Science Channel Confirms Fringe Hasn’t Been Cancelled


Science Channel has dispelled fears that Fringe has been cancelled by posting an update on the show’s syndicated future.

via: @ScienceChannel

#Fringe fans: Fringe isn’t gone! Stay tuned for more info- including super-size marathons coming this Spring.

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  1. SissySiri says

    What is going on? Was it not doing well? I cannot believe that. Did I miss something? I was enjoying watching Fringe on the Science Channel.

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    • Rick Terry says

      They haven’t commented on why they pulled it, only that it is not permanently pulled. They claim it will be back in the Spring-time.

      My personal opinion was that they are having to wait until season 5 is released to DVD before they can legally play it in syndication. So that means they were blowing through the season too quickly at the rate they were playing the episodes, leaving a possibly long lag between season 4 and 5 that would be detrimental to the momentum they had going with the show. I figure that by them stopping before it got any further into season 3, they are able to hold back the biggest plot reveals and plot points of the series until they have all the episodes ready to air, then once they secure the final season episodes, they will run a marathon getting them back to the point they stopped at, or most probably a marathon of seasons 1 and 2, then begin airing three episode at a time beginning with season 3 on out.

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  2. Briar says

    I have the first three seasons on DVD and am always entranced with Fringe every time I play them. I can’t imagine people being put off, if the Science Channel is starting from the beginning. It’s season 5 that would have turned me off. Thank goodness I have my DVDs to take away the bad taste of that dreary post-Nazi fiasco.

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    • ML says

      I had a lot of problems with S5 but there were a few strong eps. And I do think the 2 pt finale was pretty good and not a bad ending for the show.

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    • DeepRunner says

      The only problem I had with season 5 was the RetCon of Michael and the move to 2167. By going into the Observer wormhole, to coin a phrase, it left some pretty sizable holes in its wake. By wiping out the Observers, they turned the premise for the series (Walter crossing-over because Walternate was distracted by September) on its head. As a season, I thought it was good storytelling, with the possible exception of the oil-based crud people. (That was this year’s “Wallflower” episode) It was just some pretty steep track-jumping.

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  3. DeepRunner says

    I was ready to view the show last Friday (Fringeday?) night and saw that it wasn’t on. Glad to see that they were not pulling the plug on it.

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  4. Mancha says

    I’m glad they didn’t pull Fringe from their schedule permanently. I was a bit upset when I went to watch it last Friday after work and found another show in its place.

    I wonder when in the Spring they’ll start airing the episodes again?

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  5. Tracy says

    Im going through Fringe WTs. I was so scared they took it off Science. It’s a shame because it’s all the same shows…good shows…but one can only watch so manyHow It’s Made and Wormhole. I want my Fringe back. (One of the most addicting shows ever)

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  6. J DUBB says

    Truly relieved it’s coming back. missed it when it first aired and tried to watch season 2, deciding that I had no idea what was going on, I patiently waited until someday when it would be syndicated and I could properly watch it, thanks to science for picking it up and doing it right, I truly wish that it will come back soon though due to Fri., being my plans on Fri nights in this economy why go out when I can watch quality T.V. but with no Doctor Who and no Fringe and nothing that can come close I am upset that Sci is Fringeteasing us to death, first it was Tue fringeday then they changed to Fri’s then they would take a week off and then start back. I’m just hoping that they continue with what they are doing and stop showing stupid reruns of how it’s made. Why can’t they just get on with it, I understand the hypothesis of rick and am in agreement that they will do exactly as he stated but am really resenting having to sit through season 1 &2 again so soon when I have been waiting years to see the show, I refuse to purchase tv shows that i have already paid the cable company to watch and once i watch someting i remember it so no need to refresh my memory which is excellent and now I guess I will have to wait as unhappy as it makes me I have no choice but to accept and quietly throw my nerd tantrum lol :)!

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    • Rick Terry says

      Hey look at the bright side though…Fringe is one of those shows that you are bound to miss something the first time through anyway even if you think you are the most savvy viewer. There are sooooooo many hidden clues and easter eggs throughout Fringe, that a second viewing is pretty much necessary to catch everything. Hell I watched the show unfold in real time, and bought the DVs, but I still notice things I missed. Also Fringe is the kind of show, that once certain things are revealed in later seasons, you can go back and watch early episodes with a whole different perspective, and context. I suggest that while you wait for Science to bring Fringe back, that you go over to seriable . com the sister site to Fringebloggers, and find all the Fringe Observations that Roco has written on the episode you have seen. Check out the archives section for Fringe over there, and here too. Have fun while you wait. And just be glad you didn’t have to wait 4-5 months between seasons, and through month long mid-season hiatuses like most of us here did.

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  7. AlyssaChey says

    When they say “Fringe hasn’t been canceled” they mean that the sindication of seasons 1 to 5 has not been canceled and they don’t mean that there will be future seasons of Fringe?

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    • Rick Terry says

      Correct. It was being played 3 episodes every Tuesday, then they moved it to Friday after the finale on FOX, then they took it off schedule without telling anyone, so a lot of us that watch it on Science channel thought it had been pulled for good. This is just them saying it will be back in the Spring.

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  8. The Storybrooke Observer says

    aw, and you got my hopes up that the Science Channel was going to be producing Season 6!!!!! really misleading title!!!!

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  9. Rick Terry says

    I received an Email from Viewer relations at Science Channel regarding this issue. Here is the exact email copied this is the official response:

    “Dear Viewer,

    Thank you for contacting SCIENCE. We appreciate your interest in our

    You can catch up on all your favorite Fringe episodes in their original
    order with weekend marathon stacks coming exclusively to SCIENCE this
    spring. Look out for more updated airdates coming in April by visiting

    Please note that programming is subject to change. For additional
    programming and schedule information, visit our website at and click on TV Schedule. Our schedules are
    published for the current and following month. If you are not able to
    locate the programming you are looking for, we recommend checking back
    periodically to see if it has been added to the current schedule.

    For your convenience, use the “Newsletters” feature on our website to
    receive e-mail reminders letting you know when your favorite program is
    going to be televised.


    Viewer Relations

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  10. SissySiri says

    Thanks for sharing that Rick.

    I have the DVD’s but there is something about watching it on TV, it reminds me of the good old days when it was on first run. Plus I like the added feature of the commentary on the scientific aspects of the show.

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  11. thecortexifan says

    If it’s not cancelled then why do they show it at 3 am when everyone should be sleeping. So much for showing some love to Fringe fans. Why did they buy it then?

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    • EbonyDentis says

      I do not think you are understanding fully.. FOX owns the show, so in order for a different station to pick up is in order to wait for the show to cancel out. There was a show on the CW called ‘The Game’ and once cancelled BET picked it back up due to fans in love with it.
      So technically i did cancel however it is going to be picked back up

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  12. Vicky says

    Does anyone know if there is going to be a season 6 of fringe its like the best show on tv, well was the best show on tv.

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  13. says

    we like this show very much as it is a very intriguing and interesting brainstorming of innovation.
    really in tune with startrek .
    more logical and constructive than lost .
    we would reaa
    lly like to have more episodes!

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  14. stacie G says

    I just finished all 5 seasons…please please create season 6..and 7…and 8………please!!!!! Heck, i think I might even be happy with a spin off if I had to be!

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  15. Matthee Kissinger says

    I really hope not a lot of people love this show! And a lot of people well be upset.. I myself like welter a lot he’s so funny.. but its like these people cancel ever good show and leave the crap on the air which I refuse to watch. I’m vary picky when it comes to TV shows if seen tousends upon tousends of TV show episodes and movies. I have to say fringe is the best . PLEASEE DO NOT STOP making it. They did the same thing to xfiles and Futurama.. if they cancel this show I’m done with TV shows its quite unfair you get people into the show then cancel it. Have you ever think to ask real people that watch real shows what they what in instead of these critics butts . That’s the problem today everyone cures what critics think. If they say fringe is a bad show they are morens..

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