Ratings Update: 2.21 Over There – Part 1

Fringe went up 5%, scoring 2.3 in the 18-49 demo rating with 5.996 million viewers for “Over There – Part 1″.

Head past the jump for the graphical breakdown for this episode as well as the season ratings chart.

Ratings breakdown for Thursday May 13th:


Fringe Season 2 Ratings So Far:



  1. Con says

    I’m just hoping Fox moves Fringe to a better time slot next season. They really should; this is their best chance of sweeping up some of the “lost” Lost fans.

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  2. says

    “Fringe” did so much better this week!

    Bones 2.4 (1/2)
    Fringe 2.4 (1/2)

    Bones 2.7 (2/2)
    Fringe 2.1 (2/2) [that’s kinda “ouch”, but it could have done better, thanks “Brown Betty”*sarcasm*]

    I am thankful they kept it on Thursday nights after “Bones”, which has finally found its niche, starting w/the third season. Taking the place of “Lost” would not be a very good move, b/c “Lost” doesn’t hold up in ratings against “Criminal Minds”. I doubt “CSI” stays on longer than another season, so potentially “Fringe” could attract viewers then.

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  3. LMH says

    Brandon gives a typically awkward yet effective demonstration at MD:

    “As you can clearly see here, we have several basic operational premises at work:
    1. Awesome people watch Fringe.
    2. Awesome people make up an extremely small portion of those in this universe.
    Leading us to the inevitable conclusion that,
    3. Fringe will never get the ratings its quality warrants because there are just not enough awesome people extant in this universe.

    Our MD proposal to fix this imbalance? Clones! DUH!”

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