Noble Intentions: 3.11 Reciprocity

John Noble talks about the nature of reciprocity in the latest Fringe Noble Intentions video.

Noble Intentions: 3.11 “Reciprocity”



  1. hal says

    This(Walter’s DNA meddling, which was hilarious) actually made me think of the phenomena involving people taking on the characteristics of others when receiving organ transplants. Such as receiving someone’s heart and then adopting patterns of behavior which were inherently those of the donor.

    Tho I know this is a little different.. and would have been interesting to see in Marionette.. like, if the dude who got the girl’s heart turned out depressed etc..
    There’s a lot more fringey things going on with DNA then people are led to believe..

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  2. Hatch says

    On rewatch, that line about the slightest change in composition yielding extraordinary behavioral changes really stuck out to me, as it’s a clear foreshadowing for what’s happening to Peter. The machine has altered his DNA somehow, or perhaps unleashed something in his body/mind that was there all along, only hidden.

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