Lowatus: Fringe Graphic Novel, 2.10 Ratings, Peter’s Jacket, More

Fringe Round-up

As most of you probably know by now, Fringe is on Lowatus until January 14th, when it returns with four new episodes until the “winter finale” on February 4th. Fox are running repeats to fill the gap, starting tonight with the season 2 premiere, “A New Day In The Old Town”. A pretty great episode from what I can remember.

Despite the absence of new episodes for a while, there are a few news items, so let’s crack on with the latest bits and pieces that we haven’t already featured on the blog.

Fringe Graphic Novel SoftcoverThe softcover graphic novel of all the Fringe comics is now available for purchase. Here’s the product description:

Written by Mike Johnson, Alex Katsnelson, Matthew Pitts, Danielle DiSpaltro and Kim Cavyan; Art by Tom Mandrake and Simon Coleby

The hit show from J.J. Abrams comes to comics in this collection of the 6-issue miniseries! FBI Agent Olivia Dunham, brilliant scientist Walter Bishop and his estranged son Peter investigate the world of “fringe science” (telepathy, time travel, etc.) following suspicions that the large scientific research company, Massive Dynamic, is experimenting on the general public.

Wildstorm 144pg. Color Softcover $19.99 US
On Sale December 16, 2009

Online affiliate purchase options: MyComicShop.com ($15.99), Amazon.com ($13.49, released December 22nd)

Fringe received 6.3 million viewers and scored a 18-49 demo of 2.3 for 2.10 “Grey Matters”. This is down slightly on Snakehead’s ratings but above the season average. Here’s the 9PM breakdown (via zap2it):

9 p.m.

CBS: “CSI” (17.1 million, 10.4/16)
NBC: “The Office” (9.2 million, 5.2/8)/”30 Rock” (7.5 million, 4.5/7)
FOX: “Fringe” (6.3 million, 3.8/6)
ABC: “Grey’s Anatomy” rerun (4.9 million, 3.4/5)
The CW: “Supernatural” rerun (1.4 million, 1.0/2)

I’m sure we’ve all spent countless hours thinking about Peter Bishop. What makes him tick? Why does he have so many “connections”? And, most important of all, what on earth made him wear that horrible black leather jacket!? :( This video doesn’t touch on any of those issues, but hey, it’s good to see FOX including Fringe in their Windows 7 promotion, can only be good for the show. (click image to go to video):

Fox, Fringe, Peter and Windows 7

Now, about that jacket? We’re not the only one’s unimpressed.

Popular Mechanics take a look back at “Grey Matters” and ask: Can brain tissue really be implanted and reconnected successfully?:

FBI Agent Olivia Dunham, along with Dr Walter Bishop and son Peter rushed to solve one of the best plot lines yet: Three patients who underwent the risky surgery to correct their insanity. All three had brain pieces removed – pieces, it turned out, that weren’t originally from their own brains. They were implants, stolen from Walter’s brain (which if you’ve been watching, explains a lot). But these weren’t just any bits of Walter’s brain. They were three very specific parts of his hippocampus, said to contain the answers to opening the door to the Other Side.

Villain and Other Sider Thomas Newton is behind the intentional implanting of Walter’s brain pieces, an attempt at transferring the memories to other patients. However, Newton’s plan failed. The pieces would need to be re-implanted into Walter for the memories to be recovered.

Can brain tissue be implanted and reconnected successfully?

“You can’t just transplant a piece of brain like you’re implanting a computer chip,” says Steven Novella, clinical neurologist at Yale University School of Medicine. “If you remove a piece of brain you severe all of the connections to it. It’s like smashing up a computer and then piling up the pieces. It wouldn’t work.”

You can continue reading here.

Sean from The JJ. Abrams Examiner has posted the complete transcript of his recent interview with Jasika Nicole. Here’s a taster of what was said:

Sean: So you’re talking about how there’s so many things that you don’t know that you wish you did.  What would be the biggest question you would ask the people who hold all of the keys to Fringe story about the future of the show?

Jasika: I would ask them why the other universe is waging a war on us.  We know that it’s happening and we’ve met the shapeshifters and seen the Observers, but obviously something must’ve happened for them to need to come here and try to take Olivia down and do all this other stuff.  I want to know what triggered that.  You know there are a lot of theories that are going around about it.  And there’s the possibility of an “alter-Walter” that exists that might be the Walter from the other dimension coming back to get his son because our Walter went there and took Peter.  So maybe it’s the fact that someone took a person from the “other” place against their will, maybe that’s why they’re here waging war on us, maybe it’s Walter, the “alter-Walter” who is actually waging the war. And I’m curious to know what role that dynamic is playing in this, whether or not they’re really clueless about what’s going on or if they’re giving the other universe the power even to be coming here.

You can check out the full interview here. If like me you’re not overly keen on spoilers, you may have to avoid the parts of the interview that talk about upcoming episodes, but it’s easy enough to navigate around them.

Entertainment Weekly rate Fringe in their 10 Under the Radar TV Gems.

Our friends at NY Mag are giving Fringe some nice exposure – check out their recaps here.


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