Observer Spotted At Fringe TCA Party – UPDATED

The Observer is every-freakin'-where

The Observer is relentless! The hairless watcher apparently made an appearance on a darkly-lit balcony at the Fringe TCA party on Thursday night, bringing his high-profile visitations up to 6, or there abouts.

Update: new photographic evidence added below the jump:

What do you think, is it him?

Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if this was his latest viral appearance. Props have to be given for using the “Jaws”/unseen mystery effect – always creepier that way.

[photo/video: IF Magazine]

UPDATE: Thanks to mlj102 in the comments for the heads-up on a clearer photo – as you can see FOX used the stand-in Observer, the same guy seen in this video from Comic-Con:

Observer 2.0[photo: thetvaddict]


  1. says

    According to Anna Torv in an interview to TV Guide, Michael Cerveris was not present at the All-Star party. Has Fox confirmed?

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  2. Shayne Shiu says

    I saw alex today t supanova and went to the Q & A. I asked him something and so did my little sister. It was a great exprience seeing as im a big fan

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