So Far..How Much Do You Like Olivia’s Bellie Voice?

As I said in my review, I thought the closing seconds of “Os were fantastic. Totally ridiculous, of course, but fantastic.

Since we might have to get used to it for a little while, what is your take on Olivia’s new ‘Bellie Voice’ – did it ring your bell, or has it yet to hit that harmonic spot? Feel free to vote in our poll after the jump.

Here’s a reminder of Bellie’s return by way of this clip:

So Far..How Much Do You Like Olivia's Bellie Voice?

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    • Steve Cee says

      What a juicy role for Anna Torv. She gets to play two characters who are virtually the same and yet totally different, and now she gets to do Leonard Nimoy. I can’t think of any other role that asks so much of one person. And she pulls it off beautifully.

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  1. Vanessa says

    i think it’s just weird cause if you listen probably you can hear Annas/ Olivias real voice behind it, there for I’m not sure what to vote…..

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  2. real1 says

    I love it , and it’s an a proof that Peter didn’t notice at first the changing in her voice and then : HAAALLLLOWWWW PETER !! haha the look in his face was priceless , and Anna Torv is really really brilliant .

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  3. Stella (NL) says

    It’s a bit weird, but in a Fringe-awesome way. Altough it sound kinda lame, I still have this *squee* moment every time the episode ends and now combined with a Bellivia I can’t stop eating my nails….*squeeeeee* [okay now I’ll start my thumb…..]

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  4. number six says

    It was… terrible, but incredibly funny πŸ˜€ The look in Peter’s face was too much. I’m still giggling thinking about it. I’ll wait and see how next episode goes, but in the previews the voice is even worse, which promises to make the episode even funnier, right?

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  5. Filp says

    Honestly, is clear that leonard nimoy didnt agree to come back to the show, so this is the way they found to continue with the character somehow … honestly, found completely ridiculous.
    sorry for saying that, anyway, and peter and olivia makes the worst couple in tv i ever saw … i dont like where this is going … the show i mean. However, of course, will continue too see what they will do … anyway, disappointed.

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  6. Deneph says

    I think she did a good job of impersonating Nimoy though I don’t imagine she would have had the raspiness he had. A good impersonation but I hope we don’t have to live with it for too long.

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  7. Locutus says

    Anna Torv should grow some pointed ears and play a sexy Vulcan or Romulan in the next Trek film. lol

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  8. FinChase says

    I thought she did a nice job with the cadence, and the raspiness was definitely new for her. I think I’m going to have to hear more , though, before I can make a definitive decision.

    I know this was partly just a device to enable them to bring Bellie back after Leonard Nimoy retired, but it also says quite a lot about what TPTB think of AT’s abilities as an actress. I wonder if they actively look for ways now to allow her to play other characters.

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  9. hal says

    it was hilarious and unexpected. ridiculous, yes.. but fringe is half-comedy. so it makes sense. extreme sense.

    although i wonder why, if some dis-incarnate consciousness were to be channeled into someone, they would really try to sound raspy? i mean, she’s not an OLD MAN.. dialect and voice tone, yeah that makes sense but the raspyness was weird.

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  10. Karo says

    They took a pretty big gamble with this.

    I just wish they would continue the stories they already have and not try too much stuff that can polarize the audience, not with their current situation (ratings, awaiting renewal, few episodes left, etc.)

    That said, i didn’t mind the voice, i think it’s ok to have Torv speak with that cadence and tone. Using her real girlie voice would have been sillier i think.

    I’m more mad about the fact that, once again, we lose Olivia for a period of time. You’ve already done that writers, and IN THIS VERY SEASON.

    It would have been better if his soul had gotten into a random scientific guy we could easily forget about and have the team react to the situation.

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  11. GeigerCounter says

    The poll could use a decisively negative option. I had to go with “I want Olivia’s real voice back” even though I hated the impersonation.

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  12. TFT says

    Fringe messing with souls is bad enough. Bringing Bellie back just because the actor isn’t available is even worse. I don’t want to watch this anymore unless this part is a friggin comedy!!!

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  13. mlj102 says

    When I first heard the voice, it was completely unexpected and I didn’t like it too much. I found it to be unsettling, eerie, and rather distracting. However, I couldn’t deny that Anna Torv pulled off a pretty convincing impersonation of Nimoy, from the way the voice sounded, to the way he speaks (with the pauses and drawing out certain words, etc.), even to his mannerisms in her face. And, the more I listen to it, the more I find I approve of it. I think my initial reaction was simply because it was so unexpected, but now that some time has passed, it’s kind of grown on me. I think it will be easier to process next episode because we’ll know it’s coming, and it will be for a whole episode, so we’ll have time to get used to it. So while I can’t say that I love it, I really have no problem with it, and I think it’s pretty brilliant in its own way. So I went with “It rings my bell” I just hope we get Olivia back sooner rather than later.

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  14. Matt-ernate says

    Hahaha I thought her voice was great. As much of a risk as this storyline will be, I think they could do some cool things with it. I’m being way to optimistic probably but it’s my favorite show, I can’t help it!

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  15. LBJ says

    I think the same effect could have been achieved without changing Olivia’s voice. I have no problem with the story, but the voice is a bit off-putting.

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  16. Dylan says

    Funny, but I stil don’t like the idea; it undermines and indeed takes away from Bell’s death in the season 2 finale.

    Did like the voice, but yeah…

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  17. vlada_vvv says

    I think she imitate the voice extremely well. It wasn’t funny for me at all. She caught all intonations very accurately.

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  18. YourPique says

    Impressive for Torv…only casting Leonard Nimoy as Bell allowed for this plot device to happen. I thought it was humorous, but impressive humorous, not funny humorous – Anna really pulls it off well.

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  19. runthegamut says

    Forget wanting Olivia’s voice back. I want Olivia back. How many times does she need to be possessed by someone else?

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  20. FlashWriter says

    I need to listen to it more. For me, it’s sort of Anna doing her impression of Nimoy somewhere around 11 PM after a few drinks. But again, Anna Torv is one hell of an actress, she’ll doubtless pull this off with flying colors. I think voting on this so early isn’t fair. I’ve given it a big ‘undecided’.

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  21. Filp says

    Well, per what I see from the sneak peeks … and write this down, nimoy wont come back, and they will use another person to personify William bell, a new actor, a host you might say … which for me will be definitely the end of show.

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  22. Marklar says

    I don’t know. It seemed really awkward to me and I’m glad this will only last one episode. It seems a little too far fetched, even for Fringe.

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  23. Amy says

    I can’t stop laughing out loud every time I watch the last scene :)
    I’m sure I won’t be able to put a straight face while watching the next episode

    Anna for all the awards!!!

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  24. nathan says

    Funnily enough at first I was OH GOD. Having watched the preview where ‘bellivia’ speaks a lot more, it works really really well.

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  25. Sharon says

    I loved it! Anna is awesome!

    But please let it be only one episode.. I’ll miss Olivia like crazy if not :(

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  26. Tenison says

    Now THIS is the last and ultimate proof that anyone in any alterverse needs to know that Anna Torv is a F*ing Brilliant Actress *-*

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  27. matt says

    Williviam Dunbellhamnator i thinks will grow on me. at first i wasnt impressed but having thought about it for a few days I’m stoked for what the future may bring.

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  28. says

    Anna Torv was amazing with how she imitated Bellie’s voice!!!

    However, it really freaked me out…

    And I’m pretty sure that Peter would agree with me that the real Olivia is still preferable…

    The whole idea of “possession” is still too much for me too grasp in Fringe. I’m pretty used to watching it being played out in another show in the same time slot, but when Fringe does it…….. Well, I think I’ll hold my opinion till “Stowaway”.

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  29. Steve Cee says

    I know I don’t think as deeply as many of you posters, here. But, to me, watching Fringe is like being on one long exciting roller coaster ride. When you get on a great coaster, you don’t try and tell the designer what you want it to do. You sit down; you hang on; you enjoy the ride, wherever it takes you.
    Fringe does that better than any show I think I’ve ever watched.

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