POLL: All Things Considered – How Many Seasons Will FRINGE Run?

With all the recent talk on how many seasons Fringe will run, I thought it would be interesting to poll our views, providing an at-a-glance visual of how many seasons we believe the show has left in the tank. Head past the jump to add your vote to our latest poll.

Note: this poll is for how many seasons we think Fringe will run, not necessarily how many we’d like.

How Many Seasons Will Fringe Run?

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    • Real1 says

      F R I N G E = 6 seasons = 6 fingers

      F : First , S1

      R : Review ,S2

      I : Identity ,S3

      N :Natural ,S4

      G : Generation ,S5

      E : Ending ,S6

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  1. williamreturns says

    I’m just going to keep saying five, and see if wishful thinking and willing it to be does the trick. I really want season 5!

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  2. TenisonJr says

    I voted for 7 seasons, but just because I want it to keep ’till the 7th – and because I like seven ๐Ÿ˜›

    In fact, I don’t think any of us can predict if it will ends at the fourth or if it will be renewed to a fifth season for now. We just can say something like that at the end of the first half of the season.

    So, before I get worried or hopefull or anything but anxious for the fourth season, I’ll download it, buy the DVDs and watch them all ^^

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  3. Roneo says

    Well, if ratings don’t get spectacularly up, I think we’ll be lucky if we get five full seasons.
    Truely, five is a good number for me. Six the most. As much as I enjoy Fringe.

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  4. frodofringe says

    I am just so paranoid it will get canceled before we get closure, but want as many seasons as will survive from beginning to end.

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  5. fedorafadares says

    Of course I’d love years and years, but the second half of season 3 didn’t give me a great feeling. Didn’t they have some new writers added this past season? (I remember reading something about two female writers, one of which had a past in a soap-opera-ish drama.)

    I’ll hold high hopes that the writers used in the first half of season 3 — which was a fantastic ride — will come back to the fore. If they can create a great plot and carry its momentum through season 4, I think season five is a reasonable expectation.

    If the latter half of season 3 is more the norm (Bellivia, vigilante Peter, disappearing Peter), best to cap it at 4.

    Your dissention is welcome!

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  6. vlada_vvv says

    I voted for 6 seasons. Not so much because I think there will be 6 seasons but because I want Fringe to have 6 seasons.

    Why six? Well, based on my personal observations, I made a conclusion applicable to the most mythological AND procedural shows: after six seasons The Great Mess comes. By the end of 6th (7th season in some cases) of a show, the writers usually outlived themselves as well as the show itself.

    The procedural part of the show becomes boring because most of the possible and impossible cases and situations have been already used in the previous seasons.

    The mythological part either becomes accidental (written on the way to the season finale because the main plot was already revealed) or becomes so complicated and confused (lapses, mistakes, new and useless characters, unnatural references to some events happened in the past seasons, huge revelations made up by the writers on the place and so on) within itself that it’s hard to follow it.

    So, this was my take on “the quantity doesn’t mean quality” issue and Fringe’s relation to it.

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    • Dylan says

      Fringe has already suffered plenty of this.

      It’s a hard thing to write a 22-episode serialized season of television. Mind you, if they were writing towards a conclusion I’m sure the job would be much easier.

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  7. MISSNETT says

    I voted for five. I hope for more.
    What I really want is for Fringe to end when it is still good not when it has outlived it’s story. I also hope we get a proper ending!!

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  8. says

    As much as I love the show, I’m kind of hoping they close things off this season if rating get shaky again. It’d be worse for the show to plan for a fifth season only to get cancelled, leaving the story without an end.

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  9. kidentropia says

    Weยดve been given a wonderful three-season story-arc: considering the ratings, considering the network, i wouldnยดt have been surprised if they had cancelled it after season 3. so i actually consider it a gift that weยดre getting a fourth season, and perhaps the producers/writers should do so as well. so, why not come with brilliant 22 episodes to end the story on a high note?

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    • Dylan says

      Absolutely. It’s almost a disservice to loyal fans to risk not having a proper conclusion for the sake of trying to have the show live longer.

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  10. Anne in Van says

    5 is wise, but of course I want more and more and more if they can keep up with this quality!

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  11. Dylan says

    I’m predicting four seasons.

    I maintain that the writers should negotiate an end-date with FOX, and may be able to garner a fifth season and be able to operate without pressure of viewership-decline and cancellation.

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  12. Chrispatt86 says

    I wouls like kind a eight, ten or Fringe lasting for ever but been realistic i would say four (with bad ratings this season will be the last) or five (if this fourth one goes well, hope so!!, i think next onr will be last…

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  13. Residents Fan says

    I’d afraid I think, given the low ratings, that it’s unrealistic to hope
    for more than four (or five, if we’re VERY lucky) seasons of “Fringe”. :(

    Anna Torv has said the writers have written the final episode of the show, and I think they should make plans for S4 being the last-especially since after four seasons, there’ll be enough Fringe eps to offer the show for syndication.

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  14. mlj102 says

    Ever since the move to Thursdays, when most were wondering if we’d even get a third season, I felt that if FOX invested in it enough to give it three seasons (which I felt they would likely do), they would continue to support the show and give it time for a proper ending (unless ratings dropped to next to nothing).

    So far, so good. We did get a third season, and we now have a full fourth season. I am reasonably confident that as long as the ratings stay where they were last season (slightly higher than they were at the end of Season 3 would be preferable) and the quality of the show remains as high as it’s been, then Fringe will certainly be given a fifth season. I don’t know what it is about five seasons, but I’ve always wanted Fringe to get at least five. Six would be better as it seems that’s how long they initially hoped/planned for, and so it seems that’s how much they would need to fully tell this story. But I would be okay if five was all we got. If it ended at four, I would feel like we didn’t have the chance to see everything they have planned for the show. It would be disappointing.

    I think FOX has proven that they want Fringe to succeed. They care about the show and are pleased with it so far. And considering Fringe is now one of their older, more established shows (and shows like House and Bones could be on their last season) I think they are committed to it. I don’t think they’ll cancel it prematurely unless things get significantly worse for the show and the ratings in Season 4. Which I’m not expecting. So I voted for Five, while hoping for Six.

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  15. J.P. says

    I hope desperately for five seasons. Should the ratings stay at the approximate area as last season (3-4, hopefully closer to 5 million…), then Fringe should be No. 1 on Friday nights as it usually was this past season. Jeff Pinkner & Joel Wyman have got to do what LOST did, show the network where they plan on going, and agree to set an appropriate end date. I’ve heard them say that in a way an end date would also have a negative effect on the show — as they could no longer continue to introduce new plots and carry them on as long as initially planned. But, it’s much better than being cancelled after four seasons, which could unfortunately happen.
    And, FRINGE has been considered to be a top contender for some great Emmy nominations — hopefully Outstanding Drama (I know the biggest competition are the cable HBO shows, but even a nomination would be great), Outstanding Actress for Anna Torv, and Outstanding Supporting Actor for John Noble. They’re magnificent actors. Please. Those nominations, and hopefully wins, would increase FRINGE’s recent award winning streak, and boost the popularity.

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  16. Walternate says

    They won’t be able to wrap the series up by the end of this season, not without leaving a lot of questions unanswered. I voted for six seasons, but I’d be happy with five.

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