Season 2 Premiere Episode Promotional Photos

Fringe Spoilers

Below the jump we have 12 official promotional images for the season 2 Fringe premiere episode.

Episode 2.01 will be titled: A New Day in the Old Town

Click above photos to make big – If you’re unable to click the images to their largest size, you can expand them all over at Fringe-Forum.

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  1. mlj102 says

    I agree. Olivia’s absence in these photos was very apparent and really rather annoying. I kept thinking that she had to be in at least one of them, but as I kept looking, she wasn’t there. Hopefully they’ll release one or two additional pictures in the near future and she’ll show up there.

    That said, the one with Astrid, Walter, and Gene is classic!

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  2. FlashWriter says

    I agree, mlj102. “Annoying” is the right word. But, mixed in with the other pics we’ve seen, maybe Anna’s screen time is limited in this ep, although why they’d do that is a mystery to me. I need another cup of coffee to think this one over. The birthday photo with Astrid, Walter and Gene is great though, isn’t it.

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  3. cheyenne says

    I bet that Liv is still in hospital since she “came out of no where” and was so badly injured.

    She’ll prbably be in the beginning for the William Bell scenes, then her return, her moment in the hosptial with Peter… hm…

    Whose birthday? Peter or Liv? I think Peter thought b/c Liv got the card from her father so long ago, early in season one. πŸ˜€ That’d be fantastically funny if it was Peter’s birthday.

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  4. anonymous says

    They’ve already released photos of Olivia in other promo shots. Guess you didn’t see them. Considering how spoilerish they are, I’m not surprised that they only showed a couple.

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