Take A Triple Peek At Tonight’s Fringe

FOX has released 3 official Fringepeeks for tonight’s episode, 2.20 “Northwest Passage”.

Head past our Southwest Passage to watch ’em.

Fringe 2.20 “Northwest Passage” Sneak Peak 1:

Fringe 2.20 “Northwest Passage” Sneak Peak 2:

Fringe 2.20 “Northwest Passage” Sneak Peak 3:

[videos: FOX,ย ZonaFringe]


  1. Fringefan1991 says

    I thank the first clip clearly demonstrates that Walter needs Peter in order to interact with the world. Peter bought Walter his food and would have been there to calm Walter down when he started to rant. It has been said that Walter has evolved the longer he has been away from Saint Claire’s but I think we may see him start to devlove.

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  2. Elaine says

    Yeah, it appears Walter’s decent into madness was so directly tied to the guilt he’s carried around for years on kidnapping Peter, and now that he’s gone, Walter’s regression was inevitable. The same goes for his recovery since he’s been out of St. Claire’s being tied in to repairing his damanged relationship with Peter, and holding out the slim hope Peter would come to love him enough to forgive him for what he did.

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  3. mlj102 says

    I always knew to a certain extent that Walter would not hold up well with Peter gone and that it would be devastating to him, but even then I was unprepared for the condition Walter was in in that grocery store clip. It makes sense, but it still surprised me how much he has regressed since losing Peter. Really, only a short time has passed, but in that clip it is like he has instantly returned to being that crazy, out of control scientist that we saw in the Pilot. All the progress he’s made in the last two years seems to have been completely erased. I guess I just hadn’t realized it would be so intense. He is seriously falling apart. I had thought that, being aware of what kind of reaction to expect from Peter, he would have been somewhat prepared for this, so it wouldn’t have such a drastic effect on him… but apparently that’s not the case at all. Wow. I can see why there’s a concern that he may need to return to St. Claire’s.

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  4. fedorafadares says

    Interesting that Walter’s meltdown happened only when he put on a pair of glasses and ended when he took them off again. Reminds me of when in “Jacksonville” Also, Walter’s window into the other universe. Do glasses/looking through a glass somehow transform Walter?

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    • Elaine says

      I noticed that too. Nice callback on the writers part to how Walter sees himself and how he perceives the rest of the world.

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  5. FlashWriter says

    Wow, this looks like it’s going to be really fantastic. Another bravura performance by John Noble. Walter looks like he’s really screwed up and it appears like JN is going to play it as only he can. Which is to say brilliantly. Plus, Peter is back. And it looks lake Joshua Jackson is not going to be outdone. I find that his character just keeps getting more and more interesting as the season progresses and JJ (Um, the actor) is playing the coins right out of his pocket. I can’t wait. (Wish I could teleport to the East Coast just so I could see it sooner :) ). …and…just as one of those stray thoughts…where’s Olivia?

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    • FlashWriter says

      Regarding clip 1…I had another one of those stray thoughts…where’s Astrid?

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  6. fringiac says

    Poor Walter. Pooooorrrrr Walter…

    (Where’s Astrid? Where she always is – losing track of Walter!)

    And yay, Peter has his stubble back. w00t

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  7. mlj102 says

    Like others, I am looking forward to this episode and I agree that it looks like it will be amazing. However, I have to admit that I’m somewhat concerned at the same time. Maybe it’s just because I really don’t like the team being split up (though I understand it was an inevitable development) and, consequently, I’m worried with how they will approach that aspect of the story. I just really think they have to do it carefully and be sure to convey certain things, or it’s not going to feel right.

    Now, I know these are just clips from the episode, so certainly they don’t tell the whole story, but it worries me that Peter seems pretty normal in both the clips he’s in. I didn’t get the feeling that anything was bothering him. He even seemed to be almost enjoying himself, being alone and all. I just expect to see him struggling to adapt to the separation from the others, too. He should be upset and angry and also sad and missing the others to a certain extent. And I just didn’t see any of that from these clips.

    I’m probably just getting concerned for no reason, but I do hope that the full episode will show more of the fall out from the recent separation and how all the characters are coping with it, not just Walter. I think that’s what I’m most looking forward to in this episode and I hope they will deliver in that area. Of course, I have yet to be disappointed by the show in those kinds of matters so far, so there’s no reason to expect this episode to be any different. I’m sure it will be fabulous as always.

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  8. LizW65 says

    “…it worries me that Peter seems pretty normal in both the clips heโ€™s in. I didnโ€™t get the feeling that anything was bothering him.”

    I disagree; I thought he looked damn near to tears at the beginning of the second clip. Dunno if that has anything to do with the dead woman or something else entirely, though. Looks like an excellent episode–can’t wait! (I just hope the station is cooperating tonight; we got some atmospheric interference last week.)

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  9. Inkblood says

    *sniffle* pauvre Walter.
    Peter seems to be couping (is that how you spell it? cooping?coping? je ne sais pas.) well. While Walter is freaking out in stores and olivia is probably not sleeping or eating, but chugging a bottle of scotch a day. I’m looking forward to tonight…a little concerned…

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