New Zealand Trailer, Anna Torv Defends Olivia

Here’s how New Zealanders are advertising Fringe. It’s not the best trailer in the world, but it does make me slightly nostalgic for Fringe. Funnily enough, what I remember most about episode 2 was that nurse who had a healthy set of lungs on her. My ears are STILL ringing!

Smile, it might never happen..Elsewhere, New Zealand’s Otago Daily Times has an interview with Anna Torv where she addresses the early misconception of her character, Olivia Dunham. It’s no secret that Olivia was perceived by many to be “withdrawn” in the early stages of last season. But Torv defends Olivia by saying that the character was just misunderstood:

“In the first scenes of the first episode of the show, she’s this bubbly young thing who’s madly in love with this man. All of a sudden he’s attacked and she goes on this mission to find out what’s wrong. She gets him better and then realises . . . it was for nothing. She starts the series there. She’s a shadow of her former self . . .She has become extremely isolated and extremely shut off from the rest of the world.”

She’s spot on in my opinion. It wouldn’t have been believable for Olivia to be laughing and joking in the aftermath of what happened to the character – not only Scott’s “death” but also the weird and horrific things that she saw once she became involved in the Pattern cases.

With Olivia it was always going to be about the journey. Whilst not everyone will like the character, I’m sure next season will explore other dimensions to Olivia – her past is one aspect I’d love to find out about, and who knows, maybe we’ll get to see her future and parallel present(s)?

Video Cred:davey04 / Thanks to Sophie for the interview heads-up!


  1. FlashWriter says

    I must agree. When we started this journey with Olivia, we didn’t know her, couldn’t know her. Like her, we had so little to go on. In my mind’s eye, whenever I think of the pilot, I can’t get that montage of her crying out of my head. There was so very much there–and in that interval, I fell in love with her. None of us could have known what lay ahead, least of all her. And when the truth was known–and it was good enough for her–I quietly smiled. Olivia Dunham was (in the first season) a work in progress. She was always the rock, the mover, the one who put things into perspective, the one we could rely on. Anna made Olivia live for us, and I am grateful to her for that. I can’t wait to see where this work-in-progress character will travel in season 2.

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  2. says

    “whenever I think of the pilot, I can’t get that montage of her crying out of my head”

    I liked that scene but I didn’t love it. I prefer the scene with the solitary tear, but I agree with your surmise of AT bringing Olivia to life. Definitely a work in progress, but my..what progress!

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