Spoiler: Fringe Episode 3.03 Sneak Peek

Fox has released a new sneak peek for Thursday’s “The Plateau”. Head past the jump to watch it.

“The Plateau” Sneak Peek



  1. jade86 says

    Yeah, the pen is back!! In the same episode there are both the pen and Peter (olivia’s vision). Do you think there’s a possible connection peter/pen?

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    • says

      That is a good question. Now that it has been pointed out in the preview: I am trying to remember a time when ive seen anyone was writing Over There.

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      • mlj102 says

        They all use those thin computer ipad-like devices, not case files or paper and pen. It appears as though the other side has moved beyond manual handwriting, and instead, they rely completely on computers and other electronic devices. Interesting… Although, come to think of it, there was that note from Frank on the dinner in the fridge that alternate Olivia found, which appears to have been handwritten… Small oversight, I guess. Or maybe they have more advanced pens, while the one featured here is really basic and “old-fashioned”?

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        • Alex says

          I can’t remember ever seeing someone write Over There, BUT remember Frank leaving a note and some dinner in the fridge for Alt-liv in the finale? He had to write that with something!

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          • mlj102 says

            I do remember that small detail. In fact, I mentioned it myself in the very same comment that you responded to… :) Still, it’s a good point and I’ll be interested to see if they address that, though I’m guessing probably not.

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  2. FringeAtl says

    Many trees were destroyed on the alternate side. Maybe paper is scarce and electronic communication is the norm instead of pen and paper.

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  3. Joe Curwen says

    I’m beginning to think there might be a connection between production costs and the PaperMate Corporation!

    I guess “the power of the pen” and “crossing lines” are the big, interconnected thematic elements this season.


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  4. LMH says

    At first the pens really reminded me of all the tree clues in S2, so there’s one connection between pens and trees. I really hope that “the pen is mightier” and all its connotations continue as a strong theme as we move through the season, and it’s not just a hint for “The Plateau.” It’s too laden a symbol for that (I think) so I hope this will be taken somewhere. I would love for both our universes to rise above conflict and each grow from it by employing creative ideas and moral strength rather than physical/technological violence to solve their dilemmas.

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    • Catherine says

      Yes, LMH, I’d like to see this “war” end with a win/win; somehow a solution is found to save both worlds. I also wonder how much Walternate and his alternate universe have invested in time and intelligence to solve the deterioration of their world apart from war, or are they so bent on the idea that “we” invaded them and that “we” are trying to destroy them that they can’t imagine anything BUT war.

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