RESULTS: FringeCaps 3.13 Immortality

Winner - Bischof: “‘Pregnant’ is some kind of medical slang, right? RIGHT???”

Bless Altlivia, looking for deeper meaning to make sense of it all. Well done Bischof, the RocoBots certainly approve!

Second - Page 48: You’re kidding, Verizon gave me a much better plan Over There.

Third - FinChase: What do you mean I’ve gained two pounds?! Don’t you know I haven’t eaten in 2 1/2 seasons??

Many excellent captions again this time out! We’ll have the “6B” FringeCaps posted shortly.


  1. Bischof says

    Thanx for the congratz! Tough competition it was!

    And I thought this one wouldn’t make it for its spoilery nature…

    Like: Thumb up 0

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