Seth Gabel On ‘Inspirational’ FRINGE Fans


While teasing his villainous new role on Arrow recently, Seth Gabel tipped his hat to the ‘inspirational’ Fringe fans.

He told Collider:

The fans of Fringe are so loyal and incredible and powerful.  They single-handedly kept that show on the air when the numbers showed that it should have canceled.  To see the power that an audience like that has is really inspiring to me.  I’m so glad that that audience has found Arrow.  I was so excited to be a part of it because I’m a fan of the show and a fan of the genre, as well as the sci-fi genre.  I love anything that has a big metaphor.  It was a really exciting thing to be a part of, and I had so much fun doing it.


    • DeepRunner says

      Agreed, Rick. AltLincoln was the guy everyone wanted to live next door to, everyone wanted to hang out with. Blue/Amber/Purple/Plot-Device Lincoln…well…that sound you hear is crickets.

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      • ML says

        I watch a few shows on CW like Arrow and Vampire Diaries but mostly as background noise. I know they aren’t as good as shows on AMC, FX or HBO. Or a network show like Fringe. I just disagree when some people try and say they are as good.

        btw, is Fringe just about the only excellent network drama left. Even with its faults its still the best drama on network tv for me. Its certainly the most unique.
        I can’t think of many that are very good. There’s Parenthood that’s pretty good but also very soapish. The Good Wife has gone downhill.

        I don’t think I watch any other network dramas.

        I’ve been reading The Following on Fox is very good so looking forward to that (though a part of me is bitter towards it since its coming when Fringe is leaving ;p)

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        • Charlie says

          I’ve been following The Following for quite a time now and it seems like a pretty good storyline. When Fringe ends *sigh* The Following will be my next one – Not that it is as good as Fringe, no one will ever be.

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  1. 4815162342 says

    I really hope he reads more Fringe fan comments. The ones specifically aimed at how much they hate Lincoln, and how much they want to send Gabel death threats for no rational reason, or how much he ruined the show, or any of that usual crap. Oh, and can’t forget the Arrow. Because he’s on it now, the Arrow sucks too. That one is always a hoot.

    I’m sure he’ll still find the fans “powerful and loyal” after a minute or two minutes of that. As “loyal and powerful” as syphilis.

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    • James says

      That is an awful thing to say.

      Gabel is a fine actor who worked with the material he was given.

      He didn’t write the character.

      I hope he never reads such vicious vitriol like this because it would likely hurt his feelings.

      Yes, I wasn’t fond of the Blue-Lincoln character or his forced (almost) relationship with Olivia, that doesn’t mean I hate Seth Gabel.

      Grow up.

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    • DeepRunner says

      Fringies like Seth Gabel, and they thought AltLincoln was the absolute truth. He was great in that role. Even Blue Timeline Geek Lincoln was sort of OK in The Stowaway. Here is where Wyman and Co. went wrong.

      When people look back on season 4, they will remember that Amber Lincoln took Peter’s seat at the table. Wyman and Pinkner and the writers R-E-A-L-L-Y wanted to explore/push/force the Lincoln/Olivia angle. First, Lincoln was Olivia’s “partner.” Then, they tried to make him her “PARTNER”.

      But Fringe fans were already invested in Peter. Many were agitating for Peter to return very early in the season (episode four mighta been the absolute outside that they coulda brought Peter back). He was the partner and the one who was supposed to be with Olivia. Shippers, I would say, were R-E-A-L-L-Y unhappy with Amber Lincoln replacing, if temporarily, Peter as Olivia’s heartthrob. (I think people were not interested in Pacey/Joey/Dawson, so to speak.)

      Then, too, Peter was charisma and swagger, and Amber Lincoln was…mmm…lacking in…mmm…those qualities. He was always, always, always going to pale in comparison to Peter. Then to cinch it, they killed off AltLincoln–who EVERYONE loved–so Amber Lincoln could land the Rockin’ Redhead of the RedVerse. “Hey Lincoln, shippers would never go for your being with Our Olivia, so we’re going to KILL the character everyone likes and send you Over There for TNBT as your lovely parting gift.”

      If they had done Amber Lincoln differently (not pushed the triangle, made him less of a charisma eunuch), then maybe people would not view him as dreck. But they did not. As a result, Amber Lincoln, who was one of the good guys, will be viewed quite dimly by many in Fringedom.

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      • ML says

        I’m just thankful Olivia and LL’s relationship never got very far. Gawd, that would have been hard to watch.

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        • DeepRunner says

          Interesting, though, that Anna Torv, who said that Olivia and Peter were destined to have the happily-ever-after, was interested in seeing how things would develop between Olivia and Lincoln.

          It would truly have been awful watching such a romance, if it could be called that, grow. All the enjoyment factor of reading salad dressing ingredients.

          What I don’t get is, at the end of one episode, Amber/Purple/Plot-Device/Librarian/Eunuch Lincoln has no interest in Olivia. Then he is asking for Peter’s permission to date her.

          (shrug) Amber Lincoln will be “exhibit A” as to why some Fringe fans did not like the timeline reset in Season IV.

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      • says


        Sorry i’ll be good from here on out.


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        • JM says

          The character is a creative misstep on to himself, I’d rather forget he was ever on Fringe.

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        • Lincless says

          I never liked Red Lincoln, to be honest.
          He was mostly written as a Mr. Cool for adolescent boys and as someone who couldn’t even keep a secret for two minutes. He was basically the Stanford Harris for wannabes. I get bored with such kind of characters. Kind of shallow.
          So Blue Lincoln really could have been better. But the writers managed to make him even more pathetic by giving him an enormous amount of screentime to do noithing more than whining about his not-relationship with Olivia.
          So from my point: they shoud have killed both so there would be no threat of any of them to return….:)

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          • DeepRunner says

            Nope, AltLincoln could have and should have stayed (although I think the Amber timeline made him a little more like Amber Lincoln–not very fun but still a lot more fun than his Over Here doppelganger).

            If in the reset they can bring back AltLincoln, the Faux O would either be with Frank or without Frank, AltLincoln would be her pal, and Amber Lincoln would go back to being Blue Timeline Geek Lincoln, assuming we had to see him again.

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          • says

            Linc — a bit harsh, but I dare say that I agree. I’ve just been too chicken to express my lack of enthusiasm for either Lincoln’s. Thank you.

            AltLinc lovers don’t hate me!

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  2. David says

    Come on people, cut the man some slack, weather you like Seth’s character or not, he was only acting the way he was asked to and besides by his comments he is still very much a fan of the show even though he has moved on.
    And above all he is right when he states that in his opinion it was the absolute loyality of us fans that helped get fringe another abeit a shortened 5 season.
    And for that he deserves a bit more credit that what he is getting.

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    • Scott42444 says

      I agree. I have never bad mouthed Seth Gable once. I just think that Amber Lincoln is zipping up his shark costume and Olivia is strapping on the water skis (if you get the reference). It’s an easy target for a lot of people to focus on as the point where they started to question Fringe a little bit. It’s not him, I liked his actual acting. It is the character. But that’s pretty common. People start to associate actor with character quite a bit I would think.

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  3. SissySiri says

    IMO there were some mistakes in Fringe, nothing is perfect. Like Peter being erased, and trying to start something up between our Lincoln and Olivia. Overall, I think Seth did the best he could with the material given. Give the guy a break will ya? It’s all water under the bridge now.

    I watch Falling Skies, but it has a very short season due to financial constraints, that is what I read. I have been watching Arrow and it is OK so far. I am looking forward to seeing Seth and how his character evolves. What can we do folks? Until something as fantastic as Fringe comes along, we have to make the best of what is out there.

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