RESULTS: FringeCaps – Reciprocity

Winner: Page 48: “Long time listener, first time caller.”

Although Page’s other entry tickled me like the the grassy field that Bad Robot scuttles through, the above caption is just too hilariously ‘Walterish’ to ignore. Now we know what Dr. Bishop gets up to when Peter is playing with his Boom-Boom-Machine!

Second: M: “So then I said he fell right into her “vagenda!”

Third: Pierce: “…and there was this one time at summer camp.”

Almost impossible to pick out just three from all of the funny captions, but there you have it. We’ll have the “Concentrate and Ask Again” FringeCaps a bit later on.


  1. Chiquitanikkicita says

    Makes me think that walter is calling Dr. Drew on “Love Line” with that can of whip cream in his hand. XD

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