Official 2.16 Promotional Photos

FOX has released the official promotional photos for Fringe episode 2.16 “Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver”, airing Thursday April 8th.

Head past the jump to view them all.


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Thanks Jose for the heads-up.


    • mlj102 says

      It’s possible, but the picture that stands out to me is the last one. There’s just something about that expression on her face: like a mixture of regret, sadness, though trying to put on a good face, and like she’s feeling sick. Plus the way she seems to be clinging on nervously to those gloves (?) she’s holding, it adds a certain amount of uneasiness to her overall appearance. I don’t know if it has to do with Peter or with the case they’re working on, but it sure looks intense.

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      • Anjali says

        Well like the description states, she’s finding it hard to keep the secret. So maybe she and Walter are talking about Peter in that scene, and when he comes in, she feels a little guilty.

        Did I mention that I LOVE this title? Fantastic to use ‘Clue’.

        Thank god this hiatus is almost over!

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        • bdp says

          I agree, that’s the first thing I thought when I saw that picture.

          Can’t wait for some new episodes, it’s been way too long.

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  1. FlashWriter says

    Great pics! But the final week of the break does seem like a lifetime. I love this title, and and it looks like we’ll get plenty of Liv. AT so validates any scene she’s in and I just simply dig Olivia. I’m a real happy camper as I look at the pictures and wonder what the expressions on her face really mean. I specially like picture 1. There’s no doubt in that one what’s going through her mind. The guy at the table (victim?) looks like somebody you’d very much like to stay away from!

    Cheers! :)

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  2. says

    Have you guys (and girls) noticed Olivias hair? Picutres 1 to 3 it’s somekind of a semi-ponytail, in picture 4 it’s all tied up again as she investigates (speaking to a stranger) and in picture 5 it’s 1/3-ponytail.
    Her look in the first picture is like ‘Ugh, that’s discusting’. In the second picture it looks like bad news are about to arrive. The last one is just too ambiguous to say anything‚Ķ
    Another one: The two scales are both on zero! (Ok it makes sense because they are empty but anyway – it can’t be a coincidence).

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  3. Alison says

    I’m wondering if any of these “mysterious diseases” will link back to whatever caused half of Boston to be quarantined in the alternate-universe (The Road Not Taken). Hopefully some new info will come into light on that subject. Assuming that alt-Charlie was of course referring to the population, because I’m not sure how you can quarantine the environment, besides putting a big glass dome over the city. LOL Maybe in the alt-universe they’d have a big force-field that would cover Boston and it would have a huge “Obey Your Overloads” sign projected on it, or they could trap everything in a giant honey jar. XD Ok I’m getting way too carried away. LOL

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