life for hers and/or her baby’s, like a real hero.

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  10. mlj102 says

    I was certainly tempted to vote for Molebaby, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it… But that one definitely made me laugh!

    I know that a lot of people are expecting she’ll name him after an already established character (Peter, Henry, Robert, etc.) but I would be very surprised if that actually happened. That said, I’m expecting a completely original name. While that opens the door to countless options, I think Adam is a high possibility. That name sort of has it all: it’s a Bible name (which would work well with the show’s tendency to include religious references/themes), refers to the first man (which could be significant given the allusions toward the role this little guy might have in the future of the two worlds), along with references to “earth” and “red” in the meaning of the name (I even read one summary that said it means “a man of the red earth”). How much more appropriate can you get? I could definitely see her naming him Adam.

    Hey, Roco, is there any prize for guessing correctly? Not that I’ve been very successful in my attempts to earn any Cortexi-points, but it’s worth a try! :)

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    • says

      “Hey, Roco, is there any prize for guessing correctly? Not that I’ve been very successful in my attempts to earn any Cortexi-points, but it’s worth a try!”

      Check underneath the poll – there’s a virtual prize that everyone will want to win. πŸ˜‰

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      • mlj102 says

        “Those who guess correctly will receive 8 virtual hiccups.”

        Hiccups? Seriously? That’s just perfect… I despise hiccups, virtual or otherwise. So knowing my luck, this will be the one I actually get right. Is it too late to change my vote to Molebaby?

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  11. svnsilver says

    Philip after the late Colonel Broyles would be likely. But I also believe she won’t be picking a name from any main character or former or present love interest. If it did happen a middle name would be most likely.

    Alexander is my guess. Alexander Philip Dunham.

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  12. alexis says

    god, i would have voted for “molebaby”, but for some reason i don’t think that’s plausible… πŸ˜‰

    anyway, i voted for “lee”. after all lincoln is the one who’s most likely to be supporting fauxlivia through all this and it would be a nice gift from her to him.

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  13. LBJ says

    Something tells me it will be a new name, but one with symbolic meaning. Not that I have any idea what that name would be.

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  14. Alex says

    I voted for Oliver coz i saw in Bloodline that the apartment block Altliv lives in is called “Oliver Court”. If it’s an easter egg, then that’s my vote!

    but then again, it’s too close to Olivia, they’ll never name him that, lol

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  15. says

    In memory of our Olivia’s niece Ella, I am going to go with Eli, Ely,
    or Elijah (biblical meaning great prophet & miracles performed for or by him.)

    Also Lev or Liev.

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  16. says

    How about Billy Bishop. A homage to the Canadian First World War flying ace, who first chose to be an “Observer”, before becoming a fearless fighter, and taking on The “Red” Baron.

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  17. Anne from France says

    oups! I voted “other” coz I wanted to say “Henry” but apparently it was on the list. I definitely have to get new glasses πŸ˜‰

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  18. Ducky says

    no matter what she names it, i think itll be a Dunham not Bishop because its as thought she doesn’t expect him to be back anytime soon

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  19. Cherioki says

    Just call him Pacey for the hell of it.

    Actually I’m thinking if she calls him Peter, perhaps The Observers are looking at a different Peter for a twist in their prophecy or whatever it is.

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  20. Jen says

    I voted for Peter Jr. They could call him PJ. We’ve seen Peter making PB&J sandwiches this season so that could’ve been an easter egg. LOL! (I think everything is an easter egg.) Seriously though, Henry would be a great name also but I’m not so sure they will name him after any established characters in the Fringe universes.

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    • FringeFriday says

      (I think everything is an easter egg.)

      :)))) Everytime I watch TV and I see a guy with a hat and suit I think of the Observer??? Have I been “fringed”??;))))))))

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  21. Anne Sophie says

    I voed Henry just because he’s a nice guy and one of the few guys in the Other universe that isn’t ****** up.

    I sure hope it’s not Lee or anything~!! (Painful BSG memories)

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  22. fedorafadares says

    Peter Bishop Dunham.

    If Peter and the baby finally neet, it’ll be the kid’s name that’ll give it away!

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  23. Jessamyn says

    My preference would of course be Molebaby xD He could be Mo’ for short!

    Realistically, I think Henry or Lincoln will be featured in the baby’s name, but likely only as a middle name. I don’t think the Dunhams are really a family that does the naming after family members, so I think the baby might just get his own name. It’s not that uncommon is it? πŸ˜‰

    But hey, in the theme of original names, well… MOLEBABY! haha

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  24. says

    I don’t think it will be Henry because she really doesn’t have a personal tie to him other than the birth of the baby. Also Fauxlivia didn’t seem as close to Broylesnate as our Olivia is (to either Broyles for that matter) and she doesn’t really know what happened to him, so I don’t think it will be Philip. And, again, it won’t be William because she didn’t even know him! I think Walternate creeps her out, so no. Nate would be too funny! Would we just call him Nate or Natenate? I voted for Robert (Bobby) since I think it is just like the writers to go with the cyclical nature of things. Although I really liked mlj’s suggestion of Adam! Or maybe Isaac – almost sacrificed! So many good bible names!!

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  25. Tash says

    I hope we find out soon cos i dont like Baby Pbie because it reminds me of baby P which was very sad :(

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