RATINGS: Fringe Fireflies An Extra 42% With 3 Days DVR Viewing

Someone wake up Roscoe and tell him it’s more good ratings news for Fringe.

According to reports, the Live + 3 days DVR rating for “The Firefly” leapt 42% from a 1.9 Live + SD adults 18-49 rating to a 2.7 rating.

While the same day viewing numbers are most important for the show’s renewal chances, that such a large percentage of fans were still watching the episode within three days of the initial airing certainly will not hurt. Every pair of eyes counts, as dear old Walternate once said in a dream I had twenty five years from now.

Fox Entertainment President, Kevin Reilly recently suggested that should “the audience to transfer to Friday” a fourth season would be a possibility, highlighting that such a scenario would see the network “significantly [upgrade] our rating on that night.”

And in relation to DVR numbers, he said:

“I really hope fans go with it. Even if the DVR usage goes up a little more on Fridays.”

So far, so good. The most important thing is to continue watching live, as this Friday the show goes up against an all-new Supernatural. Going forward, you’d have to think that if the demo remains in or around 1.9, a fourth season could well be on the cards.

Reference key:

  • Live + SD = Live + Viewing on day of broadcast (‘same day’)
  • Live + 3D = Live + DVR viewing within ‘3 days’

DVR ratings source: maskedscheduler


  1. Isa says

    This is yet another example that the audience did really follow Fringe to Friday since these Live + 3D ratings are pretty much what Fringe was getting on Thursdays (I think…).

    Also, the fact the ratings were also strong in the last half hour of Firefly makes me think Fringe won’t suffer from new episodes of Supernatural and CSI:NY in the following weeks. I guess the viewers were Fringe viewers and not viewers from other shows that did’t air new episodes. I’m betting on good news this Friday as well. :)

    I hope I’m not overly optimist…

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  2. Ben says

    The words “good news”, “Fox” and “Fridays” so rarely go together, it’s all the more worth celebrating when they do.

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  3. LMH says

    I AM SO proud of Fringe for being good enough to bring its audience to 9pm on Fridays, and am thrilled by this first week’s results, but we need to see what will happen when other shows like Supernatural have a new episode going up against Fringe since this wk was a repeat (though I don’t think the audiences overlap all that much). I don’t feel threatened by a new CSI NY ep next week, which apparently is a big Fri show, since I doubt Fringe shares much of that audience.
    As for the dvr numbers, this is pretty standard for Fringe, which usually has about 40-45% of its audience timeshifting it via dvr. What this does say is that Fringe did this week what the Fox execs were hoping for: it maintained both its live ratings (even improving a bit over recent eps) and its dvr numbers, making it a very successful show for Fridays.

    If it can keep this up, renewal looks like a decent possibility in my book.

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  4. Cortexifan says

    I used to watch CSI NY, but since Melina Kanakeredes isn’t on it anymore and since it moved I haven’t watched any full episode. And now for sure will not, cause it’s FF. We need to keep watching and spreading the news. Can’t wait for this weeks episode. T minus way too long. Fringe rules.

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  5. Fringey says

    Yay! I watched my 1st live episode last Friday! I’m a newer fan, I got fringe on DVD for christmas :) I hope fringes viewer ratings stay up!

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