RESULTS: FringeCaps 3.14 6B

Winner Cerulean: [Unknown to Peter and Olivia, Walter had taken to smearing the insides of all the shot glasses with a powerful aphrodisiac, in the hopes of Peter getting lucky.]

I just like the idea that this is all part of Walter’s diabolical plan. All roads lead to Walter, via Peter’s room. Nice one, Cerulean!

Second Betty: “A toast to friends with fringe benefits.”

Third Inter-dimensional Dave: “I know what you’re thinking. Did she drink one shot or two? Well in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But this being the most powerful scotch on my shelf, and would blow your clothes clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, Pete?”

This was probably the most competitive round of FringeCaps yet! Well done all. The “Subject 13” FringeCaps will go live shortly.


  1. Jenn says

    Ummmm…. I don’t really know which post to put this comment on, but did anyone else think that Sam was putting on lipstick in that picture on the top-right of the blog for the review of 3.12? Haha- if you just glance at it, it’s awesome.

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  2. stef says

    I nearly fell out of bed laughing-always could see Walter doing this-he is such a diehard shipper!

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  3. Cerulean says

    OMG…I feel like I just won a million bucks! Hahaha! OMG…I can’t stop smiling…my face hurts!

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