So, What Now?..

Fringe Season 3 September 23

The story of Fringe is complete. The show managed to end on its own terms against all the odds, and while there’s a whole range of emotions regarding the finale, and indeed series, I think most of us can agree that it was quite the ride.

So, what now for Fringe Bloggers?

FB will continue as a source of information and community for past, present and future generations of Fringies. So all the archived content will remain and we’ll endeavor to provide updates on future Fringe and Fringe-related news, including the much-anticipated mole baby spin-off — Fringe: Mole Baby, Mole Problems. I knew he’d have the last laugh.

Those of you who want to discuss other shows are more than welcome to do so over at our extended community Fringe-Forum, while I’ve heard is a pretty cool site for serialized TV lovers. If there’s a demand for it, we may also set up a separate page or something here on FB to facilitate discussion of other TV shows.

And who knows what might happen if another cool Bad Robot show happens to wander through the green-green-green-red grass? Just saying.

As for the more immediate updates, we have the final Fringie Of The Week and Observations to come, and probably some retrospective bits and pieces. We’ll also be doing the Fringe Season 5/Series Awards at some point. And let’s not forget the DVDs and Novels.

So in short, Fringe lives on. FB will continue. First Observers. Perhaps Last Observers.

All That Remains..

What began as Fringe Bloggers has really developed in a thriving community of different perspectives from all over the worlds, united by a common interest. The timeline may have been reset, but the journey for Fringe Bloggers has been memorable, enthralling, engaging — and that’s in no small part down to you, our loyal contributors (past and present), readers, commenters, scoopers and our friends in extended Fringe communities who have worked tirelessly to provide useful information and uploads, etc. Thanks for sharing your Fringe journey with us, for supporting the site in all the ways that you have, it’s all been appreciated. For those of you continuing the journey either here or over at our sister sites, we’ll see you on the other side! To those whose journey with FB ends here, until we reset again, dear friends!

And finally, to Fringe – a story brought to life by many minds and much endeavor. Even in this cold, cynical world this story has touched my cold, cynical heart while constantly engaging my mind. Not everything worked, and we’ll talk for years about various plot holes and missteps, but underneath it all we have a story that was willing to change by taking us to the very fringe before bringing us to the very heart. Congratulations to everyone involved for a job well done.

Whether Fringe stands the test of time remains to be seen, but its future will surely be ..observed. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. SissySiri says

    Thank you for that information.

    I think Fringe will stand the test of time. The reason I say this is that the show had everything to interest everyone. Sometimes shows focus on the crimes, the outcomes, and not the relationships which leaves groups of people out of perhaps watching the show. Fringe on the other hand focused on the task but threw in a great mix of interaction between family, friends, co-workers. It had a perfect amount of love, disappointment, action, weird or not so weird science and so on. When you do this, you appeal to a wider audience, evident in the worldwide fan base.

    Viva la frangia!

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  2. James says

    Thank you Roco for running Fringebloggers and keeping it going for so long.

    I look forward to coming back regularly to discuss Fringe.

    Hopefully you could start a series retrospective and link each episode to its relevant media at the time (articles, interviews regarding that episode), it would be interesting to analyse each episode and the media around it as though we were watching for the first time.

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  3. _lost_stef_ says

    Thank you Roco your the best, and this is truly the best website with the best Fringies ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. MrBreezy4Sheezy says

    Thank you Roco, for always keeping us all informed about what I believe is one of the greatest stories ever told. Also, I can’t thank the cast and crew enough for all that they’ve done. Fringe has brought more joy to me than I could ever express, and I hope to one day shake some of their hands and tell them personally. It’s hard to believe that we’ve finished all five seasons, but luckily it’s not over yet. We still have the novels, Septembers Notebook, the box set, the comic books, and hopefully more to come. I, for one, will be coming back to FB often to whats going down. In regards to your comment as to whether Fringe will stand the test of time, I think in the coming years and decades it’s going to become a cult status darling of science fiction television. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s far more than deserving of that title. So thank you to everyone who loves Fringe as much I do and everyone who has made this amazing thing possible. I’ll be observing from the shadows.

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  5. says

    Thank you, Roco for keeping the site going!!! I look forward to the upcoming tid bits as well as any new interesting show that may come along. Fringie for life!!!

    I’ll see you over at Seriable . . . Revolutions and Persons of Interest are two shows that interest me right now. I haven’t watched The Following yet, but I plan to. I have had such a great time hangin’ the Fringe peeps. Thank you.

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  6. says

    Thanks for all your insights over the years, Roco! I always loved reading your reviews and will definitely still be reading them over at Seriable.

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  7. Starman says

    Thank you, Roco, for creating what is easily the best Fringe website out there and welcoming our shared comments. I have no doubt that Fringe will stand the test of time, because even now more and more people are discovering it through the DVDs or streaming video from Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. It may not ever become as big a phenomenon as Star Trek but it will always maintain a devoted cult following. Fringe had a unique combination of engaging characters tied to imaginative storytelling that created an emotional connection with viewers that I doubt will ever be duplicated by another show.

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    • OtherBen says

      I agree. And I’d add that Fringe was able to throw lots of curveballs and try crazy things while still keeping its basic appeal. How could it do this? Because its characters gave it strength. I think it remained true to them right down to the end of the series finale.

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  8. Residents Fan says

    Allow me to join in and thank Roco and his associates for setting up
    “Fringe Bloggers” and “Fringe-Forum” and giving us a space to discuss
    what was, quite simply, the best American science-fiction drama
    produced in the last five years.
    Even though the show is no longer in production, there still is
    much about “Fringe” to discuss and enjoy, and in the future there will still be new
    fans discovering the show, much as they do with “The Twilight Zone”,
    “The Prisoner”, “Babylon 5” and other classic science-fiction shows.

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  9. Dac says

    Thank you, Roco for Fringe Bloggers. I’ve been frequently this site for the past fews years and it has really been a great place for Fringe Fans. One of the better ones, IMO.

    And you still KILL me with your humor: “Fringe: Mole Baby, Mole Problems” – lmao.

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  10. DeepRunner says

    I am glad that I have had the chance to exchange views with folks who have frequented these parts. This is the. best. board. ever!!!!!

    You cannot imagine the fun I have had in seeing what you all think about a truly amazing show, what you liked, and what you thought could have been better. I looked forward to Fringe Friday, because it meant seeing the show, and then coming into our salon here and doing what it is we do here. Even when folks disagreed, as a rule, we kept it all good, because we all loved and continue to love the show.

    A ginormous thanks to Roco for creating this place. To borrow from Joshua Jackson, I think this will continue long after the show is over.

    What this show was about, to me, was what the mind could conceive as being possible. Yes, it started on Flight 627, but it took us Over There, took us into the future, took us to Westfield, took us Back to Where (We’ve) Never Been, let us learn about Olive and Cortexiphan, Walter and Crossing Over, Peter and The Machine, Broyles and Steel Dignity, Nina and Mystery, and of course, Astrid and Her Patience. The show was as wide open as the imagination. Reboots, resets, Fauxlivia, Observers, Shapeshifters, Henry the Cab Driver, Charlie, Scarlie, William Bell, Alt Lincoln, Our Lincoln, Newton (now he was one cool villain), DRJ, White Tulips.

    Now that JJ Abrams is directing the next Star Wars, here’s hoping that actors who got to dabble in parallel universes will have the chance to go to a galaxy far, far away.

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    • Page 48 says

      “Now that JJ Abrams is directing the next Star Wars, hereโ€™s hoping that actors who got to dabble in parallel universes will have the chance to go to a galaxy far, far away.”

      I like that idea. Actually, JJ’s first “Star Trek” is jammed with repeat offenders from the Bad Robot universe (although mostly bit players).

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    • says

      I had read that Josh Jackson was originally considered for the role of Kirk, but due to Fringe getting a full season pickup, and thus scheduling conflicts. JJ went with Chris Pine instead. So in some Bizarro Alternate universe somewhere Josh Jackson was Captain James T. Kirk, and Chris Pine was Peter Bishop. :\

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  11. WaySeeker says

    Shake Rattle and Mole!

    Thank you, ROCO! I was watching FRINGE from it’s pilot and looking for a site to help me view all the layers and I found FB. Then I found Seriable. And Seriable has helped me find old and new shows and discussions of them as well!

    So, thank you for taking the time to do this.

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  12. MISSNETT says

    This was the first site I found when I discovered there was a whole community of Fringe fans like me. This was the first site I got the courage to leave a comment. It opened a whole new world for me. I have laughed and cried with all of you over the years. We have always been able to be honest here and that can never be topped. I know we have had our arguments and haven’t always seen eye to eye but that is what has made this so special. Thank you all for being here for this incredible journey! I will be back often to check in and catch up. See you over at Seriable!

    And Roco…Thank You!..Just Thank You!!!!

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  13. David says

    Roco, Thanks for the site, and thanks for keeping it going.
    like me, i believed others were lamenting not only the ending of Fringe, but the either shutting down of Fringe sites or re-directing those sites to other shows thus erasing over time the memory of fringe having existed.
    So its great news that you are planning on keeping this site running for the foreseeable future. I’ve became a fan of this site over the years turning to it each and every day for any bit of news regarding fringe and reading the opinions of other Fringe Fans like myself.
    So once again Thank you for your dedication to not only Fringe but this website.

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  14. Schwakamole says

    Thanks Roco for your dedication to this community! I’m a firm believer that Fringe will only grow in fans and I very much look forward to watching similar shows that give shout-outs to Fringe, be it in a glyph here and an observer siting there. You just KNOW that the green, green, green, red is gonna show up somewhere!

    I’ve followed and commented on this site since I first started watching Fringe in it’s first season (although not so much the last two seasons). And I look forward to following it in the future. So thanks, and we’ll see ya around.

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  15. says

    Thank you Roco and all others involved in making FB my second home for many years. It feels like home indeed.
    For me, Fringe caught my attention after the first Observer sighting; Observer is a nickname i have used for more than a decade before Fringe came into life.
    After that first episode, i was hooked to the show, like most of us, a Fringie from the first hour.

    Fringe stood out from other series, it did ‘impossible’ things: from an Observer cameo on other tv-series and programs, to the development of a Monster-of-the-week show to a serialized adventure, it gave us a musical, an animation, Septembers Notebook, books, season soundtracks, and ratings that were so low, they were reset after the last episode last week.

    I myself will keep Fringedom alive: posting my #FF #FringeFriday greetings on twitter, describing the rewatches on my websites and writing fanfiction with some other fans.

    For me, Fringe gave me insight in some aspects of my personal life, on relationships, but most of all, it gave me wonder and a “godfather for my son, Michael (thank you John Noble for playing Walter, your everyone’s favorite uncle)”.

    I made a lot of new friends worldwide and i am thankful for that aswel.
    So, once again, thank you Roco and all involved for making FB my second home for all these years.

    But remember, Observers are watching… always…

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  16. Lui Larsen says

    I am really glad that FB will continue. Thank you Roco for some fantastic articles and thanks for the Fringe Adventure Map articles.!
    Thank you for everything:)

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  17. Red Balloon says

    Thanks Roco!!!, I love your passionate insights with a fun twist in your reviews, observations and comments between upcoming events. That alone made this ride much more enjoyable and easy to fall in love with Fringe, and this forum is a great place to share our hurrays, wtfringe moments, and frustrations on this or that.

    The first episode I saw was White Tulip, so you can only imagine what a shockingly good impression I got after that, but I was undecided as to watch from the beginning or just continue from there. So I googled reviews to help me decide, and when I read yours, I realized the show was pure awesomeness, you engaged me into the mythology and the characters so I watched 46 episodes in 2 weeks…OMG!!!, what a good way to start a series, without commercials and waiting for new episodes…it was heaven!!!…after that, I appreciated this site the most, because being connected to other souls that like myself, have issues and questions and answers to share…it’s just as good as it gets to fully experience the series as it was meant to be.

    Thank you for keeping us

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  18. willg says

    What else could be said. Everyone has said it well above. I want to thank you greatly for an amazing site and all of your awesome reviews. I will still continue to visit here for awhile. So again thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  19. Charlie says

    Woah, this site is definately the best. I’ve said this over at but I wanted to say it here as well: thank you Roco for creating this awesome site! It allowed me to find Fringies all over the world and I’ve enjoyed so much reading everyone’s comments and opinions throughout every season Fringe lived. It has been a fantastic journey and Fringebloggers was a huge part of it!

    I wanted to share with you guys one of the very first encounters I had with Fringe. I believe it was this video they used as promo over here on Warner Channel LA. When I first saw it on TV it totally got me but due to some stuff going on I couldn’t watch the first season when it was being aired, that’s why before season two started I managed to watch all of the season 1 in just two days! Anyway, here it is:

    Man… That video gives me a weird feeling.

    Anyhow, I’ll keep coming here and I also recommend you guys if you really like Serialized TV shows. I’ll see you later over here or over there!

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  20. ramona says

    Thank you, Roco, for allowing this site to remain available for all us Fringe Bloggers. I can’t wait to buy the whole series as a set so I can watch it from the very beginning and then come back to this site and re-read the blogs for each episode!

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  21. _lost_stef_ says

    If anyone here uses the Fringe-Forum add me as a friend my username over there is lost_stef ๐Ÿ˜€

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  22. William III says

    Much as I’ve enjoyed Fringe, I must conclude that it went on for 2 years too long. There is too much of a disconnect between the 1st 3 years and the final two. Do people realize how the third year would have ended had the show been cancelled? Remember how Fauxlivia tried to cross over to fetch back Peter to stop Walternate, but she failed and was captured. If the show had been cancelled, Fauxlivia would instead have succeeded in crossing over, but shot in the process — they were shooting at her in the tunnels below Liberty, remember. She brought two cross-over devices, so she would have reached Peter and persuaded him that he must return, but with Fauxlivia badly injured, Olivia was to accompany Peter back to the Redverse, there to confront Walternate and ultimately to step into the machine on the Redverse side to bring the story to a full conclusion. It may not have been 100 episodes, but it would have been an integrated whole. To my mind, that was the true Fringe story.

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    • says

      How could you possibly know where they “would have gone”? By the way this would have been a sucky ending. Peter turning on his “adoptive” blue world would NOT have been satisfying.

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      • William III says

        How could I possibly know? Check the timing — it’s well-known that “6:02AM EST” (which featured Fauxlivia’s attempt) was the 1st of the series-ending trilogy — but 4th-season renewal came during its production. The fork in the road was Fauxlivia’s failure — all that scripting and lead up to the dramatic crossing with Fauxlivia under fire, but then the universe-crossing device simply cuts out? I hear the director now: “CUT! We’re changing the script, people!” It is an obvious production artefact.

        Of course Peter would not turn against the blue universe. Remember that when he was in the blue-verse machine, he was in charge! He told the machine what to do, and built the gatway between universes. He would have been in change of the red-verse machine in the same way. A happy ending for all, even for baby Henry.

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  23. Tom says

    Now that the timeline has been re-set, everything that happened up to the day in the park is the same. Except Walter has now vanished. This leaves the door open for a movie (made for TV or otherwise) about the Fringe Division.

    It seems to me also that one problem is J.J. Abrahams has his hand in too many things. He is stretched so thin. Why not take what you have done, which has had success and continue to work with it? Make it better. American TV for the most part is no longer that good (mindless game shows and contest of every stripe).

    If they had not moved this show around so much, had long gaps between shows, etc., I don’t think its ratings would have slumped that much.

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    • OtherBen says

      Either here or somewhere else, I’ve said before that Fringe would have been a much bigger hit if it had stayed on at Tuesday for another year.

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  24. kidentropia says

    Muchas, muchรญsimas gracias por el hermoso trabajo en este sitio, Roco! Visiting here after each episode was always a fundamental part of the Fringe experience. And, like i said a few weeks ago, the discussions in this site were always enriching and respectful, even if sometimes not everyone agreed with each othersยด opinions. And it is also very pleasing to know that the site will remain!

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    • DavidF says

      I understand. I haven’t been able to post my thoughts on the final episodes or the series overall because I still can’t get my head around it being over.

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  25. SissySiri says

    *Sigh* Another Friday night with no first run Fringe episode. But whose counting. :-(

    Oh well I guess it is the Science Channel again. Tonight starts off with “The Box”, I’ll be watching. I have heard from people who watched the Following and as I suspected they found it too gruesome, that is the word they used most to describe it. I understand it did well in the ratings, but I think is is going to fade fast. I could be wrong, time will tell.

    Anyone know when Falling Skies starts up?

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    • ML says

      I tried The Following but it is to gruesome for me. And its gruesome just for shock value. So far there’s nothing special about the show.

      I swear I would do just about anything to have Fringe back. I miss the characters so much.

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