Spoiler: Fringe Episode 3.06 Promotional Photos

Fox has released the official promotional photos for Fringe episode 3.06,“6955 kHz“, airing Thursday, November 11th.

Head past the jump to experience the photos.


Thanks to Emily for sending these through.


  1. Isa says

    Anna Torv is totally awesome this season. See how the expression on Bolivia’s face differs from Olivia’s in the promotional pics of epi 5. You go, girl!

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    • FinChase says

      Oh yes, she’s actually giving several different performances so far this season: Olivia, AltLivia, Olivia-as-AltLivia, and AltLivia-as-Olivia. They are all a little different. I was impressed with her before this season, but she’s blowing me away this year.

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