Noble Intentions 3.12 Concentrate And Ask Again

John Noble delves inside Walter’s mind in this latest Fringe Noble Intentions clip.

Noble Intentions 3.12 Concentrate And Ask Again


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  1. lizw65 says

    See, this just serves to reinforce why we shouldn’t take Simon’s message to Olivia at face value. Everyone has so many random thoughts flashing through their conscious minds that even someone who somehow is able to “hear” everything couldn’t possibly process all of it in a useful way–and Simon was so badly socialized anyway that interpersonal relationships were likely to be a closed book to him.
    And note that John Noble has reminded us yet again that we can’t always trust everything Walter says to be 100% accurate.

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    • real1 says

      Which mean he did lie to Olivia about the whole story of Peter in “Peter” , he didn’t say the truth .. the only truth is : Peter is from the other side just because Olivia did discover that so .. he did build a story .. but not telling the truth about it .

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  2. says

    Looked like Walter was purposely brainstorming to throw Simon off track and block his real secrets. He also had a hint of guilt on his face for intentionally doing this to Simon, like he knows that he bears responsibility for Simon’s inability to bond with people on a day to day basis.

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    • JoA says

      I do wonder if what Walter did to Simon was a reflexive defense mechanism Walter learned to do somewhere? He does have many secrets that I’m sure he has not yet revealed.

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