Ratings Update: 2.20 Northwest Passage

Fringe climbed 10% in Thursday’s “Northwest Passage” to a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating with 5.8 million viewers. It’s not great and it’s not where the show could be, but considering the time-slot and the strength of the competition, I’m taking the increase on the previous week as a positive – a step in the right direction, if you will. Head past the jump for the graphical breakdown for this episode and the season so far.

Here is the ratings breakdown for Fringe 2.20 “Northwest Passage”:


Here is the ratings breakdown for Fringe Season 2 up to 04.29.10:



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    This is bad. “Bones” got 2.4 for the 1st half-hour, and 2.6 for the 2nd half-hour. “Fringe” only got 2.2 for the 1st half-hour, and 2.1 for the second half-hour.

    Take a look at this:

    Survivor: 3.8 (1st h-h)
    4.3 (2nd h-h)

    Bones: 2.4 (1st h-h)
    2.6 (2nd h-h)

    Fringe: 2.2 (1st h-h)
    2.1 (2nd h-h)

    Let’s hope the two-part season finale posts much better numbers. I didn’t like “Brown Betty” b/c it didn’t introduce anything new, except Walter’s views on Massive Dynamic, but that could have been done w/an off-handed comment that a distracted Walter says to Astrid in the lab.

    Astrid would immediately pick up on it, and then she could finally have something to tell Olivia about. Then Olivia could thank Astrid for all the work she does taking care of Walter.

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