Round-up: 2.10 Sneak Peek, 2.09 Ratings Boost, Jackson on Peter’s Mother

Fringe Round-up

Welcome to the Sunday round-up of all things Fringe. Below the jump we have the ratings for “Snakehead”, the preview for the next episode, and more from the show.

Here’s the preview for Thursday’s brand new Fringe episode – “Grey Matters”:

Fringe bounced back in the ratings charts for 2.09 “Snakehead”:

Fox’s “Bones” (9.9 million, 2.9) and “Fringe” (6.9 million, 2.5) enjoyed their highest ratings in weeks. With “CSI” in a repeat and “Practice” instead of “Grey’s” in the hour, “Fringe” jumped 25% to its biggest number since its season premiere.

With CSI airing a repeat and Grey’s absent from the hour, these figures seem to indicate that a portion of the CSI/Grey’s audience are invested enough to turn to Fringe as an alternative. The challenge, of course, is to make Fringe the #1 option for more live viewers, against these established shows. While this wont be easy in the current time-slot, this was definitely a small victory for supporters of Fringe.

Here’s a new FOX promo for Bones and Fringe:

Zap2it interview Joshua Jackson who offers his thoughts on Peter’s mom, among other things (mild spoilers):

Popular Mechanics explore the fact vs fiction of “Snakehead” and ask “Can Parasites Heal as well as Harm?”:

In this week’s episode, a boatload of bodies is pulled from the coast of Boston—all Chinese refugees, all dead—except one. As FBI Agent Olivia Dunham greets mad scientist Dr. Walter Bishop and his son and caretaker Peter, she asks, “Did you eat?” It’s clear this is something we’re glad didn’t air after dinner on Thanksgiving.

The victims’ killers are the large, multi-tentacled parasitic worms that emerge from their mouths. Walter and his lab assistant Astrid transport the 2-foot-long, 7-pound parasites to the lab for research. Though we’ve seen the Fringe team take on parasites before, these unusually large worms are hybrid parasites, a new species bio-engineered from an intestinal hookworm, and their creation and human incubation looks intentional. Walter concludes that the lymph glands of the conjured parasites are being harvested and turned into treatment for patients with extreme immune deficiency, but first the parasites require a human host to grow to size. The Chinese refugees who were implanted with the parasite played host to the worms for just a few weeks before they re-enacted a chest crawlers scene reminiscent of Alien.

So can parasites grow to huge sizes that quickly?

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If you’re looking to catch-up or rewatch episodes of Fringe, you can watch the recent episodes for free on the Fringe player or over at Hulu. (US only).


  1. Pedro says

    It is so weird to here these actors speak about he impending war, and the soldiers when the writers have chosen to ignore it for so many episodes.

    Also, JJackson says that Walter and Olivia betray him. I guess that means that Olivia finds out that Peter was from another universe before Peter himself finds out.

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  2. Krugbabe1 says

    The actors have an advantage over the average viewer, they are filming the episodes right now. And maybe the war is going to show itself until the middle of the season. Why show the war in the first 10 episodes?

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