New Fringe Episode 3.10 Promo

Fox has aired a new promo for the Fringe mid-season premiere episodeĀ “The Firefly”, airing Friday, January 21st.

You can watch it after the cut.

Fringe 3.10 The Firefly Promo



    • Arun says

      Whoa, that reminds me! The Beacon…is that a part of the Vacuum? Constantly revealing itself and hiding away again, in a different place each time? :s

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  1. number six says

    Amazing! Poor Walter is still terrified, that the Observers will take Peter from him. Maybe he had a deal with them and he forgot about it.

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  2. weell says

    OMG OMG!!!!

    PETER , OLIVIA , THE OBSERVER ‘s actions

    is this a promo of just one episode? or it include scenes from future ones

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    • fringeobsessed says

      Yeah. They’re known to do that since Season II-show a promo with scenes from more than 1 episode to make your mouth water.

      I’d be willing to bet all the stuff in that promo’s NOT just from 3.10.

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      • bdp says

        Yea, I was thinking undercover too. It looks like she’s got a silencer on her gun which would make me think that she had that ready because she was on mission.

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                • Laeti8460 says

                  She’s smokin hot with a dress, some make-up on, and curls!! They really should put some more effort into making her more feminine (she could TOTALLY win Peter over like that, don’t you think?:D)
                  So undercover for what? 40s cabaret singer? :P
                  (Man, that would be COOL!!!)
                  No seriously, any ideas?^^

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                  • Aimee says

                    I don’t want Olivia all dolled-up all the time, thank you much. I fell in love with her character the way she was. Peter fell in love with her as that person.

                    But going all out sometimes is awesome. Makes it special.

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  3. Lila says

    Ohhh I can’t wait!!! Was that Walter kicking September (or another obsever)? And Olivia is wearing a dress as I see ;D
    But I think there are scenes from the dollowing episodes but still, it’s a very excting promo
    I’m not having time to really see anything about the next episode or fringebloggers =(, but I guess it’s a good thing, when I watch it will be more exciting!

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  4. Cortexifan says

    Argh the wait for the new episode is killing me. “TGIFS” tonight I will watch the rerun of Marionette. Fringe rules!

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    • Residents Fan says

      “Argh the wait for the new episode is killing me.”

      Spare a thought for us Fringe fans in the Republic of Ireland and the
      United Kingdom. We’re going to have to wait until February 10th to
      see “The Firefly” on Sky One. :(

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  5. Laeti8460 says

    These spoilers are totally ruining the episode for me :( I feel like I’ve seen it already, all the good action moments, important emotionnal parts, and that’s just too bad!! No more spoilers for me!! After all, only have one week left!!

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    • Mireya says

      The new promos I’m okay with watching. I try to stay away from the scenemakers. I did read some of the stuff that’s to come, but I had to do that to make it up to my sister that I spoiled the ending of a novela she was watching. It was a total accident, but I still had to make it up to her. ;)

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    • fringeobsessed says

      Then don’t look in Entertainment Weekly this week either.
      I opened mine just to see if Fringe was in the Jan 21st list. In the description of the upcoming episode “Firefly,” it gave me a NEW spoiler I’d rather not have known. Way to go EW! *dripping with sarcasm*

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  6. Xochitl says

    that was so gooood! Why do they do this to us, well, less than a week to go.

    That promo is for episodes 10, 11 and I thin 12, becaue I even found the tittle for 11 somewhere like more than a week ago, but I didn’t think we were going with that, something I just saw-

    I think that is Olivia undercover or if it is already episode 14 or 15 then is olivia younger, maybe, but I don’t think it is.

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  7. says

    In regards to Olivia being dressed up, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possiblity for her to be going to a benefit or some other function for work. Just because she doesn’t get all dolled up for work doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to work it when she has to.

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