Round-up: Record Breaking Fox Tout Fringe, Extended Promo, Jasika Involved

Fringe Round-up

Below the jump we round-up the very best of the Fringe news and tidbits – including a boost for Fringe, an extended promo for Thursday’s episode, and the thoughts of Jasika Nicole.

Here’s an extended Fringe promo, with a bit of Bones thrown in for good measure:

FOX are celebrating their seventh fall weekly win, acknowledging the contribution Fringe has made to their Thursday schedule. This is perfect timing considering Fringe matched its season 2 premiere numbers last week:


8:00-9:00 BONES: (A18-49: 2.9/8, 9.9 Mil Total Viewers)

9:00-10:00 FRINGE: (A18-49: 2.5/7, 6.9 Mil Total Viewers)

8:00-10:00 FOX PRIME: (A18-49: 2.7/7, 8.4 Mil Total Viewers)

FRINGE at 9p posted a 2.5/7 among Adults 18-49 and garnered its highest ratings since its premiere on Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34 and Total Viewers.

FRINGE showed substantial growth compared to its last telecast on 11/19/09, gaining +25% among Adults 18-49 (2.5/7 vs. 2.0/5), +43% among Adults 18-34 (2.0/6 vs. 1.4/4) and +17% in Total Viewers (6.9 vs. 5.9 Mil.)

Compared to its prior season average, FRINGE also showed significant increases among Adults 18-49 (+14%, 2.5/7 vs. 2.2/6), Adults 18-34 (+18%, 2.0/6 vs. 1.7/5) and Total Viewers (+15%, 6.9 vs. 6.0 Mil.)

FRINGE ranked No. 3 in the 9p hour among Adults 18-49 and Adults 18-34 and for the first time beat ABC’s Flash Forward for the night (+19%, 2.5/7 vs. 2.1/6).

So far this season FRINGE shows substantial gains compared to FOX’s regular programming in the time period last Fall, increasing +21% among Adults 18-49 (2.3/6 vs. 1.9/5) and +42% in Total Viewers (6.1 vs. 4.3 Mil.)

Some will point to House and Glee as being mostly responsible for the winning run – which is fair enough, but this is good public backing for Fringe – a show which deserves a bit of respect for hanging in there with the established giants. You can find the entire press release here, and our pal Joe Bua talks extensively about the FOX backing of Fringe, and his thoughts on the show over at Check it out.

Sean over at the J.J. Abrams Examiner has an interview with Jasika Nicole. She talks about her increased involvement in the show and Astrid’s relationship with Walter. Here’s a snippet:

Sean: My purpose in that is just to let you know that we really enjoyed it.  All of the people I know who watch the show as well have really, truly enjoyed it.

Jasika:  Ah, that’s so fantastic.  We were all really hoping that in season 2, because they said that when we got picked up and they talked to the producers on the phone and they said, “we want to ask you to get out of the lab and we want her to be a bigger part of what’s going on.”  And I thought, ok, they’re just saying that to make me feel better.  But I wasn’t sure if they were really going to meet up to the promises that they made, and they absolutely did.  I mean, she has some excellent stuff to do.  And she actually has a couple more episodes that haven’t aired yet that are so fantastic.

And I really like that they pair her with Walter.  He’s able to get out of the lab now because he’s trying to become more independent, and do stuff for himself and regain some of the life he used to have, and so because of that Astrid is getting to go out with him.  She’s still kind of his babysitter, but now it’s just not in the lab.  It serves the story so well.

You can read the entire interview here. (broken into parts).

If you haven’t cast your vote in the “Snakehead” Fringie of the Week, you still have 24 hours. At the time of writing, Walter is edging Astrid by just 2 votes!


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