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Warning! This blog post contains an overload of Fringe-related content which may seriously damage your chances of not getting excited for the season 2 premiere on September 17th.

Only proceed past the jump if you want to watch the latest season Fringe promo, see more clips from the Fringe DVD launch party and read/watch interviews with Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Anna Torv and the creators of Fringe.

1.) Here is the 1048th season 2 Fringe promo mixed in with a little Bones. Includes some new footage:

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2.) UGO TV Blogger, LilHil, was lucky enough to attend the swanky Fringe DVD launch party last week. For those of us not lucky enough to be invited (i.e. most us) she provides an excellent recap of events, as well as an interview with Joshua Jackson AKA Peter2.

UGO: First off, how is it to be back in Vancouver?

Joshua Jackson: Coming home to work is pretty fantastic. It’s been fourteen, fifteen years since I’ve able to work at home so it’s a really nice surprise. We were in Queens, we were in Long Island City and Greenpoint was like our back lot. I’ll be honest with you, there’s a little bitter sweetness to leaving New York. One, because New York is a great city and two, because that group of people are the people who made season one happen. And to walk away from them, we’re not here without them, so there’s a bitter sweetness. Particularly, because I got to come home so I feel a little bit of Catholic guilt about it. So it’s tough to walk away from that group of people.

UGO: Yea, I got to go out there and visit the set when you were in Queens…

Josh: You did?

UGO: Yea, I mean, it’s ok if you don’t remember me…

Josh: (laughs) Oh man, now on, Josh Jackson: Assh*le.

UGO: No, never! Obviously, you guys are doing something right because you got a second season. There was talk at Comic-Con of this season being about maturity…

Josh: Maturity? Yea, that’s not really my strong point but I guess maturity is the way you would describe it. There’s progress for Peter. He’s this guy who never committed to anything in his entire life who got roped into this thing which he didn’t want. And over the course of a year, he found himself compelled enough to commit to being a part of this group. That’s sort of when a boy becomes a man, when he accepts that these are the responsibilities that are there and you’re gonna take them on and not piss and moan about them because that’s just the way life is. So yea, I guess maturity is a good way to describe to it.

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3.) The Associated Press have more clips and interviews from the above mentioned Fringe DVD launch party:

4.) John Noble spills some season 2 secrets in an interview with Airlock Alpha (nothing too spoilery):

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5.) Anna Torv talks to the press about the upcoming season of Fringe (mild spoilers):

Q: How will your character’s experiences with Walter and Peter change in Season 2?

Anna: I feel like it’s undeniable that Walter and Peter are the team, and Olivia is very much this singular person. The more information we get about these drug tests that went on and the abilities that Olivia keeps discovering that she has, you realize that Olivia’s partner is the Pattern. That’s what she’s connected to.

Q: What is the Pattern supposed to be?

Anna: Well, we’re not sure yet. At the moment, it really is just a pattern of events that this team has been investigating. The deeper they get, the same names keep popping up, but we’re still not quite sure. That’s the mystery.

Q: In what ways will Peter be more involved this season?

Anna: This year, Peter has started to accompany Olivia on certain trips, so he’s doing more than he was last year.

Q: Do you think they’re pushing your characters into a romance?

Anna: I don’t know. I’m not sure. I don’t know how they can. Olivia spent the first half of last season getting over John Scott (played by Mark Valley), and then in the second half Peter was going out with Olivia’s sister. So, I think we’ve got to have at least half of this season to just get back to equal footing.

Q: What is your own personal belief in the supernatural events on this show?

Anna: I think there are elements of things that you think about a little bit more than others.

Q: Were you ever fearful of things under the bed, as a child?

Anna: I was scared of a lot of gore. I always had a fear of blood.

Q: Has working on the show inspired an interest in fringe science for you?

Anna: I love the parallel universe aspect and I love the dreamscape stuff, going into someone’s mind in a drug-induced experience. Strange Days was actually a really great film. I’ve always been interested in that side of it, but I don’t have any piqued interest in autopsies. I think you either like that or you don’t.

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6.) Joshua Jackson is back for more with an interview with DrivenMag:

It must have been great to come back home to film Fringe. But, I understand that Vancouver was going through a big heatwave during most of the shooting schedule. Having grown up in Vancouver, did you ever imagine, in a million years, that it would be hotter and nastier in Vancouver shooting Fringe than it was in North Carolina while you were doing Dawson’s Creek?

“No, I certainly didn’t imagine that Vancouver would become Acapulco in the ten years that I’ve been gone. I never really expected to get the gift of going back home with work. It’s been a long — it’s been — I think 1997 was the last time I was able to work in Vancouver, which is odd given the fact that I’ve been kicking around for so long. So to be able to take a show back home is pretty fantastic.”

In terms of your character, do you find yourself becoming a little more of a wise-ass and more sarcastic since doing all of Peter’s witty lines of dialogue for Season One?

“Yeah. That’s the part that comes hardest for me. I’ll be honest. I struggle with that every day.” [Laughs]

In the beginning, J.J. Abrams (producer/co-creator) stressed he wanted each episode to stand on its own. However, as the season progressed, they become more and more tied together. Have they just given up on the stand-alone episode concept?

“One of the conceits of the show is that these are investigations into each one of these events, and just by the fact that they are investigations, they have a beginning, middle, and end. There’s some sort of closure at each one of them. So, even though we are still building towards the big answer, the big mystery, each step along that path is sort of a closed system other than — it’s actually more rare that we do a multi-episode mythology arc than we do stand-alone episodes that have a piece of mythology revealed in them. So I would actually say, no, I don’t — we haven’t thrown the baby up that far.”

Do you think that some of the events or things that are shown on Fringe can be to tough for some viewers to witness? Some of the things we saw in Season One were very shocking.

“But, sadly, that’s a good thing, too. I mean, the corollary of something that we can talk about is using the World Trade Center at the end of the first season. It should break your heart. That’s the point. It’s supposed to be as shocking and poignant as it can possibly be and, on the one side, to pull your heart strings and go, ‘God, what a much better world that would be,’ and on the other hand, make you a little uncomfortable with the world that we are living in. I think that’s a good thing, to be shocked into paying attention.”

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That’s all folks.


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    “Q: In what ways will Peter be more involved this season?
    Anna: This year, Peter has started to accompany Olivia on certain trips, so he’s doing more than he was last year.”


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