Only A Fool Would Miss Fringe on April 1st – Another Promo

April 1st isn’t just April Fools Day, it’s also the day that Fringe returns to our screens! To help build momentum, FOX has released a slightly different promo for the first episode back from the Lowatus. Head past the jump to watch it with your eyeballs.


Nothing too different from the other “Peter” promos, but you know, I’m cool with that! The worst thing about this long break isn’t the fact that we have to wait for the show return, in my opinion, it’s that too much gets revealed about the next episode, either by the network, or by spoiler hounds.

I’m pumped for “Peter” (erm, so to speak), but I don’t want to know plot reveals before the episode has had a chance to air. It’s a fine line, but I’ve seen other networks fail in the act of building anticipation and hype without revealing too much information so that it actually ruins the episode when it finally does come along. Hopefully FOX wont fall into this trap. Which brings me to my next point..

A heads-up to those of you who don’t want to have crucial plot-reveals spoiled a month ahead of the show’s return might want to be careful whilst surfing the net. Unfortunately some bright spark has posted a “sneak peek” which is more like a “ruiner” in my eyes (just watching the first 10 seconds has certainly ruined a portion of the episode for me). If the video turns out to be FOX approved then I’ll be very disappointed, as that’s no way to treat your show – especially a mystery show like Fringe, which depends on it’s revelations. I’m not going to post the clip here as like I said I think it’s reveals way too much. I think it crosses the line when you have a 2 minute 30 second clip featuring one of the most integral moments in Fringe mythology, one month ahead of the episode airing. *Slow clap* to who ever was behind that idea.

Now I’m off to put my eyeballs in deep freeze until April 1st. Not sure how I’m gonna blog in the meantime. Although I hear telepathy is all the rage.

Fringe returns with brand new episodes from April 1st on FOX.


  1. Elaine says

    That’s the promo I saw the other night during ‘House’. It certainly revved (sp?) up my anticipation for Fringe to return! Yay, Peter! So, Roco, this sneak peek, I know you won’t post it here, but could you at least give us a thumbs up or down on the content? πŸ˜‰

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    • says

      Hi Elaine – Personally, I’d give it a thumbs up in terms of the type of stuff we’re going to see. I just wish I didn’t see it 3 weeks before the episode airs – a bit of the magic is now gone for me, and I know that I wont enjoy the experience as much when the episode airs. :( I know that a lot of people like those kind of early ‘spoilers’, but as with “Lost”, the further down the hole I go, the more I value the journey, speculation and theories over spoilers – especially plot reveal kind.

      If FOX sanctioned the sneak peek they need a good spanking. Only a light one though, since they did renew the series. :)

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  2. Elaine says

    Oooh, spanking! Kinky! πŸ˜‰ It’ll be okay, Roco try and think of something disgusting like licking a fuzzy lollipop or accidentially eating yellow snow if your mind wanders back to what you watched. LOL! Funny, I actually watch the sneak peeks (at least this season) of Lost, and it doesn’t bother me. Usually, I forget what I saw because I don’t think about the next episode all that much until it airs. However, I can understand your feelings about this. I’ve only watched two sneak peeks for Fringe, and afterwards I wish I hadn’t. It’s best to watch unspoiled, imo, too.

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  3. says

    Haha, kinky indeed πŸ˜› LOL, “yellow snow”, the thought of that, or those nasty worm things from “Snakehead”, will probably do the trick. :)

    You’re very brave Elaine! I never watch the Lost sneak peeks – at least not before the episode. For some reason I’ve developed a knack of watching the trailers/sneak peeks after the episode, just to see how much they gave away. Most of the time I find that they give away very little, but when it comes to “Lost” I’m very spoilerphobic, so I try to avoid them as much as possible!

    If I didn’t have to do the blog I would avoid all of the Fringe sneak peeks too – like you said, it’s best to watch unspoiled, especially long clips.

    Now, I’m off to think about fuzzy lollipops, yellow snow and wormy things – their combined power will surely vanquish all thoughts of the sneak peek.. πŸ˜‰

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  4. charliefan19 says

    Roco, you apparently have WAY more self-control than me…I found the same clip this morning and I watched all 2+ minutes of it. (slaps forehead) I never learn.

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    • says

      charliefan – I hope the clip wasn’t too damaging for you! Perhaps you should try one of those distraction techniques that Elaine mentioned :)

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  5. mlj102 says

    “The worst thing about this long break isn’t the fact that we have to wait for the show return, in my opinion, it’s that too much gets revealed about the next episode, either by the network, or by spoiler hounds.”

    Nicely said. I agree. However, for me, it’s a bit of a combination of the two that makes the long break so terrible: the long wait makes it so that, by this point (where I’ve successfully waited five weeks with nothing new, but I still have three weeks to go), I’m so anxious for any Fringe news whatsoever, that I practically jump on whatever I can find. But then, as you pointed out, it’s that very fact of finding TOO much that spoils it for when it does come back. It’s an evil loop, really: the longer the break is, the more anxious you are, while at the same time, the longer the break is, it’s more likely that big details will get revealed in the meantime. Not a fun combination.

    Yeah, I stumbled across the clip you’re talking about last night. I was actually quite shocked that something that specific was actually posted online and I would be just as shocked if we find out that FOX actually approved it. I’m all for good previews and little “sneak peeks” but that really was too specific, even for me. I’m also surprised that it was posted three weeks before the episode airs. I can see sneak peeks being released a week before it airs, but three weeks is still just a bit early, in my opinion. After I watched the clip, I was completely dismayed to realize that I still have three weeks to endure until the full episode airs.

    Elaine, I agree with Roco: it’s a definite thumbs up as far as content is concerned and it definitely confirms that this episode is a must see and will be spectacular, but it’s not the kind of clip that you should see before the episode airs — especially this long before the episode airs. I don’t think I’m as traumatized after seeing it as Roco is — I don’t think it will have that big an impact on me when the episode actually airs, but I do agree that it was far too specific and revealed too much. If you’re going to post a “sneak peek” at least choose some portion of the episode that’s relatively insignificant.

    Roco: did you watch the full clip, or just the first few seconds?

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    • says

      mlj – I agree, it’s definitely a combination of the two that makes the weight so difficult. As you said, it’s a bit of a vicious circle. I just hope that the network and individuals (spoiler sources) act responsibly and in the best interests of the show.

      I didn’t watch the entire clip. It kinda happened in stages for me. I initially watched the first 10 seconds – not knowing quite what I as walking into. Then, after the shock had sunk in, I watched a bit more, after which I was convinced that this wasn’t your normal ‘sneak peek’. I then skipped through a few more frames, to get a wider sense of why FOX would sanction such a clip, before I posted my rant. (I’m still not 100% convinced FOX sanctioned it, especially since the source is very ambigious as to how they obtained the clip). So I’ve probably watched about half of it, but I really could have done without seeing any of it.

      I agree, btw, it’s not the sort of clip that should be shown 3 weeks before the episode airs. If it had been shown a day or two before the episode (like the other ‘sneak peeks’), then it would still be bad (for me), but at least there wouldn’t be a long time to dwell on it.

      Hopefully it will all be forgotten by morning!

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      • mlj102 says

        So then did you see the very end of it? Because if you were appalled by the first half of it alone, you would have hated to see the last half. The first half actually wasn’t so bad, in my opinion. If they had cut it off after the first 30 seconds or so, I probably would have just thought it was a neat clip and it would have got me excited, and thinking about the possibilities. But the last half of it definitely revealed details that were far too important to be leaked through some sneak peek three weeks before the episode. That’s the part that I regret seeing.

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        • says

          The way that I watched it was very staggered, but I can’t say that I did see the very end of it (as in the last few seconds). Given the context of the scene, and the bits that I did see, I think I know where it ended, unfortunately. If I remember, I’ll let you know whether or not I saw the part you’re referring to once the episode airs.

          I’m actually beginning to forgot some of the details from the clip, but there’s one image that unfortunately wont leave me.

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  6. LizW65 says

    According to Fringepedia, Fox will be airing Fringe reruns on March 8th and 26th–first “August”, then “Jacksonville”, so we won’t be entirely Fringe-less while waiting for the new episode.
    As for the “major spoiler” clip, I’m glad I haven’t run across it, and I suspect it will turn out not to be sanctioned by the network and pulled rather quickly, if it’s as specific as previous posts indicate.

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  7. Elaine says

    Getting a thumbs up from you two regarding the content of that clip just made my evening. Well, that and the lemon pepper chicken wings from Wing Stop I plan to have for dinner tonight! :-)

    You know, normally, I’d be chomping at the bits knowing that kind of information is out there to consume when all of my tv programs just went into hiatus: Leverage, Burn Notice, Men of A Certain Age, White Collar and Psych…but for some reason, I’m not. I suppose I’m still riding on the news that Fox picked Fringe up for a third season high plus my Lost fix is being tended to weekly. That and I’m combing back through S1 of Fringe…so, I think I’m good until April 1st.

    Roco, I told you we should have done a S1 marathon…or a S2 recap or something during the hiatus.

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    • says

      Mmmm..lemon pepper chicken wings! πŸ˜›

      Same here – I’m hopeful for some more tidbits by way of buzz and Pinkner/Wyman doing their thing, but with just 3 weeks to go, I’m pretty good without “sneak peeks” and the like. News of the renewal came at the right time – the height of the Lowatus, and I think everyone is feeling a sense of relief and contentment. Well, I know I am.

      True, you did say that. A marathon has been on my mind but I never quite got around to working it into my schedule. We will definitely have one at the end of the season. Perhaps we might do a S2 recap of some sort? I’m certainly open to ideas or suggestions! :)

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  8. Elaine says

    Let’s see, we’ve, and when I say we’ve, I mean, you…have done a season one to two comparison. Interviews with the actors. Graphic novel announcements. Polls pitting Olivia against Peter. Perspectives on the Observers. We’ve had a string of podcasts with the creators touching on several aspect of the show. Of course the news of Fringe being picked up for a third season…so, what if we, and again, I mean you πŸ˜‰ could do a perspective look at S2 so far, and how it links what was laid out in S1. Pretty broad and generic (I’ve been drinking) but it’s an idea.

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    • says

      Thanks for the feedback Elaine, that’s very helpful! You’ve actually reminded me just how much ground we (and by we, I mean us guys who comment/share have certainly contributed!) have covered during the Lowatus.

      I like the sound of a S2 perspective with a tie-in to S1. I’ll have a think about how we can approach this. We only have 3 or so weeks, but perhaps we can bridge the gap with something of interest. If you have any other ideas, please do let me know!

      (were you drinking a rootbeer float by any chance? That would be totally Fringe-cool. πŸ˜‰ )

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  9. mlj102 says

    So, putting all “sneak peek” discussion aside, this latest promo provides several new fascinating details. Here are a couple of things I noticed:

    1. Carla (I maintain my belief that the blonde woman is Carla Warren) is wearing a necklace with a cross emblem. This suggests that she was a religious woman. Could this be part of why Walter was religious, but not so much anymore? He has implied several times that he was quite religious at one time, but now he’s not so sure. It could be that Carla shared many of her beliefs with him, which made him more of a believer, but after her death, that caused him to think differently about religion. (note: upon watching the above preview again, I noticed that the necklace isn’t clear in this version, though it is very noticeable in the earlier promo Roco posted).

    2. Where is William Bell? With all this talk about how they were former lab partners and how protective Walter always seems to be of him, it always sounds like they were very close friends. So how is it that, at what must certainly be a very difficult time for Walter, William is nowhere to be seen? It could be that, if there is a younger William Bell involved in the episode, they just left him out of the promos so as not to spoil it, but that seems unlikely. I mean, we see a brief view of Peter’s funeral and we see Walter and his wife, Carla the lab assistant, and Nina Sharp (and the priest, but I don’t think William Bell was the priest…). But no sign of William Bell. No matter how busy he was, any good friend would find a way to be able to attend the funeral of their friend’s child. Yet he’s not there. Does that suggest that there was some sort of conflict that divided the two partners?

    3. Walter’s “window” seems to play a very significant role in this episode: From an earlier promo, Walter explains how he invented a window into another world, and that window is shown several times in this promo. First, it is shown on what appears to be a rooftop, showing something that’s happening “over there”. (Also of note is the fact that they seem to be showing something to some military personnel… interesting that the government has been made aware of the other side, and possibly the war with the other side.) Then, in what I consider to be the most amazing shot of the whole promo, we see Walter looking through the window and he sees the other Walter and September. I was completely stunned when I realized that’s what I was seeing. First, it’s huge that there’s either more than one of each of the Observers, or else the Observers travel between the two universes and interact with both sides. Makes me curious to know what was going on there and what the Observer (alternate Observer?) is doing talking to alter-Walter. Also, it shows that Walter had the ability to essentially spy on the other side. How long was he watching the other side? Why? What did he learn? Finally (though it’s actually shown at the beginning of the promo), we see Walter apparently get angry and break the window. Perhaps he saw something through it that made him really angry?

    In general, I think there’s going to be a lot that happens in this episode. While it will certainly leave many questions unanswered, and it will just as certainly bring up many new questions, I also expect that it will clarify a lot of things and answer a lot of questions. It really needs to be April already!

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    • Elaine says

      Carla! I’ve been trying to figure out who that woman was all this time. I keep forgetting Walter and Bell had a lab assitant that died. Anyway, the first thing that came to mind when I saw Walter standing behind that high ranking military personnel as they looked through that window was Broyles. At the beginning of the season, he was brought before that panel in Washington who were threatening to shut the Fringe division down for lack of results. Later in ‘Earthling’, he was warned by a level of the government that went above his head to cease and desist with his investigation of the shadowman, and when he didn’t , he was approached in a rather clandestine manner by an operative reminding him again that when they give him an order, he should heed it. In that same episode Walter talks the Russians being advanced in technology…so, I suppose it’s no stretch to believe there may be quite a few levels of government globally who are aware of the ability to access an alternate universe, and had representatives there when Walter created the first window to see into that world.

      So, that begs the question, at least in my mind, what is the governments interests here?

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  10. MRG says

    WHY GOD! WHY! Why didn’t I listen to you guys!!!! Of course I didn’t go looking for the clip until you all started talking about it. But come on! I need my Fringe fix man….and you teased me with the knowledge this juicy clip was out there. *sigh* All I can say is shock. horror. awe and an OMG moment.

    I agree with Mlj, I wish they had stopped it 30 sec in, the last 30 seconds was too much…but, I think I will be able to go on. It won’t ruin the show for me and it sure did raise more questions in true Fringe fashion. :)

    I am interested in hearing all of your thoughts on the recent new pictures posted on the FOX site though. (The actual reason I checked the blog tonight) And actually, Roco I have been meaning to ask you if since that last Pinkerton clip came out about their take on the “stand-alone” vs. “mythology” episodes if it changed your opinion at all about how you feel about them?

    Now, how many more days is it until April 1?????

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    • says

      Hi MRG – I have to say that I was surprised by Pinkner and Wyman’s surprise that the stand-alone vs mythology topic is even a debate. Like others, I totally get where they’re coming from and appreciate the fact that each episode does contain great value. But to be honest, I don’t share their view that the episodes cannot be classified by importance. For example, “Johari Window” – however they want to window dress it, cannot be deemed as significant to the story as the mythology-heavy “Grey Matters” or “Jacksonville”, in my opinion.

      The mythology episodes of Fringe, by and large, tend to be the more interesting, entertaining and integral installments. Maybe they’re too close to the content to not be able to realise that, or perhaps they’re just being protective of their work, which again I can understand.

      I think the creators are brilliant, and they’ve clearly had to juggle expectations, but I am still somewhat bemused by their insistence on having a top-heavy stand-alone ratio. It can’t just be FOX pressure.

      I just think they missed a chance to make the show better, sooner. But with 30 more episodes almost guaranteed over the next 15 months, I’m hoping that at least 24 of them will be more mythology/serialized than stand-alone/procedural. Perhaps I’m being too optimistic though! :)

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      • mlj102 says

        I don’t think they were suggesting that all episodes are equal in significance — they are well aware of the fact that certain episodes are designed to address the over all story much more directly. And of course those episodes will be more powerful as a result of that. But what they were saying is that the episodes shouldn’t be categorized as “mythology or stand-alone” because of this, because each episode in some way contributes to the over all story. It’s just that some episodes do so in a very obvious way, other episodes in a more subtle, indirect way. But I think they were saying that we shouldn’t discount any episode as insignificant because, whether we see it or not, it contributes as well. I like the idea that there may come a time when we will look back at these “stand-alone” episodes with a new perspective and a new appreciation because, as the story develops, we will see that it was more relevant to the over all story than it initially appeared to be. Whether it’s in the tiny details, or little connections to the main story, or the character development across the episodes, I agree that each episode provides important information and developments that make the whole story come together and have the impact that it has. Would Grey Matters have had the same impact if we hadn’t had the character development that was shown in Of Human Action and Snakehead? I don’t think so. And yes, they could include more continuity… they could continue to mention Newton and his plans, even amidst other stories taking place. And that’s something to work on. But, in my opinion, that doesn’t make the “stand-alone” episodes any less significant or enjoyable.

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  11. Xochitl says

    thanks everybody for the heads up, I usually run to watch sneek preview, but you keep saying is too much so I’m gonna be extra careful to not watch it since I trust al of your good judgement :)

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  12. says

    No problem Xochitl! I know that some people will enjoy the sneak peek, but personally I find this one to go too far. As long as people know what they’re walking into then at least we’ve given them the information on which to make their choice. :)

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    • says

      The Global360 watermark? Yeah, unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ll try and upload a better quality video myself later.

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