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Fringe Round-up

It feels like Christmas Eve. Well, not quite. But with the return of Fringe just a day away I’m so excited that I feel like leaving a glass of milk and some cookies out for father Fringe. (what do you mean he doesn’t exist!?).

The Lowatus’ reign is almost complete, but it’s planning one final cruel twist which involves the baseball going to game 7 tonight. Hopefully that wont happen and we can all watch Fringe tomorrow. With that in mind we have a few cool bits and pieces below the jump to tide you over til’ then:

Fancast follow up their initial Fringe set report with a sequel. They gather some insights from Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Anna Torv and Jasika Nicole on what to expect from the remainder of the season (mild spoilers, mostly opinion):

While we’ve already provided a glimpse of things to come on ‘Fringe,’ here’s more food for thought from the cast as to which mysteries might yet be revealed, and when. Granted, in a world where shapeshifters, underground cannibal mutants, human bombs and re-animated cryonic frozen heads have free reign, this creates a pretty wide berth. Even so…..

Joshua Jackson has weighed in on the possibility of “alter Walter” wanting his son back. What does John Noble think about the prospect of a Walter vs. Walter smackdown in Fringe’s future? “It’s certainly something we’ve talked about, quite seriously,” Noble admits. “It would be fun to do, and have the Walter from the other universe meet this old Walter. The other one will probably be fit and healthy…..and very angry at having had his son stolen, I would imagine. That will happen. It’s too delicious not to.”

Indeed, Walter provides more than his fair share of delicious moments, thanks in no small part to those misfiring neurotransmitters. But with increased rebounds in the mental health department, is there a chance that Walter might one day be completely sane again? “I don’t even know what completely sane is, to be honest with you,” Noble responds. And even so, he added, “I don’t know that we’ll ever see Supreme Court Judge Walter.”

Walter versus Walter aside, what about the second biggest pending cage fight in the Fringe-iverse? Noble promises that the William Bell confrontation will be coming “very soon.” (No, really – how soon?!?) “I’m not sure that will happen this season,” he ventures. “I’m not saying it won’t, but I’m not sure it will.” (Spoken in true cryptic mystic Walter fashion.)

As for the guaranteed moment of greatest impact this season for Walter, Noble can speak with more certainty: “I think it will be when Peter realizes that Walter is not his natural father. I think it’s going to be wonderfully horrible. It will be painful, but it’s got to happen.” He adds, “I think our viewers have followed so closely their growing relationship. To see that smashed apart! I’m a bit nervous about that, actually. I haven’t seen any scripts about it.”

Joshua Jackson seems to concur that this will be the big moment for Peter, too. And he seems slightly more confident than Noble that it’s well within the realm of possibility prior to season two’s conclusion. “It seems like we’re on track to do that,” Jackson says. “Each character has whatever their inevitable end to this season’s story is going to be, and the end for this season’s story for Peter has to be that revelation.”

Ah, but the clash between dimensions won’t be a small thing, either. Where exactly will Peter’s allegiance lie when push comes to shove, given that he’s the brother from another mother (or the same mother, different dimension, or….whatever)? Jackson expounds thusly on where Peter comes from – and where he’s possibly going: “His father, obviously, was not a great father when he was younger. There’s some as yet untold mystery about what happened between he and his mother. Most of his life, he’s sort of been out there on his own, trying to figure it out for himself, and doing it not the traditional way. He’s specifically tried to avoid joining anything…..[but now] I think he’s enjoying being a part of a cause bigger than himself, even though he probably couldn’t admit that out loud. He gets drawn into all this, and then he’s going to find out that everybody around him was lying to him and betraying him. So – people don’t generally react well to things like that. At the same time, he’s going to be confronted with the idea that his allegiance isn’t to the side that he’s been fighting for. It’s actually, blood-wise, to the other side. That’s going to pose a very difficult question for him that I’m not sure the writers have resolved. I would actually be happy to play it either way.”

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**Spoilers may follow**

Not enough shows do parodies of themselves. This fun Fringe 2.06 sneak clip could almost pass for one. Give me Walter doing something Waltery and I’ll give you my attention for a few minutes. Meanwhile, we have another, more intimate, scene between Phillip and Olivia. I really like these two as a pair – heaven knows they’ve come a long way since the “LiAson” days – and it looks like we’ll be getting some much needed character development. I don’t want to judge the episode before even seeing it, but it looks like a good one.

TV Guide probe the differences between “Over here” and “Over there” in this spoiler snippet:

Any scoop on Fringe? I’m dying to see more of “over there.” — Vic
MICKEY: Lance Reddick himself told me that “over there” Broyles is different in a fundamental way: He’s a happily married man. What’s that — you didn’t realize Broyles was divorced? Well, after Thursday’s episode, you will. And you’ll also know why.

We already knew that our Phil was divorced and I guess the above link explains why. But I’m ready to delve deeper into the mystery that is Fringe Division’s leader. Hopefully the episode wont just pay lip service to his back-story.

According to the Fringe forums, Joshua Jackson will appear on Attack of The Show tonight.

And that’s about it for now. Episode 2.06 preview and all that jazz tomorrow (assuming the baseball doesn’t run over).  Tonight, I’m backing New York. Tell em’ Jay.


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    what about the spawn again, when will md interfere but mostly how and why, olive’s bf was re-animus and helpful as an informant to md, but they killed him once he was no longer essential to the md agenda? is md worried about the guy with the reattatching head more than fringe division? and earthling was awesome yo, any who, does one of the villians have a trait, or perhaps all of the biosuit spies have a trait that olivias power/s aid her in their incarceration or for her survival?

    i have too many questions

    the md view of allegiance and inner conflicts, spies, bad apples, rogue renegades and their vigilante visions for the world, scavenger hunts, anonymous informants, dual typewriters, btw, thrown from a car, taken from his office?, is walter’s typewriter the same as the antique store, bell’s unfinished paper, zft afk?, walters incomplete side project, assistants for walter and william before walters amnesia & what is the cause of his memory loss, relations to md by fringe/cast/new characters, is nina sharp peter’s mom, how did peter of earth die, is peter form the other side, is the observer impartial and is he an ally or enemy of either side?, does walter have any sleeper cell friends? will the axis take hostages?

    lot-o-questions but mostly why does the post say lowatus and not a lowatus post?

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