Review: 2.08 August

Review - 2.08 "August"

Welcome to the FB review of the Fringe season 2 episode 8 – August. In this review I present my honest opinions on both the good and the bad aspects of the episode. I also take a look at the answers and unresolved mysteries, before sharing my thoughts on other aspects which may have been overlooked.


Dammit, August. I wanted the last chilli pepper :(

Serial and Mythology. The immediate story was directly connected to the wider arc. Plot elements from previous episodes were addressed and we received a great deal of progression and character focus. It was also cool to dig deep into the mythology of the show – I loved seeing the cool gadgets that the Observers use, and I enjoyed the way they tied in some real-world references.

Continuity. One of my fears coming into this episode was that we’d see Broyles without any hint of the bullet wound that he suffered in the previous episode. However they put his arm in a sling and restored my faith in the show’s continuity, somewhat. It was also good to see that the props used in the Observer’s first centric episode – “Arrival”, carried the same quirks in this episode as they did back then. Small things, but if I’m to buy into the show these are important issues.

August. A fantastically drawn character who intrigued me from the start. His motivations made sense and he allowed me to further understand the Observers and their role in the show. I actually felt a pang in my heart when he died. Perhaps it was from watching them eat all that hot-sauce, but I suspect it was a sign that I actually cared about the character.

September. Even though this was August’s time to shine, I was taken by September’s contribution to this episode. In particular his final two scenes – in the car where he witnessed his colleague’s death and seemed to understand human nature a bit better, and the scene at the funfair, where he just watched Olivia and Ella letting their hair down. The episode may not have directly implied it, but it was as if August foreshadowed the September/Olivia arc – and we all know what follows August.

The Score. At times the music was brilliant. So good that it become one with the on-screen performance. That’s when you know it’s good, when you watch it again and realise just how much the music contributed to the effectiveness of a scene.

Walter’s diversionary tactics are getting old, but at least he didn’t stab Astrid in the neck this time! Seriously, for me this is a good thing because I still haven’t forgiven Walter for attacking Astrid last season, or Astrid for just forgetting the situation. I feel this was the writers way saying, “actually there are other ways of getting Walter on his own without drugging Astrid”. (although for a sick moment I thought he had poisoned the ice cream). It illustrated Walter’s growth, and was a nice touch not lost on me.


I didn't have a flash forward :(

I felt that they forced the Ella scenes somewhat. Nothing against Ella, I like her character, I’m just not sure the end-scene meshed well with the episode. I’m glad it was there, as on its own, I enjoyed that last little scene on the roller coaster – as I mentioned above. But for some reason it felt a little out of place. Perhaps it’s because there’s no way Olivia would go roller-coasting after getting so close to one of the biggest mysteries on her list. She’s just been assigned gate-keeper, not kindergarten cop. Although perhaps I’m being unfair – maybe Olivia is evolving and realising that despite the madness of her world, she has to make time for herself and the people she loves? If that was the intent, then I’d happily retract this point.

MD without Nina is like cooking without food. Olivia and Peter visit Massive Dynamic and don’t even swing by Nina’s office? OK, I can actually buy that, and Brandon did a decent spot of exposition, but I’m a Nina fan and I want Nina not her voice piece.

I’m just not sure I buy this Donald guy. I also can’t work out whether I liked the idea of a somewhat unfit dude being the Observers prime hitman. I mean, really guys? You couldn’t get someone more sprightly than Donald to carry out important missions? That said, if the idea is to have someone unsuspecting because he blends in then I totally buy it and I think it’s kinda cool – as long as their other contacts aren’t ninja assassins.

No Precautions. I’ve seen a few people mention this on the blog, and it hasn’t really bothered me until now – Broyles and Olivia’s open-air discussions in parks and on public benches. Seriously, if this is how we’re rolling then we’ve already lost the war. Why do they think the Observers and shapeshifters communicate using bizzaro technology – because it’s covert! Get with the programme guys, or at least sweep the benches for mics. For real though, a simple nod to the fact that they have to be ‘careful’ would satisfy me in this instance.


fancy a spot of musical chairs August?

  • The Observers are supposed to observe, not get involved, unless correcting a mistake of their own making. Peter also alluded to the idea that they are “looking for something”. If we use the 1914 Franz Ferdinand reference as an example, perhaps they’re looking for the moment which triggers a full-on inter-reality war?
  • Massive Dynamic scientist, Brendon, has recorded 26 Observer sightings in the past 3 months alone. He contrasts this with the 24 or so ‘definite’ occurrences (major world events where Observers might show up) in the past 5000 years of human history. We know that they observe important historical, technological and scientific moments in our history, suggesting that whatever is coming is BIG. We can probably guess that it involves the inter-reality war and prophesied “apocalypse”.
  • August left his diary behind on purpose so that Walter would find and decipher his message.
  • As I speculated last season, the Observers are greatly concerned with time, although as Brandon put it, it’s more like they’re “observing time”. If we consider that time is happening all at once (as in all moments in time, ever, are taking place right now), it’s possible to understand how the Observers are able to know our past, present and future. Another way I like to describe it is perception based on possibilities. This could also explain why they don’t seem to age – they are not bound by our limited linear understanding of time. (although perhaps they age back home..wherever, whenever that is?).
  • August tipped himself off to the FBI so that Olivia and Peter would change the outcome and save Christine. Once he realised how to make Christine “important”, he must have saw the possibilities which would lead to her survival.


Screw Observin', I wanna play! :)

  • There are many Observers, but why have we only seen sightings of OUR Observer (September) prior to this episode? Is September more active and less camera shy, or is this just a story-telling device that we just have to buy into? I suspect it’s the latter.
  • The show blurred the audience’s reality by depicting Observers at famous historical events which we know they didn’t actually attend. What does this say about the world of the show – is “over here” rooted less in our world than we previously thought, or is this another example suspension of disbelief? It’s probably the latter, although I am intrigued by the fact that pretty much every other ‘real world’ factual reference in the show has been presented without distortion..until now. They could have some fun with that, but I’m not sure they will.
  • We’ve asked this question before, but it’s a good time to again question why September saved Walter and Peter, when Olivia seems to be the one he’s most enamored with? One possible thought I have on this is that perhaps September knew (saw) that Olivia would one day need Peter and Walter by her side, and hence needed the Bishop’s alive. Although, it’s more than that as the Bishop’s are seemingly important in their own right. So his reasons for saving them may be interwoven, just as our Fringies lives are. Alternatively, could he have intervened out of self preservation – do the Observers need Walter and Peter to function? Or maybe its simply because the Peter from “over there” wasn’t supposed to die? Perhaps that would have caused an “error”, or maybe the error was original Peter’s death and the Observer saved replacement Peter to correct his mistake?
  • What is the Observers recruitment process? They have couriers who deliver information, and hitmen who kill people who were supposed to die, but how do they approach these people and how do they decide if they can trust them? I doubt this is the case, but did Donald owe them a favor Ala Walter?
  • If the Observers can see people’s futures, why do the need to physically Observe? Or does the act of observation increase their perception –  Like that saying, the more you do it, the better you become?



  • Walter trying to recreate his favourite milkshake is probably an allusion to him recreating the son he lost by stealing Peter2.
  • I loathe to mention the “butterfly effect”, but I have to wonder how changes in the time-line (however small or ‘insignificant’) and the natural course of events will reverberate? Christine will be safe for the foreseeable future, but she will now influence events which wouldn’t otherwise have happened. In the case of Christine this might not matter too much, but if August/Christine is foreshadowing September/Olivia (as I suspect it is), then a similar change will have greater consequence as Olivia is important on pretty much every level possible.

Another possibility that I’ve been mulling around, and I really like this one, is that the object of the Observer’s affection is actually Olivia.

  • Olivia has developed a real affection for Ella – I suspect she sees a bit of herself in her niece. Obviously they chose to bring the lil’ one back for this episode to draw on the themes they started in “Inner Child”.
  • I think the writers wanted to make a point of Olivia being scared of roller-coasters yet fearless in her job (although she did keep her nightlight on that one time 😉 ). I’m also picking up on a theme with the writers using both Rachel and Ella to remind Olivia that protecting the world is her JOB. Liv was like, “thanks Ella, there goes that day off I was planning to take next week”.
  • This episode got me thinking – do the Observers want to prevent the war, or allow it to take its natural course? Perhaps they failed by letting Bell (and others) cross over to the parallel world in the first place, or maybe they assisted him?
  • You gotta love those crazy folks at Massive Dynamic – they sure love a good ole’ prop demonstration. A few weeks ago we had Nina almost take someone’s eye out with her reality collision presentation, now we have Brandon spilling his liquid on Olivia’s shoes.
  • Can I just say, John Noble has that ‘shifty Walter knows more than he’s letting on’ look down to a tee!
  • Peter does love an important-comment-disguised-as-a-throw-away-line:

“Whatever these Observers do to keep from aging, they should market it – they’d make a fortune”.

Boy wonder makes 2 assumptions:

1. That the Observers are interested in $$$.

2. That the Observers don’t age.

Perhaps their aging process is much slower (than ours) due to their origins (another time? another reality?). Another possibility is that they are ‘designed’ this way – perhaps to help them ‘get here’ (throw back to the shapeshifters scenario). It even crossed my mind how their gradual ageing is the opposite of the Penrose rapid ageing clone story from season 1 (brought back to the fore in episode 2.07). I’m not saying that the Observers are clones, but it’s worth speculating whether they are hybrids or avatars of some kind. I feel that it’s important to remember that travelling (be it teleportation, time-travel or alternate reality travel) has been marked as carrying MAJOR consequences in this show. So however the Observers have got here, they presumably have been modified in some way – be it through evolution or science.

  • Olivia really seemed to open up to Peter in this episode. I get the sense that she’s more trusting of him these days – perhaps through familiarity, or a sense of friendship. It was good to hear her talk about her mother for once, coming on the back of Peter’s momma getting a mention in last week’s episode. I particularly liked the delivery of this line and the padding that went before it:

“It’s one of my favorite memories of my mother”.

Note, she calls her mother – a somewhat harsh term (out of the two options), but her face showed affection. I have to wonder whether Liv’s mom is dead, or just not in her and Rachel’s life? I’m also wondering why Peter didn’t ask her more questions about mother Dunham – it was a good a time as any. I guess he understood what Liv just wanted space to vent and decided to bide his time with all the questions. He’s not quite on that level with Olivia just yet anyway.

  • Rachel is not even in the episode and yet she gets on my nerves. Seriously, Liv has enough on her plate without being left to hold the baby while she scoots off on holiday, or whatever. OK, I know it’s probably because they didn’t want to use Graynor in this episode, but at least say that Rachel’s gone on a ‘how to become a better parent in 30 days’ course or something. I love her, really I do.
  • Poor Peter – how many times does he need to almost be shot in the head this season? Actually, didn’t Broyles say he owed him one last week? 😉 You gotta love Dunham’s half-arsed attempt at going after Donald though. I’m pretty sure she could have caught him if she had bothered to look. LOL, Liv, what ever happened to that roof-top leaping girl from season we all loved. (kidding).
  • I found it interesting that out of the four Observers, the older they were, the more “human” in mannerisms they seemed. This was surely intentional and suggests that the longer they observe our world, the more like us they become.
  • It’s a shame there was no mention of the mini-Observer or the beacon. Hopefully they’ll be addressed in future episodes or seasons.
  • The Observers are only supposed to intervene in the “natural course” to correct a mistake of their own making. Two things:

1. I’m intrigued by the choice of words – “making” instead of “doing”. The former carries more weight.

2. How many “mistakes” have the Observers made? I’m assuming one involves Walter and Peter and the car accident in the frozen lake. (possibly Reiden Lake last seen in the season 1 finale?).

  • August had some great lines, in fact I enjoyed the dialogue between all of the Observers. This was a particularly excellent exchange:

Eldest Observer: “She has no future”

August: “Then why do I see it!?”

The idea seems to be that love changed August’s perception, which in-turn changed the natural course of events and gave Christine a future that she wasn’t supposed to have. I like the response the elder Observer gave – calling August’s perception an “over-sight”. There’s something about that word which is so fitting, even though it was used in a negative light.

Whay d'ya mean there's no Fringe next week!??

August said that he interfered with the “natural course of events”, which makes me wonder whether the natural course is predetermined, or open to freewill. I guess it’s a bit of both? At any rate, the way things are supposed to happen probably becomes more apparent to an “outside observer” – like the Observers, or Walter when he stole Peter from another reality. Being on the outside of time or reality changes one’s perception, I’d imagine.

Another interesting line came from September: “They are all unique”. I find it interesting to contrast these words with what he said in the season 1 finale – “There’s more than one of everything”. It’s comforting to know that despite the infinite number of iterations a person has, he still views us as having an identity of our own. Coming off the back of the Tyler clone episode, I feel that there’s some interesting ethical content being delivered in the background of this episode.

  • What is it about the 1960’s era that the Observers seem fond of, what with the fedora and all? Perhaps it’s another example of the show telling us that there is a mish-mash of old and new brought about by the differences in advancement of the various realities. I mean – fedora’s might be all the rage in another reality. And of course, everything comes back around.

Another allusion, this time to Peter having an ability: “I can feel it!”. Again, interesting choice of words seeing as the episode was essentially about an emotionless being developing ‘feelings’ for our kind. One of my more far reaching crackpot theories is that Peter was actually taken from the Observers world and not “over there”, but this doesn’t have to be the case for the line to work.

  • August reminds Walter that he ‘saw beyond the limitations of his problems’. Walter responds: “not really, I just missed my son”. Fantastic on every level.
  • Did August ever consider taking Walter’s lead by kidnapping alter-Christine from a parallel world? :) I found it odd that he would seek advice from Walter – I didn’t expect that.
  • I found it telling that August wanted to know whether Christine trusted him. I suspect that trust will be a major issue between Walter and Peter in the future. No matter how much Walter loved his son, without Peter’s trust he will be left with nothing.
  • The underlying themes from “Of Human Action” enhanced this episode for me. We learn that the Observers are capable of human emotion which causes them to act as we would – sometimes in the interests of the few, just as Walter once did out of love for his son – a need that needed to be filled. Poor August, no wonder he was confused, although it was interesting seeing a selfish desire play out with such a brave sacrifice.
  • “You must make her important”. Did Walter make Peter important by abducting him from the parallel world? It seems that way. “You must be prepared to face the consequences”. Is Walter prepared? I hope so!
  • In previous reviews this season, I’ve posted about the Peter/gun nods. We got a taste of it last week, but he really got his gun in this episode and I have to feel that they’ve been building up to that intentionally. There’s something about the way Peter looked at the Observers gun after he zapped Donald that tells me there’s more to this than meets the eye, if you know what I mean. Of course, it could just be the wandering eyes of a weapons dealer getting his hands on some pretty savvy tech. But I prefer the former insinuation.
  • August delivered one of the best lines of the season when he said:

She crossed my mind..somehow, she never left”.

For me this resonated on several levels:

1. It’s a great and unusual way to describe that you love someone.

2. We’ve been told that the Observers are not travelling through time per se, but August’s words kinda suggest that time, people and events –  might be travelling (crossing) through them.

  • Walter: “Don’t worry son, you’ll get your answer”. Is Walter talking to Peter or the audience?
  • Small thing, but I liked that September was holding a Popsicle at the fairground – it’s not only hot stuff that tickles his senses, but also cold stuff. Makes sense. (I guess that rootbeer float from 1.04 wasn’t quite cold enough, huh).
  • “Look how happy she is. It’s a shame things are going to get so hard for her”. It did cross my mind that the elder Observer was referring to Ella, but I just don’t see her as being a big a part of the overarching story. He’s obviously referring to Olivia and her role in the war, etc. Perhaps she might even lose Ella along the way?


Death by excess spicey food

The producers said they were proud of this episode because they felt it gave emotion to emotionless characters. Their achievement is made all the more remarkable because we only had 43 minutes to know August, and yet personally speaking I became invested in the character.

The more I watch Fringe the more I suspect that at it’s core, it’s a love story disguised as a science fiction show, and the more I hope it’s a serial disguised as a procedural/serial hybrid. This episode was a great leveller – both in making up for some lost time with unimportant episodes, and in the love that August felt for Christine. It was the one thing which allowed him to understand humans and what drives our condition.

I always take a moment to consider the episode title – this one was simple, it’s the character’s name. But it also gives us insight into the mythology of the Observers, considering our main one is called September. (I presume the other two were July and October). Moreover, I got the impression that “August” was so fitting a title because we witnessed the Autumn of August’s life. Unlike Broyles, he was unable to put his job first and chose love. To be honest, both men made understandable choices.

Perhaps more than anything though, “August” was one of the best examples so far of characters acting out of parameter by going to the FRINGE of their personalities. We’ve seen them all do things they didn’t think they were capable of doing – Olivia, Peter, Walter, even Astrid. Now we’ve observed an Observer going to the edge of his being and somehow becoming more human for it. That’s pretty powerful stuff. “Fringe”, that one little word, now means so much more.

August is an exceptional body of work – an episode which needs to be watched twice to be truly appreciated. Sure, it’s not perfect and might not even be my favorite episode of this season, but it’s an important chapter – one I am already very fond of.

Best Moment: September fighting back the tears as he declared “she is responsible for the death of one of us”. Those words are open to great interpretation and the delivery by Cerveris was fantastic.

Best Performer: Peter Woodward.

Episode Rating: 9/10


  1. Ric says

    Very good review! Lots of elements covered.
    I also like the way Astrid seems to walk around more freely. Even when in the lab, she seems less ‘chained’. Good for her.

    Where would January to May be, and will we see a November and December?

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    • Anna says

      I wonder if the months are their names or their titles. Are there only 12 observers or are there more and somebody else will become the new ‘August’?

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  2. Shar says

    Great review keep them coming. I did watch this ep twice mainly to catch some of the dialog I wasn’t sure of the first time around.

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  3. Betynha says

    Great review! Lightening as always.
    And just a point: here in my country (I don’t know if this exists in other countries too) people are a bit scared of “August” once it’s always a bad month in the year. Many famous people die and everything. And while I was watching it crossed my mind that this is just a powerfull contrast once August saved Christine. Anyway, just a point.

    Keep the good work.


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  4. Addison says

    one theory I have, although it doesn’t have alot to do with the over all plot of the show, is according to the MD scientists, August’s gun only had one shot left and Peter used it, because they couldn’t get the gun to work. I thought there was alot of significance when August gave Peter the gun. My theory is that the gun can only be fired by someone from “over there” hence Peter. And I may be completely wrong, but I think peter may use it again (after it gets brought to Walter’s lab or something along those lines). Just a thought, keep up the good work FB!

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  5. Ric23q says

    dunno if this has been mentioned before, but perhaps walter (and bell maybe?) started this war/ conflict with the other reality? maybe all their “other wordly” experiments and “stealing” peter from another reality pissed off the inhabitants of that reality enough for them to declare war?.

    did taking peter interfere with the natural course of events over there so bad it turned out for the worse for them? are the observers from over there and now they are over here to observe, to see how things are going now that walter and perhaps bell have changed the natural course of events?


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  6. Drakan says

    (Thought I’d share my theories as well. >>; )

    But apparantly, there’s more than one Observer. 8D Makes sense, since the one we’ve seen (I think)’s name is September. -true. XD;

    I wonder if that means there’s 11 more Observers (if it does go by months. I don’t know. I mean, if he’s called September amongst them, then is there a January, February, etc?) -this seems to be true. August, September, etc.

    JJ has also stated that they’re human.

    I also wonder if the boy in Inner Child is one of them, because our Observer, I suppose I’ll call him September for now. XD, sure as hell looked suprised, and a litte shocked. Plus, the CIA or whoever guy also said that they found another one (wasn’t too clear on what the boy was a part of really). ((Did anyone else remember this. I re-watched it, and that line became really interesting as well.))

    If, following the last question, do they work for a different something, or the same something as the shape-shifters do?

    And, also in the same vein: Is/Was September connected to Walter &/or Peter at some point or another? There was a time when he pulled both of them out of freezing water a long time ago, and then the last two first season eps and the fourth one did kind of hint that out at me (And Inner Child was the actual one that got me thinking about it. :D; )

    Also, did the older-ish Observers (the ones we don’t know much about) give anyone else the creeps? I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something I don’t like about him. I liked, and still like, August and September, but the two new ones make me uncomfortable.

    To add something else, too, the body language in this episode was amazing. There were a lot of double meanings to what they said and did, which really got me interested. (Especially Cervis’ expression after the older Observer was staring at him while he was pouring the hot sauce on his food. I cracked up for some odd reason).

    I hope that this is ok, adding in what I thought and came up with as far as theories went. >>;

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  7. says

    What I’m wondering is, is how the hell did Peter manage to lead the life he did for so long? Judging by the last two episodes, and the one coming up, he is absolutely no good at not getting himself snatched or attacked. One would think that with the kind of work he did and people he associated himself with, that he would be better at not getting into dangerous situations that he narrowly escapes from.

    Maybe the writers just aren’t taking that into consideration, they just like it when he gets his face wrecked.

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  8. Frobozz says

    Green green green red. The colour code is back (albeit in the hands of a fat slob of an assassin).

    So many questions, but may as well throw another one out no one has mentioned: where does the Rogue fit in? The last Observer-centric episode was “The Arrival” featuring Toque-boy, also called the Rogue. Why is he a Rogue? Rogue from what? He also has a sonic weapon quite like the Observers do (but beefed up). In the Fringe Season 1 extras on DVD, they interview the actor who says he plays the Rogue who is from “someplace else.” August says his oculars are from “someplace far away.” The Rogue’s toque has the green-green-green-red colour code.

    So…who was the Rogue? Is he an ex-assassin for the Observers? He has eyebrows so I don’t imagine he’s a rogue Observer…

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  9. YeeYang1 says

    Actually, Peter didn’t LET himself get snatched. He saw the kid running and he was going to get the kid until he was put under mind control. At least Peter wasn’t a whiny little baby, Peter actually held his own. As for next week, we do not know the circumstances so its too early to judge. Also, Peter had a gun to his head and with quick thinking, he turn around and knocked the gun away from him.

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  10. says

    Good review Roco. I was actually one of those who are not satisfied with the episode but you made a good review that you influence me to think that the episode is better than I thought.


    If the Observers can see people’s futures, why do the need to physically Observe? Or does the act of observation increase their perception – Like that saying, the more you do it, the better you become?

    – Perhaps we should go back to the idea of the “observer effect”. I don’t think that the act of observation increase their perception but they physically observe because they want to influence a certain situation that would keep our reality on its right path, i.e. a war should start, an accident should happen, etc.

    On the Observer name, you are correct that one of them is July. But the other observer is December, the “older” observer. The names of the other observers are in the closing credits.

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    • says

      On the Observer name, you are correct that one of them is July. But the other observer is December, the “older” observer. The names of the other observers are in the closing credits.

      Thanks for the clarification on July and December!

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  11. Anna says

    I think that the observers observe both worlds and are supposed to be neutral in the upcoming war. Since I remember reading somewhere that there are only two parallel worlds in “Fringe” I wonder if the observers really come from the other side or if they exist outside the boundaries of the worlds and can cross from one to the other whenever they want to. If the observers are human how come there are only male observers? Why don’t they age? Maybe they can travel through time somehow so that they don’t spend so much time between their observations.
    Another weird thing that I noticed was that the observer are older the later their month is in the year but probably this was just a coincidence.

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  12. Ric says

    One more thing that keeps lingering in my mind:
    Walter tells August that he once made a deal with September about keeping Peter.
    So somehow Walter was able to persuade an Observer? What did he have over him? How did he come to that agreement?

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  13. Xochitl says

    I think I wait for this reviews and comments as much as I wait for
    the episodes. I was thinking about what September said at the end
    of the episode about the things getting harder for “her”, of course
    I thought he was talking about Olivia but then I saw the unanswered
    questions at Fringe Wiki where it says “Was the observer refering to
    Ella or Olivia?” and it made me remember a theory I had about Rachel.
    Since the beginning of the episode I found weird that Rachel wasn’t
    there, this probably due to the change of location and that the
    actress wasn’t available, somewhere in the blog someone mentioned
    that maybe Rachel and Ella were part of a “home life” created for
    Olivia and to make her remember why she is doing this, not that I
    disagree (since it seems the logical explanation), when Rachel receives
    the divorce papers I remember thinking that maybe this mother-daughter
    incursion was to make Olivia, and us, sympathetic to Walter. I think that
    when Olivia finds out about Peter, and I’m almost 100% sure she is going
    to find out before Peter does, she is going to have a hard time
    understanding Walter, I mean he did a bad thing, the kidnapped a child
    and that combined with what he and Bell did to her, she’s not going
    to be very happy and on Walter’s side, but if Olivia has and example
    of how far a mother, or in this case a father, will come for their
    child maybe she would be a little bit more on WAlter’s side, so I’m
    thinking that they may kill Rachel, of course Ella is suppoused to go
    with her father, but he don’t know the exact circunstances why Rachel
    and Greg are not longer together and Olivia may fight for Ella’s custody,
    and that would make her more understantding of Walter, I know this
    probably sounds too stupid, and I may be completely wrong.

    Now, I finally got to watch “Dream Logic” and noticed WAlter’s aversion
    to Seattle and I remembred that “rogue” from “The arrival” came from
    Seattle, I still can’t find a connection, but I guess there is one somewhere.

    I also read some spoilers, and I hope this is allowed here, but from what
    I understood Peter has a brother over there? Is there a chance that Peter
    has a twin brother? The only two things I have to support this idea are the
    apple symbol, we see two babies like in a mirror, and, at the beginning of
    the season when they released the promotional photos they made some shots
    with reflections on water and I found curious that they made one of Peter,
    it seemed kind of weird since there isn’t a version of him over there, again,
    maybe an improbable theory.

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  14. Kallikanzarid says

    I disliked this episode. It’s cheesy, I could tell the whole plot resolution from watching the first one third of it, and having so much alien mythology dumped in one piece wasn’t exactly stellar move to make – I would prefer if they introduced some of it in previous episodes.

    I liked the part with assassin, a good nod to film noir. I didn’t buy Peter as action hero, though.

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    • says

      Hi Kallikanzarid.

      Are they Observers aliens? I don’t think that’s where they’re going with them. Although I guess it’s all relative.

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  15. Jennifer says

    Hi, I know I’m late to this discussion, but I didn’t discover Fringe until recently, and am finally caught up. Thank you for the reviews…very interesting and insightful. I have to read them after every episode to see what I’ve missed and to confirm some ideas. Here’s a question that perhaps you’ve addressed already somewhere, but I have been wondering about this episode with August: He left a code in his book for Walter to find, that had something to do with a representation of a “nitrogen molecule” and in looking at the designs around the pictures Walter wrote down, they look a lot like the placement of the dots around the symbols that break up each segment of the episodes, like the hand, butterfly, apple, frog, etc. Did anyone else notice that? Do you have any thoughts on this, or is it merely coincidence?

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    • says

      It’s never too late Jennifer!

      Do you mean the yellow orbs? Hmm, on first consideration I’m not too sure, but there could be a Pattern.

      Here’s a screencap: August.

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  16. Peanut says

    Roco, I thought that the roller coaster scene was a parallel to the earlier conversation that Olivia had with Peter about the happy memory of going to the movies for the first time with her mother—that she wanted Ella to have a happy memory of her—& maybe she was also trying to make up for the fact that your favorite character, R@chel, wasn’t there (although she helped plan the outing).

    Why are the Observers there at the amusement park watching Olivia & Ella? They are supposed to be present at significant moments so how was this moment significant to them? Were they there just to have fun?

    The Observers must be similar to humans in anatomy if Lil Observer was an Observer. Surely the medical personnel at the hospital would have noticed something odd about his physiological makeup if there was something to be found (such as Doctor Who’s two hearts). I note that August bled when shot & appeared to be (really) dead instead of Fringe (sort of) dead.

    Maybe the reason that we see September more often than the other Observers is because our fringie’s fall within his observation sector or he is assigned to a certain set of individuals (such as the Bishop boys & Olivia)?

    I wonder if there was maybe a closer connection between August & September than between some of the other observers because those are adjacent months—they would have been closer in age (whatever that means to an Observer).

    Roco, you were speculating about the Observers being missing from the original images. What if you have it backward—what if the images that we are familiar with were doctored to remove the observers & the ones at MD are the originals?

    Roco has probably covered this point, but doesn’t the fact that the Observers are present potentially change the outcome of events? They are not hidden at the events &, in fact, become part of them. In the past, their presence wasn’t as noticeable, but now, with the aid of technology such as security cameras, we are observing the Observers & collecting & analyzing information about them, which would further increase the possibility of their altering the outcome of events.

    … and Peter kicks in a poor, helpless door that was just minding its own business …

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    • Peanut says

      Blogger “John Roy” pointed out, in response to the “Firefly,” 3.10 episode, the parallels between the Observers & Milo (“The Plateau,” 3.03). Acceleration of his intellect caused Milo to lose contact with his human emotions & become as unemotional as the Observers. He could predict what his sister was going to say as the Observers can. Milo might represent sort of a missing link between Observers & humans—a bridge (& he is literally standing on one in this episode)? He had the same ability as the Observers to consider various possible future outcomes of events but became actually involved in directing events. He was unable, apparently, to take into account unpredictable elements such as the Olivia-Bolivia swap, which affected his projected event outcome when Olivia failed to understand the significance of the auburn diamond (something that Bolivia would have known).

      Milo did this thing with his hand that is similar to something that Walter does occasionally (beginning with the pilot episode).

      Lil Observer appeared to read Olivia’s mind just as the Observers seem to because they can predict what people are about to say.

      In “Firefly,” the older Observer (December?) mentions that September has observed Walter more than he has so the Observers must be assigned to observe certain individuals?

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  17. Roger says

    “Continuity. One of my fears coming into this episode was that we’d see Broyles without any hint of the bullet wound that he suffered in the previous episode. However they put his arm in a sling and restored my faith in the show’s continuity, somewhat. ”

    I have to say, I remember in Season 1, when Nina got a bullet put in her chest/neck and it BARELY managed to delay a few appointments in her schedule and nobody cared.

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