Round-Up: 2.04 Ratings – Cast Interviews – Spoiler Shots

Fringe Round-up

It’s Saturday. Fringe round-up time! (I’ll never run out of different ways to introduce a round-up. Nope, not ever).

2.04 Ratings

Fringe scored 2.1 in the demos and received just over 6 million viewers for “Momentum Deferred”. A slight drop from last week. I’m not too worried about ratings just yet, but it’s worth reminding ourselves that Thursday is a tough slot.  Who knows, perhaps they’ll move Fringe behind Idol once that starts up again?

Yikes, this video from way back in early 09′ but I don’t believe it’s been posted til’ now – Web TV Deluxe interview the cast of Fringe at NY Comic Con:

More Sky 1 interviews with the cast of Fringe, first up John Noble:

I take it John Noble meant ZFT rather than ZFK.

Lance Reddick on Phillip Broyles:

Jasika Nicole on Astrid Farnsworth:

Fringe Season 1 on WB India:

Spoiler shots featuring big Phil and Olivia D. Not uploading because I’m not feeling spoilers, especially unauthorised set photos. I prefer to see the mystery unravel. But that’s me – feel free to knock yourselves out here.


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