Round-Up: Reddick, Set Visit Videos, 2.07 Sneak Peek, Spoilers, More

Fringe Round-up

In this Fringe round-up we have a few interesting bits and pieces, including interviews with the cast, set visits and an early look at tomorrow’s brand new episode! All this and more below the jump.

This FOXSource interview with Lance Reddick just missed our Earthling preview but I feel it’s still worth posting as he touches on some interesting topics.

It’s funny hearing him talk about the show leaving the procedural element behind in the second half of last season to tackle the “ongoing story and the action-adventure” – because that’s largely true. Barring the odd blip (“No Brainer” and “Unleashed”, in particular) the show really found its voice from “Safe” onwards. So contrast and compare with the first 6 episodes of season 2 and you have to wonder why the creators have put the reigns on? I wont repeat what I said in yesterday’s post but as Reddick says – “[the on-going story is] where the show lives”. I really hope ‘the powers that be’ also realise this.

In this excellent behind the scenes video from TVdotCOM, the cast provide a tantelsing taste of things to come, and Anna Torv tells us what rocks her world:

EDIT: It looks like this video is now only available in the States for some reason. If we find a universal version we’ll update this post.

Picking up on what Joshua Jackson said at around 1:10 – 1:23 in the interview, there’s no doubt that episodes like “Objects” and “Earthling” serve the overall storyline, but for me that argument is flawed because we could learn about the back-stories of Peter and Phillip (for example) in a more meaningful fashion. The allusions to Peter’s past are great and we do notice them, but momentum and power is lost when the semi-reset button is pressed in each episode. There is so much story to tell here, I just wish the creators would tell it to the best of their ability – time looks to have run out on Dollhouse, let’s not waste the time Fringe has. Anyway, I absolutely love this little video, it’s just a reminder of how good this show can be, even without any new clips!

Speaking of things to come, here’s a sneak peek at tomorrow’s new episode – “Of Human Action”:

From the outset this one kinda has a bit of the “Bad Dreams” about it – one can only hope it’s as good.

Ruben Dominguez from MyFoxHouston was lucky enough to visit the Fringe set to interview the cast (mild spoilers).

Good to hear talk of the Pattern! Not so pleased to hear talk of “contained episodes” – urgh.

Spoiler Alert: Apparently Fringe is casting a fortysomething woman to play Walter’s wife:

She’s described as being strong (yet broken), intelligent, attractive, likable, lovely and extremely versatile. Possible recurring.

Now this is interesting!


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