Official Season 2 Fringe Poster – High Quality! [UPDATED]

Season 2 "Rabbit Hole" Poster

*This post has since been updated with comprehensive clues and high-res poster here.

Regular FB readers may recall that a few weeks back we posted the official Fringe season 2 poster art. However that version was only medium quality and was quite small. As you can see we have got our hands on the large high quality poster — and this makes it A LOT easier to see all of the clues. There are actually a few more hidden gems than we initially thought!

Hit the link below to view our highlighted Easteregg version:

Fringe season 2 poster with clues highlighted

Here are the eastereggs we managed to find – the letters correspond to their location on the poster:

  • A: A white rabbit – to go with the “Alice In Wonderland” / “Rabbit Hole” theme of the poster
  • B: Leaf (Glyph)
  • C: Six Fingered Hand (Glyph)
  • D: Walter is drinking a Slusho – a drink which has appeared in several other JJ. Abrams / Bad Robot productions (incl. Fringe)
  • E: Daisy (Glyph)
  • F: A Photo (It almost looks like the season 5 Bones promo photo, but I’m only speculating)
  • G: Smoke Face (Glyph)
  • H: Butterfly (Glyph) – on the medium quality poster we thought this was the seahorse, but it’s clearly the butterfly.

Latest UPDATE 8/15/09:

  • I: We reckon that there is also a Seahorse Glyph by Olivia’s thigh.
  • J: The Observer can be seen in the distance, behind Peter’s arm (thanks to lezario for the spot!).
  • K: There’s also something over Peter’s shoulder – initially ‘it’ reminded me of the Observer 2.0, seen recently at the TCA party.
  • L: The frog (glyph) can be seen on the tree branch (thanks to Copril in the comments for this spot!)
  • M: The apple (glyph) is to the right of the hole.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the “glyphs” – they were (and still are) part of the Fringe marketing campaign, they also featured on the show during ad-breaks.

[poster: FOX]


  1. Sue says

    I’m glad to see Olivia in the center of things again! Don’t get me wrong, I love Peter and Walter, and I’m glad that Peter will have more focus, but I think Olivia (Anna) is the best part of the show.

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  2. Katbee says

    Olivia may be the best part of the show for YOU but Peter did nothing in the first season. Olivia got to do mostly everything, she got see John Scott, kiss a female, was experimented by Walter back when she was a kid, etc. What was Peter doing? Playing her and Walter’s assistant and on every review on here, Peter was ALWAYS in the bad section of the review because he wasn’t doing anything. Olivia and Anna Torv got a free ride. Its time for Peter to finally show what he can do. Anna already did that.

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  3. mlj102 says

    I’m so excited that the higher quality version revealed greater detail and more hidden things! I knew that the flower and the butterfly had to be in here somewhere, so I was thrilled to see that they were indeed included. And I loved that the Observer was in the background! I had been thinking that one of these pictures should include the Observer somewhere, so I’m glad that they actually did that. And nice job and predicting the theme of the Rabbit Hole when the picture first came out. I like the possibilities that opens and the direction things are going.

    When I first saw the picture thing (letter F) I initially thought it was a playing card, but I can’t see what card it would be if that’s the case. I don’t know — it certainly is tiny! I wonder if we’ll get any further clues as to what that might be.

    To Katbee: I have to disagree with your statement. Peter did plenty of things. He found the ZFT manifest. He crowbarred Joseph Meegar who was running away. He developed the machine that allowed them to “listen” to the glass when the Nancy Lewis was taken. He improvised a defibrilator to save the girl in The Same Old Story. Peter died as a kid and was brought over from an alternate universe. He confronted a guy who had been following him. He is in trouble with the bad people he used to associate with. He was also experimented on by Walter. He figured out that 11 vertical lines actually spelled out “Little Hill”. I could keep going, but you get my point. I’m not saying you’re completely wrong, because I agree — Olivia was, in many ways, the main focus of last season. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In a lot of ways, I think, while others have key roles, this really is Olivia’s story. That doesn’t mean that we can’t expect to learn more about the other characters, but that it shouldn’t be any surprise that the focus is on Olivia. But, I don’t think it’s as bad as you described it to be in your post. Yes, there was a lot of focus on Olivia and not so much on Peter, but it wasn’t to the extent where Olivia did everything and Peter did nothing. I don’t think there’s any reason to get upset or frustrated with any focus on Olivia — I’m sure that all characters will get the focus their characters need and deserve.

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    • xk says

      hmm. do you have a giant mutant cucumber up your butt?
      why so negative? each of the characters are great. on their own,
      and together. i doubt joshua jackson thinks he did “nothing” last season.
      just relax and enjoy the show, for pete(r)’s sake!

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  4. Page 48 says

    Rather than worry about who the focal point of the show is (hint: it’s Olivia), I’d rather see “Fringe” focus on living up to that generous LA Times’ claim that it’s “one helluva thrill ride” (see the S2 promo video), cuz frankly the first season was reallllllllllllly light in the thrill department.

    “Fringe” got what I consider to be a free pass last season, no doubt based on JJ’s past exploits (and I’m not talking about “What About Brian?”), but it’s time for Bad Robot to get their game face on and show us they’ve still got some gas left in the tank. Otherwise, we may begin to suspect that the guys were juicing when they created gems like “Alias” and “Lost”.

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    • says

      I agree that Season 2 needs to up the ante on the thrill factor – I’ve only counted about 5 or 6 truly ‘thrilling’ moments so far during my rewatch. Season 1 is a great platform which did many things right, now it’s time for the show to leap forward to address its weaknesses and exploit its strengths. The S1 finale suggests that they will.

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  5. Szaffi says

    I’m so sorry but I don’t really like this new girl in the show. Why they always have to put another chick???.I mean the same look the same dress I like Olivia..she is special = special caracter, great actress, beautiful face…this show doesn§t need anyother women….not at all….after all it will come out that she is the hidden sister of somebody..or something like that.. I don’t want to get fringe like the other sameshaped shows..please thell me it won’t get similar…sorry for my english (….i’m from hungary)

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