Offical Fringe Podcast with Roberto Orci + Alex Kurtzman

Contains some spoilers:

Fringe Co-Creators Roberto Orci and Alex Kurztman have released their first Official Fringe Podcast (Yay!), where they discuss the pilot episode and answer fan questions.

The guys reveal some interesting things, including confirmation that the website that appeared in the pilot episode is not viral, but a shout out to one of their inspirations.

They also talk about the character of William Bell (Massive Dynamic owner and former collegue of Walter Bishop), and cryptically reveal that the chosen actor doesn’t even know that he’ll be playing William Bell!

You can listen to the entire podcast using the player below, it’s a really good listen. I’m already looking forward to next weeks as it provides an even greater feel for the spirit of the show (I’m hoping that they do these for each episode like Lindelof and Cuse do for “LOST” ):

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