New CRINGE FRINGE Episode 3.20 Sneak Peek

Another Cringe Fringe sneak peek for tomorrow’s “6:02 AM EST” has arrived at FB Towers.

Head past the jump to check it out.



    • JM says

      lol i agree thats what 4 sneak peeks in addition to the “where will you be?” stuff and the PROMO we cud probably piece the episode together now!

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  1. mlj102 says

    “Another Cringe Fringe sneak peek for tomorrow’s “6:02 AM EST” has arrived at FB Towers.”

    Cringe, Roco? Seriously? They just can’t win with you. I actually think they’re doing a pretty good job at incorporating the relationship into the rest of the story, and portraying it as a normal, positive, mature sort of relationship. What do you expect? It’s not like they can just start ignoring the whole relationship. You would complain about that, too. So what would you suggest they do to make it not “Cringe” worthy?

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    • Dylan says

      I’m just coming to terms with it now, although it certainly was a bumpy start.

      If they were ever going to not go through with the relationship, then ‘Marionette’ was their chance. Since they didn’t take it, there’s no stopping it now…

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    • Scully8 says

      I agree. Compared to other shows (e.i., XFiles who waited too late to really address the relationship between Scully and Maulder), they have done a great job at incorporating the relationship. Actually, the scene above was a great set up to what is about to happen:
      “This is my favorite part of the day . . . such promise” — cell phones go off. Excellent . . . I truly do feel for Olivia. She can’t catch a break.

      Man, I can’t wait until tomorrow. By the way, I really love reading these post. I’m new to all of this, so it helps me get through the week until a new episode airs. Thanks!

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    • roneo says

      I didn’t find it cringe, neither. Although we must wait for the full episode. I think the words and the portrayal are very in character (it’s my point of view, and obviously, after all that has happened along the 3rd season), not too sugary but sweet and funny enough to make me believe they are two smart people that happen to be in love.

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      • Josh says

        CRINGE is absolutely true. This is all so contrived. I guess you can keep the show low budget if you film the whole thing in bed.

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  2. Dessy says

    Lol, Roco, Cringe? I thought it was adorable! It’s funny how Peter didn’t bat an eyelid when she told him she just caught Walter walking around the house naked.

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  3. CH says

    I agree with everyone, a naked walter is cringe worthy (although simultaneously hilarious) but them being together isn’t, I think it’s wonderful that unlike other shows i’ve watched (bones/house) they’ve gotten together even if it has been a bumpy road!

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      • Jenn says

        Me, too! And it IS refreshing to see chaaracters get together. The keys is just to keep writing in the chemistry and obstacles for them to overcome. I think Bones is so scared of losing that that they’re toruturing viewers! This is much more satisfying.

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  4. Tash says

    lol they’re awake at 6.30!!!!!!
    its 11.11 and ive only dragged my sorry arse out of bed 20 minutes ago
    go back to sleep

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  5. Ricmon says

    Best episode in a while,Was somewhat disappointed to see Walter (the ultimate hippy and scientist) start praying. Didn’t fit ,I thought.

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